Buzzy Says: thats the last cut or not cut Post untill the final 53 man roster

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  1. tawk2 says:

    Thanks Buzzy, I am on pins and needles awaiting the final 53 man roster. I read somewhere that Tim had ice on his hand post game does anyone know if Tim was hurt in the last game?

    Hopefully Bill will not drag it out until the last minute today. Hopefully we will know something soon.

    We believe in you TEBOW!

  2. Tisa says:

    Tebow has been cut!

    • Sage says:

      Patriots won’t win a Super Bowl this year. I didn’t really want to root for them anyway.

      There ought to be a team or two that would pick Tebow up, but who knows. If not, my interest in the NFL goes to permanent zero.

  3. Lynn says:


    • tawk2 says:

      Wow Tebow is cut, I now wonder if the Patriots only brought him in to take away from the Hernandez scandal? Now all the haters and naysayers will be out in full force.

      I am worried too that Bill cut Tim now all the other coaches will shy away from him even more. I am worried about Tim’s future in the NFL.

      • Sage says:

        They probably also brought him in as a courtesty to Urban Meyer, Josh McDaniel and Tebow himself.

        But you can’t be that smart if you think Tim isn’t worth a roster spot.

        • tawk2 says:

          It’s not that I don’t think Tim is not worth a roster spot, it’s that I don’t think that any of the other NFL coaches will take a chance on Tim, especially now since Bill released him.

          All we can do is hope and pray that a team out there will take a true chance on Tim, not a fluke one.

          • Sage says:

            Hi Tawk. I wasn’t referring to you, but to BB and the Patriots.

            I know darned well you’re a great Tebow fan, and plenty smart!

        • jason says:

          I dont like this move but it doesn’t mean belichick isnt still one of the smartest coaches by far. He just doesn’t think tim’s skills fit what they do. I’m not gonna knock one of the most brilliant minds in the history of the game cause he doesn’t want tim. Rex and some others sure but its also worth considering that tim’s skill set is the issue and not everyone in the NFL is blind, stupid or a coward.

          • ck says:

            Want to make a bet? They are the emperors with no clothes!!! Most, can’t see the forest for the trees or, should I say, LOGS IN THEIR OWN EYES!!!

  4. Tisa says:

    This could also mean that Timmy needs to take Team Tebow to another playing field.

    • Sage says:

      Ya, I would take interested if he tried the A-11. Not sure even the CFL is bright enough to give him a chance.

      • Tisa says:

        Another football league is not what I meant. I think he should weigh other options. His ministry for one. As a Christian, he needs to try to determine if all these closed doors are meant to let him know that a football career is not for him. We’ll just have to wait and see. I am afraid that other teams would just use him like the Jets did. The ones that are struggling have questionable programs and passed on him during the off-season. Any team that would take him would have to be creative and able to design a game plan around his strengths. Throwing him in at this point would be a difficult thing to do. I hope Danny Wuerfell reaches out to him today. I have always thought he would be like Danny when he left the Gators and find a ministry to nurture. He has a platform without the NFL. He is the greatest NCAA Quarterback of all time and no one can take that away from him!

        • tawk2 says:

          Tim has had to fight his whole life to be a quarterback, always someone telling he could not do it or was not good enough. I guess only God truly knows what is in the future for Tim. But I do know Tim will not give up without a fight! If he wants to leave football I will support him know matter where he goes.

          I truly feel in my heart that if the right coach were to believe in Tim, he would soar. It just takes one to truly believe, that is what I am praying for.

          What a roller coaster ride it has been for Tim and for his fans. I wonder what is around the next bend, I guess we will all have to wait and see.

        • ck says:

          Tisa: “He is the greatest NCAA Quarterback of all time and no one can take that away from him”…Tisa, you and I know as well as others that they will never take Tebowmania away either b/c he will always have a mission no matter what or where!!! I did not see this coming and thought, finally, we could have some coach at least tell the truth for once!!! Maybe Brady decided it was him or T2 and that is why? Not many “BIG EGO’S” can handle how popular he is and his winning attitude/game as well. Whatever the reason, God is big enough to give him his own team to quarterback in the NFL and this is just another obstacle/test that he has to pass on his way to successfully accomplishing his dream that is placed there for a reason…AND HE WILL NEVER GIVE UP NOR SHOULD WE!!!

          • tawk2 says:

            I agree ck! Tim tweeted he is not giving up on being an NFL quarterback and I am backing him 100%! Tim will find his team and when he does boy the other NFL teams better look out. We need to keep believing in Tim and never give up the faith that he will be signed by another team. I just pray that this time he is finally home!

    • tawk2 says:

      I am a little upset, Mallet did not show the best skills and this is his third year on the roster. Bill each week acted like Tim had improved and said how great he was doing. But now he just cuts him? It makes one really wonder if Tim was brought in just to take away the media from the Aaron Hernandez scandal. I am so glad I waited to buy a jersey.

      I am just worried that no one came forward the last time for Tim until the Patriots, and Bill being one of the most respected coaches in the NFL has cut Tim, I just feel that just harms his chances even more of being picked up by another team.

      Anyways sorry to vent just a little upset.

      • Tisa says:

        We are all upset. This is not what we wanted.

        • ck says:

          Both of you are right, Tisa/Tawk2 and no it’s not what anyone who is a fan wanted at all! Won’t be easy to try to keep the disappointment to a minimum…this, we do know b/c w/God, all things are possible!:D

      • Lynn says:

        “I am so glad I waited to buy a jersey.”

        I have an idea that some think those #5 Patriots’ jerseys are priceless.

        If he returns to the team later, as Tedy Bruschi predicts, Tim may just wear #15 again then.

  5. tawk2 says:

    Sage thanks, I have followed Tim ever since high school, I used to live in Fernandina Beach, Florida not far from Jacksonville. He has impressed and amazed me through the years. Tim has also inspired me in my own life.

    I just hate the way he has been treated in the NFL. Any other quarterback in the NFL who had done what he did in Denver would have been a starter the next year. It seems Tim never gets a fair shot in the NFL. I will follow Tim no matter where he goes, whether it be the NFL, CFL, A-11 or someplace else.

    I am praying so hard that another team, like the Bills will take a chance and not just a fluke but a real chance on Tim.

    I am so glad that I have this place to come and be with those who support Tim and each other.

    • Sage says:

      I share your views completely, Tawk. Unlike some others, I’m not ready to see Tim retire into his ministry. There are lots of inspiring ministers, but only one man who can do what Tebow does in sports. Only one.

      It’s quite possible Tebow will have another go in the NFL, when we least expect it. But it’s disappointing, of course, that the Pats didn’t choose to develp him.

      A problem with the NFL, in my opinion, is that head coaches have been exalted like little narcisistic napoleans with headsets. Between replays and commercials, there is very little in the way of unscripted drama in the NFL. Tebow, by contrast, just plays. I doubt anyone could out-compete him for 60 minutes. If it comes to this, I’d enjoy seeing him take a try in the A-11.

      • tawk2 says:

        Sage I agree with you, I am not ready to give up on Tim playing in the NFL or playing even in the A-ll league.

        I know in my heart that Tim if given a true chance can be one of the most amazing NFL quarterbacks ever!

        I have seen a lot of bashing of Tim today in comments sections, yes some are supporting him as well. I have seen many supporters saying that the Raiders, Tampa, Bills could all pick Tim up. I even seen where someone said that the Raiders were trying to sign Tim when the Patriots picked him up, but I don’t know if this is a true fact or not.

        There are so many teams out there right now who don’t have a good quarterback, I am praying one of those teams has the guts and the vision to sign Tim and go all the way with him.

        How long does Tim have to be on the waiver wire for a team to try to sign him?

        We all have to stick together and never give up hope. I know Tim wants to be an NFL quarterback more than anything, and he will not go down without a fight.

        • Tisa says:

          Tawk, I didn’t mean to imply that it is time to give up, just that Timmy will be okay no matter what. He has so many other options in life that the sky is the limit. I, like you, have watched him play for at least a decade. I love this kid. I am just sick of the fact that he seems to be held to a different standard than other players. Having said that, I will support him 100% in his pursuit to be an NFL QB. The window to play football is a limited one and he needs to keep trying while he is young enough. I said the other day I had myself convinced he would make the roster and that I would be bitterly disappointed if he didn’t. Well, I am!

          • tawk2 says:

            I know Tisa, I just want what Tim wants and it seems he has not moved on, he tweeted he is still working hard at being an NFL quarterback that it’s his dream. But I like you will support him wherever he goes.

            Yes he has so many options that many others could never dream of having. But I feel that he is not done in the NFL as of yet, it could be just wishful thinking. I am praying so hard that a team searches him out and really wants him this time.

            Thanks for all your input and support and thanks to everyone here as well. I don’t know what I would do without you all.

            Thanks Buzzy too for all you do each day.

  6. David Oliver says:

    Tim is released by Patriots..11:07 AM

    Just have to see what God’s Plan for Tim is !

  7. Bigfan says:

    Certainly not what we wanted to hear. God has a plan and for now it is not the Patriots. We’ll just have to be patient while Timmy rests in the Lord.

  8. Lynn says:

    PLEASE –

    Do not be critical of Belichick and the Patriots!

    Do not despair!

    Do not talk about A-11!

    All of those things only hurt Tim.

    Please just believe what he says…

    Jeff Howe ‏@jeffphowe 12m (Boston Herald Patriots Beat Reporter)
    Heard from a noted Patriot who was surprised Tebow was released.
    Todd Headlee ‏@ToddHeadleeAZ 5m (AZ fan)
    Stay positive. Injuries, unknown events, and other variables could change things in a good way.#KeepTheFaith
    Michael Giardi ‏@MikeGiardi 19m (Comcast Sports Net NE)
    As for Tebow, wonder if he stays in area and is brought back at a later date. His character won me over. Disappointed for him
    Jemele Hill ‏@jemelehill 14m (ESPN)
    Seriously, if I were Buffalo, I’d rather have Tebow starting week 1 than Jeff Tuel.
    Adam Kaufman ‏@AdamMKaufman 14m (; 985theSportsHub, etc.)
    Tim Tebow reportedly released. Still think he’ll be back. I’m not giving up that easily!
    Chad Amaral ‏@chad_amaral 5m (Sports Producer at Fox 25 Boston)
    Bills should sign Tim Tebow and start him week 1 vs. Patriots. Why not?

  9. lex says:

    this is very disappointing info. what is brandi/buzzy’s take on all of this news?

  10. Lynn says:

    Will Tim Tebow give up the dream???

    Tim Tebow ‏@TimTebow 3m
    I would like to thank Mr. Kraft, Coach Belichick, Coach McDaniels and the entire Patriots organization for giving me the opportunity…

    Tim Tebow ‏@TimTebow 4m
    …to be a part of such a classy organization. I pray for nothing but the best for you all. I will remain in relentless pursuit…

    Tim Tebow ‏@TimTebow 4m
    …of continuing my lifelong dream of being an NFL quarterback. 2 Corinthians 12:9: And He has said to me, “My grace is sufficient…

    Tim Tebow ‏@TimTebow 4m
    …for you, for power is perfected in weakness.” Most gladly, therefore, I will rather…

    Tim Tebow ‏@TimTebow 4m
    …boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me.

  11. Lynn says:

    Caught up with ESPN NFL analyst Tedy Bruschi today for some advance planning and at the end of the conversation, the question was asked, “What do you think will happen with Tim Tebow?”

    This is how he answered, which we decided to pass along here (with Tedy’s go-ahead):

    “I could envision a scenario where he is initially cut and not on the 53-man roster, but he comes back at another point down the line. Maybe multiple times, sort of like they did one year with Ross Ventrone. He was on the roster. He was off the roster. He was on the roster. He was off the roster. It sort of depended on the overall health of the team that week if the Patriots could keep Ventrone or had to go in another direction. Receiver Deion Branch has been in that situation, to a lesser degree. I could see Tebow being that guy this season as people in the organization would like to see him around and see if he can continue to be developed.”

  12. Bubbaelvis says:

    It is very disappointing but one thing I can say is New England gave him a fair chance. They treated him with respect and it was obvious the players were pulling for him. It probably came down to them needing depth in another area. It was fun to watch.

  13. Bigfan says:

    I chimed in earlier today but I guess I did not submit. Maybe just a bit frustrated?? Well I sat there most of the morning putting myself in Timmy’s shoes and waiting for the 2nd half replay of last Thursday’s game. Slowly with moments of depression I was able to get both feet on the Rock of my Salvation now back in my own shoes with Timmy’s and others right along side. There we find comfort in knowing Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is right there reminding us He is not done with any of us and by his grace we can endure.

    Tim will keep working on his accuracy, footwork, and progressions…as he Tweeted, and right now as far a Football goes anything can happen and usually does so stay tuned…??

    • ck says:

      Bigfan: Know it was somewhat difficult trying to understand what I heard and it provided for some moments…makes you wonder about the old saying: “Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see!” Will try and follow T2’s example if possible:D

  14. BuzzyBuzzard says:

    Well that was pretty Final Cut But Not the End Now for the rest of the story.

    • ck says:

      And to that I say, well said Mr. Buzzy. Thanks for all you do and helping us stay informed…thanks for not letting you know who x2 back for their two cents worth at our expense usually. Take care. And, yes, GBPT2:D

  15. Bigfan says:

    The more I thought about it Mallet was just more of a replacement for Brady and the Pats O. With Gronk’s circumstances= the perfect storm.

    • tawk2 says:

      Jason in another comment on another story said Tin was seen in Buffalo, I don’t know where he found this out today, I am waiting for him to answer me. I just don’t know though if Buffalo is the right fit for Tim, they drafted EJ in the first round and he is there future. Anyways I hope we get some good news soon.

      As for Mallet on the Patriots, I cannot believe that Bill thinks he is a solid backup. He looked sloppy at times and seemed at times having a hard time reading the defenses. I think this is his third year in the Patriots offense he should be playing a lot better!

      So all we can do is wait and keep the faith. I have pretty much stopped going to stories about Tim, so many bad ones, and the comment sections are even worse most are bashing Tim. The last one I went to was a cartoon of Tim in front of a podium talking saying he was not giving up his dream of being an NFL quarterback, in the back ground other players said pretty much that Tim was a good candidate for the concussion settlement. So sick of the bashing and hating on Tim!

      You never see the media bash other quarterbacks who play badly and believe me there are many in the league right now.

      Anyways I hope we get some good news soon.

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