Buccaneers-21 Patriots-25 final

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Tebow is the QB 3FD took a knee


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  1. tawk2 says:

    Go TEBOW/PATRIOTS! Can’t wait till Tim plays!

  2. Sage says:

    Can anyone comment on Tim’s throwing? I’m not able to watch tonight.

    Looks like he’s moving the ball on the ground. Tebow threw pretty damn well in the past, so perhaps all the negativity has got him jittery. Be strong, Tim.

    • tawk2 says:

      Sage, some of the throws Tim made looked to me like the receiver missed or was not where they were supposed to be, other times I don’t know what Tim was thinking. I am with you I think the negativity is getting to him. Also the receiver he has been connecting with in training camp was not even out there. I believe Tim played with only 3’s and 4’s tonight.

      Tim does throw pretty damn well, I don’t know what is going on. I just hope Bellichick does not let him go because of it. Anyways we will all hear about how Tim was 1 for 7 and an interception. I won’t be watching any sports media for the next week. I will just come here to get news.

      I pray that things go better in the next pre season game for Tim, I do hope he gets to at least play with the 2’s some of the time as well.

      Yes Tim be strong you have so many who believe in you.

      • Sage says:

        Thanks, Tawk. I’ve walked away from games when the Broncos were trailing, and Tim made it interesting in the end. I hope he’ll show us more.

        What do you think of the ground game while he’s in? Moving the ball on the ground counts for something.

        • tawk2 says:

          He had a good run earlier but a penalty brought it back and all his yards were lost. Yes Tim ran very well tonight at least I thought he did. Penalties really cost the Patriots tonight they are lucky they still won the game.

          I know Tim is upset with himself for throwing that interception. I just hope he can get more used to this offense. I know it really helps to have better receivers out there. I know Tom Brady would not even do as well with the receivers Tim had tonight. The interception Tim threw too me it looked like the receiver gave up and stopped, then the defender picked it off. At least that is the way I seen it when they replayed it.

          • SB says:

            Sorry, but you are absolutely wrong about that INT and it really frustrates me when fellow Tebow fans fail to admit his flaws. That INT was 100% Tim’s fault. He overthrew the ball due to bad footwork – the slow motion replay from a front angle clearly showed it. Also, it was a horrible decision to throw that ball to that receiver. If he had not overthrown it, the ball would have been picked off because there was a CB right in front of him. Maybe Tim deserves credit for intentionally throwing over the CB, but he would have had to put just the right touch on the ball to get it over the CB and not over throw it right to the safety, which is what he did.

            I’m as big of a Tebow fan as anyone, but I also love the game and really pay attention to it. It’s offensive to hear fans make excuses for him (something I have often done to an extent) on things that are 100% his fault or just horrible, horrible plays. Blaming someone else for something that is clearly all on Tim is just unacceptable.

      • SB says:

        Hard to say, but he was terrible last week and much worse tonight. I don’t understand it. I distinctly remember watching him in preseason his rookie year and he looked good, even when he threw the ball. I also remember an article written after the Broncos/Steelers preseason game in 2010, where the person was saying that wasn’t Tebow playing QB because of how well he threw the ball and he never once took off and ran. He was making a joke but really praising Tebow. So I don’t understand how each year he’s gotten progressively worse in preseason. This year, he does not even resemble an NFL QB. His mechanics definitely look better but it’s not helping. And I did notice on the INT last night that his front foot was not straight ahead of him where it should be, it was to his right, which causes a QB to be inaccurate. I saw him do that a lot in previous years and was really hoping that was fixed with all the talk of his improved mechanics. Mallet did not look good last week, but definitely looked better than Tim and Mallet again started rough last night, but then picked it up. There’s just no way Tim can expect to earn a spot on a team playing like he has the last two weeks. And if McDaniels can’t help him, then I’m afraid he’s done in the NFL.

        • tawk2 says:

          I may be wrong about the interception, but from what I seen the receiver did quit and stop running, Tim should not have thrown that ball but the receiver should not have given up either. But it was Tim’s fault.

          I really feel so many have messed with Tim’s mechanics that when he gets on the playing field all those voices are in his head now. Telling him what to do and what not to do. I wish people would have just left him alone, or just one person would have worked with him. It’s a shame also that this is the 4th offense for Tim. I keep having to remind myself that he really did not play much last year as a quarterback either. So he is rusty. I just pray that Tim moves on and does better the next pre season game.

          He needs to go back to being Tebow, and play football, and quit worrying about the voices in his head telling him what to do. I really feel that is what is hurting him on the field.

  3. tawk2 says:

    We must be the only ones up right now, pretty quiet here.

  4. Tisa says:

    I had heard a lot of good things about how much Timmy had improved in practice so I was looking forward to seeing it on the field tonight. I was disappointed. I did not see anything that helps Timmy’s case. He looked lackluster and slow. I hope things are better next week. I so want to see him realize his dreams.

    • Sage says:

      Three or four years in which everyone has tried to “fix” Tim most likely has him thinking too much. Perhaps only the adrenaline of game-on-the-line situations can shake him loose of it. We know the guy can play.

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