Patriots travel to Detroit to face the Lions

The New England Patriots will attempt to get to 3-0 in the Preseason this Thursday when they travel to Detroit to face the Lions at Ford Field

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3 Responses to “Patriots travel to Detroit to face the Lions”

  1. Bigfan says:

    Going to be interesting to see what they have Timmy do for this outing.

    Just thinking out loud…Brady will make his one drive maybe two?? Then quite possibly we will see a ramp up by the 1s and 2s (2 & 3 QBs) as the regular season nears and the first cut deadline looms?

    Buzzy Says : Brady and the 1s will play most of the first half and Mallet will play with the 1s and 2s Tebow will play late in the 3rd Qtr and 4TH with the 2s and 3s.

  2. jason says:

    The 4th preseason game he’ll get a half or more. Brady won’t play that game at all.
    Big fan don’t worry if you are about tebow making the team or his stats. Its a long term project with belichick and just watch more at how well his skill set is not really what numbers he puts up. Him learning the offense and improving his fundamentals is what belichick is focused on. He’s not expected to perform at brady’s level and command of the offense now.
    He’s gonna make the cuts because belichick doesn’t do 3 month evaluations of QBs. Tebow’s gonna get atleast till the end of next preseason of work with the patriots. The media that covers belichick should know that and atleast put it in the stories.

  3. Tisa says:

    Speaking of the media, Zuri Berry (Boston Globe beat writer) evaluates and ranks the Patriot players on a weekly basis. Although I usually find Zuri to be fair, he made the statement today that Tebow has regressed during training camp and that he will be taking up an unwarranted spot on the roster if he makes it. All that in spite of the fact that he has reported on Belichick’s press conferences that Belichick feels that Timmy has definitely improved and that he has a different skill set than Brady and Mallet. Belichick bases his evaluation on the total body of work during the camp not just on Friday’s game. Belichick also said that if you don’t know what the game play is, you really can’t make a judgement on how a player is doing. Belichick’s comments mean more to me than what anyone else has to say.

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