every single snap of Tim Tebow’s preseason finale


By Sid Saraf and Ross Jones, FOXSports.com

This was it. With the Patriots playing their final preseason game, time was running out for Tim Tebow to make a positive impression. And after not logging any playing time last week, Tebow needed to show what he can bring to New England.

After standing around watching Ryan Mallett for a half, Tebow got his chance in the third quarter to operate his team’s offense. It should be noted, neither of us are here to put Tim down or make fun of him.

We just want to document his final preseason game just in case this is the last we see of him for a while.

FIRST DRIVE, 14:56 left in the third quarter

Play 1: 1st and 10: Pass to Aaron Dobson for a gain of 5. Solid three-step drop, comeback. Nice accuracy.

Play 2: 2nd and 5: I-Formation, Tebow lined up under center in the I-formation. Tebow handed the ball off George Winn along the right side. Gain of 7 yards for a first down.

Play 3: 1st and 10: Play-action pass. Tebow, on a bootleg, finds tight end Daniel Fells. Tebow hits Fells in stride for 11 yards. And another first down.

Play 4: 1st and 10: Tebow handoff to Winn, stretch play to right for a gain of 4 yards. .

Play 5: 2nd and 6: Tebow under center. Play action, but is sacked by Shaun Rogers, who blew up rookie offensive lineman Chris McDonald. Not much protection and a collapsed pocket. Tebow takes the sack and lives for another down.

Play 6: 3rd and 12: Tebow out of the gun receives a bad snap. Offensive lineman Josh Kline misses assignment and Giants linebacker Matt Broha gets the easy sack.

Play 7: PUNT

SECOND DRIVE, 7:08 left in the third quarter

Play 1: 1st and 10: Shotgun, trips left, high snap. Tebow completes a pass to Aaron Dobson (comeback pattern), batted by Aaron Ross. Not a bad throw, Ross just makes a good play.

Play 2: 2nd and 10: Under center, strong I, three-step drop, receiver wasn’t open and  Tebow’s former teammate Justin Trattou is in with the sack. Offensive lineman Luke Patterson got beat.

Play 3: 3rd and 15: Shotgun, setting up screen to the left, not there and Tebow spins to the right, nothing there and Adewale Ojomo gets the sack. Three and out.

Play 4: PUNT

THIRD DRIVE, 4:23 left in third quarter

Play 1: 1st and 5: After a penalty, Tebow takes a high snap in the shotgun, runs for the first down to the left.

Play 2: 1st and 10: A little end-around handoff to Josh Boyce, gain of 3

Play 3: 2nd and 7:  Tebow completes a hitch route to Fells. Tebow shows some nice velocity and the Patriots get a gain of 3.

Play 4: 3rd and 4: Shotgun with four wide receivers. QB draw to the right, not much there. Stopped short of first.

Play 5: PUNT

FOURTH DRIVE, 14:13 in fourth quarter

Play 1: 1st and 10: Handoff to Winn for a gain of 2. Nothing special.

Play  2: 2nd and 8: Tebow escapes pressure by rolling to his left but overthrows Jake ballard. Not a good throw because Ballard was open

Play 3: 3rd and 8: Tebow out of the gun hits Sims on an out pattern for a first down. Very nice pass

Play 4: 1st and 10: Tebow steps up in the pocket from the gun and overthrows Sims by 6 yards. Again, Sims had a step on his defender, but the pass sailed over his head.

Play 5: 2nd and 10: Tebow under center. Rolled out to the right and overthrows Aaron Dobson. Boos start to emerge from the New England faithful. It was a difficult throw as Tebow was rolling to his right and he’s left-handed, but a more accurate quarterback might have hit it.

Play 6: 3rd and 10: Tebow in the shotgun at the 48-yard line. Three-step drop. He throws a 15-yard pass to Sims over the middle. Pass was a bit high, but Sims hauled it in. The defenders falls as he’s making the catch and Sims breaks free for a 52-yard touchdown.  This is the classic Tebow touchdown: Not pretty to look at, but somehow it works. As a result, Touchdown Tebow began trending on Twitter. Typical.


FIFTH DRIVE, 9:18 left in the fourth quarter

Play 1: 1st and 10,: With five wide receivers, the Patriots call a QB draw. Tebow runs aggressively, knocks over his teammate Josh Boyce and gains 13 yards and a first down.

Play 2: 1st and 10: Shotgun formation with four wide receivers. Patriots call another Tebow draw up the middle for a short gain.

Play 3: 2nd and 8: Shotgun formation with two running backs. Tebow takes a couple steps back and launches pass down the left sideline for Dobson. It should have gone down the sideline, but the wobbly throw is short and nowhere near his receiver. Defensive back Trumaine McBride pulls it down for an easy interception. A rain of boos comes down. This throw was a killer as it shows what Tebow has been lacking in his NFL career. He should have put the ball where only his receiver could catch it, but wasn’t able to.

SIXTH DRIVE, 6:28 left in the fourth

Play 1: 1st and 10: Handoff to George Winn, for a short gain to the left.

Play 2: 2nd and 8: Tebow is under center and hands off to rookie running back Ben Bartholomew for a gain of 4.

Play 3: 3rd and 4: Shotgun formation with two running backs. Tebow looks to pass, but nobody is open. He steps up in the pocket and scrambles to the left. Although he makes a valiant effort, he’s met by two defenders and brought down a yard short of the first-down marker. The Patriots could have gone for it as they are close to midfield, but choose to punt instead.

Play 4: PUNT

SEVENTH DRIVE, 1:47 left in the fourth quarter

Play 1: 1st and 10: With the Patriots holding a one-point lead, Tebow is under center. At the snap, he bootlegs to the left and has to spin away from a defender. He tries scrambling up the middle and gains four yards. Giants take a timeout here.

Play 2: 2nd and 6: Tebow is under center with no wide receivers and hands off to Winn. He goes left for a short gain. The Giants take another timeout.

Play 3: 3rd and 2: Tebow lines up under center with an I formation behind him. Tebow hands off to Winn and he’s stopped a yard short of the first down. The Giants take their final timeout and the Patriots bring out their punt team.

Play 4: 4th and 1: PUNT

EIGHTH DRIVE, :13 left in the fourth quarter

Play 1: 1st and 10: The Patriots could have kneeled down and run out the clock as they inherited the ball at the 9-yard line. Tebow under center and spots Quentin Sims in single coverage on the right side. He floats a pass that only his guy can catch and Sims pulls it down for a touchdown. This is a solid throw.

Tebow’s final stat line: 6/11, 91 yards, 2 TDs, INT, QB rating: 83.7

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18 Responses to “every single snap of Tim Tebow’s preseason finale”

  1. Sage says:

    Thanks for the detailed wrap-up. Very nice, since I wasn’t able to watch. (I’m never able to watch, since I live in the country and cut the cable.)

    Tebow is fascinating and tests the concept of “intangibles.” He’s anything but flawless, and yet his determination to do what’s necessary to win is invaluable. It is *exactly* what I liked about Elway for so many years, which is why events have been so bitterly ironic for me.

    Savvy front-office types should realize that Tebow is all up-side. He can perform for you now, or he can just get better and better, like Elway gradually did.

  2. bigfan says:

    83.7 QB rating!! Super!!

  3. Tisa says:

    Cuts are starting. Pats are about half way thru, no mention of Tebow.

    • tawk2 says:

      Thanks Tisa, I seen 10 were cut a few minutes ago, have there been more?

      • bigfan says:

        Just the 10 is all I can find at this time 12pmPST

        • tawk2 says:

          Thanks bigfan, that is all I can find too. I said the Patriots have 12 more to cut, I don’t know if that number is accurate though. I am on needles and pins awaiting news of Tim. I am sure all of us here are.

          • bigfan says:

            Everybody had to be at 75 earlier this week. Pats are now as of this moment (I suspect a break for lunch is involved)? down to 65 leaving 12 more having to turn in their play book by 6pm EST tomorrow 8/31/13

  4. tawk2 says:

    You are right bigfan. I have to go to the bus stop to get our daughter I will be back soon.

  5. Tisa says:

    There has been a long lull in the cuts. Still 12 to go.

  6. bigfan says:

    Wonder how many cars are left in the parking lot??

    • tawk2 says:

      Yes bigfan I wonder how late they will work. It is a holiday weekend, I don’t know if the Patriots are practicing on Monday or not. If not it will be a long weekend for coaches and players. I am like everyone else here am on pins and needles awaiting these roster cuts.

      Hopefully they will not drag it out until 6 tomorrow night.

  7. bigfan says:

    Was just listening to FOX and the ex players there were discussing how this is the worst day in the life of a pro there is. One can imagine how they must feel when the phone rings…stress city!!

    On a lighter not they all said Timmy is going to be on the roster…play time another story??…so for me I will relish in that alone and know Timmy is going to be getting a little bit better everyday and while he is at it continue his being there for one special kid on game day!!

    • tawk2 says:

      I can only imagine the stress these players endure, I am not even playing and I am stressed out about Tim making the team, lol.

      That is encouraging to hear that they ex players on Fox are saying they feel Tim will make the roster. All we can do is wait and keep the faith.

  8. tawk2 says:

    I guess that is it for tonight, I will check back before turning in tonight to see if anyone has heard anything. Tomorrow will be a long day if Bill waits until the deadline to finish the cuts.

    God bless you all, and thank you for always keeping me informed.

    • Tisa says:

      I guess things are done for the day. At least tomorrow is the start of college football and those of us that are Gators have a game to look forward to tomorrow. Go Gators! May God bless Timmy with a good night’s rest and a roster spot. God Bless all of you as well!

  9. ck says:

    Thanks for all the great info. Firmly believe T2 will be a.o.k. due to answered prayers!! Thanks Tisa for the update on the Gators too and God bless you and all the Tebowzone fanatics/Eagles!!

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