ode-to-tim-tebow ( TKS Sage )

BY Scott Kelly

I posted this before but its a good write.

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2 Responses to “ode-to-tim-tebow ( TKS Sage )”

  1. David Oliver says:

    WOW – Ode to Tim Tebow | by Scott Kelly – Someone who USES STATS -> NOT HATE – To *IMPARTIALLY* -> evaluate Tim Tebow The QB ! NEAT !

    WOW – A Great Perspective of Reality…(Haters are thoroughly -Dismayed)

  2. bubbaelvis says:

    What a great article. He really hit on what most people don’t seem to get about what it is Tebow brings to the position that no other QB has. Yes there are other running QB’s but there is no other QB that could carry the ball as many times as a halfback in a game and take the pounding like Tim Tebow. You can’t really compare him to the other guys that are running QB’s. He is more like an Arian Foster that can throw. Watch his Florida games and you’ll see that he pounded away running the ball and threw with great accuracy. He could win games either way. I look forward to seeing him unleashed in New England.

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