Detroit Lions-40 New England Patriots-9 Final

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  1. tawk2 says:

    2 minute warning Lions 40 Patriots 3, I don’t think Tim will be playing tonight. Ryan Mallet thus far has not been doing that well. I wonder if Tim will see any playing time next week?

  2. tawk2 says:

    Mallet just scored a touchdown, score now is Lions 40 Patriots 9, I just looked and said it was the final score game over.

    So I guess we will all have to wait till the next preseason game. I am betting many will say Tim is being cut is why he did not play at all tonight, I hope that is not the case.

    • ck says:

      tawk2: Was wondering what the score was and if T2 was in the game…well, that explains why they lost imho!!! Think that if that is the case and he did not play then the #2 might be in trouble?! Thanks tawk2 for the recent news. 😀

    • jason says:

      Don’t worry about what media folks say, tebow isn’t getting cut until atleast the end of next preseason. Belichick isn’t a knee jerk guy. He’ll he fine to get his time to learn.

  3. shaztah says:

    My theory is that because Tim got a lot more playing time in the first 2 preseason games they wanted to be fair and give Mallett more time to see what he had. At one point he was 4 for 12 and 51 yards, sound familiar? Wonder how many people will say he sucks and should be cut?

  4. The Mascot Army says:

    They give the guys who are more likely to play this season time in game 3. Tebow will play half of game 4. I doubt he will be cut, and have a jersey to prove it 🙂

    • Sage says:

      Quite right, I think. Surprising that more yahoo sports writers don’t realize this.

      • The Mascot Army says:

        Yeah. Where are the articles wondering if the kicker will be cut because Belichick keeps going for it on 4th and goal in these preseason games?

    • tawk2 says:

      I agree! My hubby says the media does not make the decisions on the Patriots Bill does. He also said that maybe Mallet has not been playing as well as Bill anticipated and he could have played him longer last night to see if he could handled it. My hubby says you never know Bill may see a back up in Tim Tebow right now. But the only one who knows these answers are Bill and his staff.

      I am praying that all goes well for Tim and he gets the time to learn and develop like he should have gotten the chance to do in the beginning.

      I guess we will all find out soon enough. Go TEBOW/PATRIOTS!

  5. bubbaelvis says:

    I am trying to stay positive but this looks and sounds bad for him. I am trying to figure out a good reason why he wouldn’t get any snaps last night. The best I could come up with is that it was a short week and they didn’t get him many practice reps so they didn’t want to put him in a position of looking bad again. It is hard to understand after Coach Bellichik saying he has definitely improved. I hope Jason is right.

    • ck says:

      bubbaelvis: If anything, it shows that T2 won when he played and the #2 did not so it looks pretty good for T2 imo (that is what I meant in the above comment regarding the #2 position as T2 is #3 as of now and that will change…I believe).

  6. Bigfan says:

    Truth is…we just don’t know. When it comes down to it Timmy is not the only one wearing a Pats jersey. BB and crew (not stating the obvious) are assembling the best roster they can with the expectations for a Super Bowl. Time is getting shorter everyday to whittle the roster down to 53. I expect to see him in the next game but remember he is the 3 right now. Tim has a spot even it is to prepare the team for opponents using the spread option or pistol.

    Happy thoughts…believe…trust….

  7. Skip says:

    Maybe, BB saw that things were not going well and decided not to play Tim knowing Tim would get blamed for theloss even if he played one down. Some in the media are definitely focused on getting Tebow out of the NFL, their reputations as prognosticators are at stake.

  8. jason says:

    The 3rd preseason games are when the starters play the most in the preseason. It pushes the other guys back. Its not really a big shock that he didn’t play in this game. Next week brady won’t play at all. He may not even suit up or show up. Mallet will most likely start then tebow will get the rest. Anywhere from the 2nd quarter but probably the start of the 3rd.
    If for some reason they were to cut him don’t be suprised if they then turn around and sign him to the practise squad.

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