Patriots Will Play to Tim Tebow’s Strengths

By Mike Dussault

Nowhere else in the NFL is a third quarterback more closely scrutinized, and Tim Tebow has been under the media microscope from his first snap of training camp. While it was generally considered a rough start for Tebow, he’s consistently improved and made quicker decisions as camp has progressed.

It’s quickly becoming apparent that the Patriots have an entirely new offense that they will run with Tebow, and this follows their tradition of playing to a player’s strengths.

It should be fascinating to see what it looks like in a game, with Greg Bedard of tipping that it could get interesting.

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6 Responses to “Patriots Will Play to Tim Tebow’s Strengths”

  1. tawk2 says:

    Wow what a great story! It’s about time that a coach played to Tebow’s strengths, like all the other teams in the NFL do. I cannot wait to see Tim on the field I know it will probably only be in the pre season but I will take what I can get. Go TEBOW!

  2. kim says:

    awesome ,that’s what I have been hoping one of his coaches could see the improvements and could be use to help the team he is on ,thank god for mcdaniels and bilchicks,thats what I saying forever

  3. ck says:

    Finally, a team that DESERVES T2 AND KUDOS TO THE PATRIOTS!

  4. Lynn says:

    Friends: Maybe we will see Tim shine in preseason and maybe we will not. BE PATIENT and TRUST BILL BELICHICK.

    I have seen the reports previously about playing to Tim’s strengths, but there have been more reports about him developing his game from the pocket. I look for both to happen.

    What we will see in preseason may be influenced by the “plan.” If Belichick plans to play Tim later in the regular season, he may not disclose now what is in store that would give defenses time to prepare.

    If Bill wants to see how Tim performs in order to evaluate if he can trade Mallett now then Tim may play in preseason.

    We also don’t know the truth about Tom Brady’s plans, only what he says to the press, or if Brady’s plans coincide with Belichick’s plans for him… which in turn impacts Belichick’s plans for Tim.

    Belichick is known to be all business, but I don’t think he will double-cross Tim Tebow, if only because he both respects Tim as a person and he is personal friends with Urban Meyer.

    So sit tight and keep believing even if things don’t immediately play out as we hope because we don’t really know what is best or what is happening in the big picture (smile). Follow?

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