NFL Teams Show Off Running Quarterbacks

The dominant theme of the 2012 NFL season, the running quarterback, carried into the first battles of the preseason this weekend. But this time, instead of a select few teams letting their passers run wild, it was just about everyone.

A year after Washington’s Robert Griffin III, San Francisco’s Colin Kaepernick and Seattle’s Russell Wilson became superstars with their legs, it appears teams that didn’t have a dual-threat passer are making sure they have one.

Jacksonville Jaguars jack-of-all-trades Denard Robinson, in his NFL debut, spent time at wildcat quarterback and basically everywhere else on the field while rushing the ball nine times for 32 yards against Miami. In Washington, the Redskins’ Pat White made a solid debut after the team took a flier on the former West Virginia star, with 33 yards on the ground and 31 through the air.

The Raiders’ Terrelle Pryor ran for 31 yards on just three carries against the Cowboys, and Cincinnati quarterback Josh Johnson led the team in rushing with 64 yards on four carries. Even new Patriots passer Tim Tebow got on the board, rushing for 31 yards on four carries.

Kevin Clark

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  1. Sage says:

    Even Tim got on board? Ha. I didn’t see the game, but Tim could run for 150 if coaches encouraged him to do so. Can you imagine defending him on bootleg plays where he also has a monster receiver down field?

    I still insist that his 40-yard run up the middle in his first pro start was heavily underrated. People acted like it was practically a gaff. The only NFL QBs I can recall with that kind of running magic are Steve Young and Michael Vick.

    Vince Young could have been great, too. It’s a real pitty that Jeff Fisher gave him the Fox/Tebow treatment. Not easy to be great when your coach is an ass.

  2. Brandi says:

    There are still many who are convinced the trend toward mobile QBs and Option-Oriented Offenses is a fad or small niche. It’s not. It’s the direction the League is headed. (This same thing happened when the NFL moved toward Pocket-Intense Offenses like Walsh’s “West Coast”.)

    The talk about Tebow has been aimed in the wrong place because of this. It should have always been focused on how he fits in a wide open versatile Option-Oriented Offensive Scheme. It would be counter-productive to try to force-fit him into being a pure Pocket Passer regardless. But it’s lunacy when the League is moving away from that style of Play.

    Y’All have heard me describe Tim Tebow as Bobby Layne in a Linebacker’s body. Bobby threw an ugly ball. The very term “wounded duck” was coined to describe his Passes. But he also was one of the best Leaders on the Field, made the Big Plays at the right time and created what became known as the Two Minute Drill…known for awhile as “Tebow Time”.

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