Has Tim Tebow secured a roster spot? (Another Survey)

Last night’s performance by Tim Tebow was very … well, very Tim Tebow. Two touchdowns (off of long runs after the catch), a horrible interception, some rushing yards, all culminating in a win for his team. Tebow’s timing was pretty good, as he’s on the bubble with the team as it makes the final adjustments to the roster. The Patriots can afford to be picky about whom they keep on their roster — as much as Tebow may be well-liked by his teammates, Bill Belichick is notoriously unaffected by anything resembling sentiment. If the numbers don’t add up for him, this may be the last time we see Tebow on an NFL sideline.

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  1. Lynn says:

    Thousands, if not millions of Americans are praying for a football player today. Is this crazy or what???

    Last night and this morning I watched a documentary on the 2001 Patriots when Brady replaced Drew Bledsoe (who was subsequently traded to Buffalo). I have read some discussion on if/when Belichick would trade Tom Brady and cash in big-time… and I now believe that very well may happen “someday”… and that Tom knows as much.

    So… does Brady’s replacement become an official part of the team today????

    I know this, there are people across America mocking God, and saying if He existed, Tim Tebow would be able to throw the football. I know of course, that God does not need to prove himself to those skeptics, but it would be so great to see that happen!

    I’ve been studying “Tebow” since last November and I have concluded several things including football is totally boring, but the stories are good (smile). Football is a religion to much of America and I am truly amazed at how emotional people are about the game.

    But one of the big questions for me is why is Tim Tebow so “polarizing?” I have concluded it is multiple things.

    a.) There is honest question about his game and for some people it is nothing more.

    b.) Some were honestly offended that the fans propelled Tim to the starting position in Denver (and that makes sense to me in light of how unbelievers responded to anything they think is “unfair”) and they will be OK if he rises again now that he is on the bottom and has to win out over the best.

    c.) Some really resent Tebow fans who are not truly fans of his team and especially if Tebow fans are critical of the team (i.e. Rex Ryan and John Elway).

    d.) People are sick to death of Tim’s media coverage (and so is Tim).

    e.) Some really resent that Tim has brought Jesus Christ and “religion” into the public forum (even though many of this group will not admit as much). They don’t care that he is “religious,” but they don’t want it to be “discussed” in their hearing. I perceive that actually the problem is how Tim lives more than what Tim says, since others “say” somewhat similar things. Most interesting to me is that some are already splattering across the internet that the only reason Tim will make the team is that Robert Kraft wants him (i.e. Tim isn’t really up to the game). Even though both Kraft and Belichick have said this week that anyone who makes the 53-man roster will be chosen for their contribution to the team THIS SEASON.

    f.) Unbelievers really resent what they perceive to be a Christian persecution complex (and I agree with them). When Christian claim Tim is decimated against for his faith, even if it is true, it hurts his cause… a lot!

    g.) There are a lot of “Christians” out there who have really bad theology and purport to represent Tebow (when they do not) and they add to the bad name that American Christians and Tim Tebow have.

    On a more positive note, I am amazed at how Tim is loved and respected by coaches and teammates and the witness he has for Christ… and his life is an example and a motivation to me.

    So… will Bill Belichick keep us in suspense until 6:00 p.m.???
    You maybe know this, but Tim always Tweets a scripture before every game… This from Thursday…
    Ben Volin ‏@BenVolin 2h (Boston Globe reporter)
    #Patriots 4th preseason game vs the #Giants last night was the most-watched TV show in Boston for week of this week, earning 14.6 share
    Albert Breer ‏@AlbertBreer 4h (NFL Network and Boston Globe)
    Worth noting that Tebow had his right wrist wrapped in ice postgame yesterday? #PhantomInjury #IRCandidate (I have heard it suggested that they should put Tim on IR; he could attend meetings but not play or practice; I don’t think he would agree to it if he’s not truly hurt)
    Tim Tebow Foundation ‏@tebowfoundation 29 Aug
    Great night for football! Appreciate all of the love, prayers and support for TT #5! pic.twitter.com/3dQ2mSB95v
    Derek Havens ‏@PatriotsHaven 2m (columnist for http://Patsfans.com)
    Tebow hits Sims, who makes a great catch and run for a TD. The sidelines goes crazy. No doubt his teammates love him.
    Mary Paoletti ‏@Mary_Paoletti 2m (Reporter for Comcast SportsNet New England)
    Watching Patriots starters on the sideline react to that Tebow touchdown felt like watching “Rudy.”
    Zuri Berry ‏@zuriberry 3m (Boston Globe)
    FINAL: Patriots 28, Giants 20 … Tim Tebow finishes 6 of 11 for 91 yards, 2 touchdowns, 4 sacks, and one interception. 83.7 QB rating.
    Jeff Howe ‏@jeffphowe 2m (Boston Herald reporter)
    Josh Kline missed that block like Tebow owed him money or something.
    Ben Volin ‏@BenVolin 1m (Boston Globe reporter)
    Tebow is getting zero time to throw. Sacked 4 times in 2 series, and NONE WERE REALLY HIS FAULT. Trattou with 2 sacks
    Mike Loyko ‏@NEPD_Loyko 1h (Patriots/NFL Draft Analyst. & Editor of : http://NEPatriotsDraft.com)
    Can’t blame all this on Tebow, this 4/5 of this OL will be unemployed in 48 hours
    Picture Tebow & McDaniels “HAPPY BOYS!”
    Picture Tebow & Brady
    Picture Tebow:

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