Brady down with a knee Listed Day to Day

 BOSTON (CBS) — Sound the alarms — Tom Brady got hurt.

Exactly what was hurt and how badly, we don’t know, but it was enough to force the quarterback out of Wednesday’s practice session with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Foxboro.

Shortly after practice, WBZ-TV’s Dan Roche reported that the injury Brady sustained is not serious and is likely a sprained knee.

“[Brady will] be fine,” a source told Roche. “He’ll be checked again later on tonight.”

HURLEY: Injury Scare A Reminder Of Patriots’ Fragility

On a passing play in 11-on-11 drills, the pocket collapsed around Brady, who lay on the grass for several moments while holding his left knee. Video of the play was posted online by Twitter user @ChadKopcak. In the video, it looks like Nate Solder fell on Brady.

walked off the field, favoring his left knee, but he returned to practice shortly thereafter. However, it didn’t last long, as the quarterback continued to keep a close eye on that left knee. He eventually walked off the field, talked with Bill Belichick and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, and left practice with the team trainer. Brady didn’t return.

Buccaneers defensive end Adrian Clayborn, who was rushing against Solder on the play, explained what happened after the practice session ended.

“You always have to stay away from the quarterback, but if you have a guy on his heels my instinct is to keep going. That’s what I did,” Clayborn said. “I bull-rushed [Solder] and apparently he tripped on Brady and fell on him.”

When pressed further, Clayborn asked the reporters, “Is this an interview or interrogation?”

Brady, 36, underwent reconstructive surgery on that same knee in 2008 after suffering an injury in Week 1 that cost him the entire season. He has played in all 64 regular-season and seven postseason games since then.

It’s obviously impossible to speculate at the moment what the injury is or how severe it may be, but in the event Brady is forced to miss time, Ryan Mallett and Tim Tebow are the other quarterbacks on the roster.

Brady started in the Patriots’ preseason opener on Friday night in Philadelphia, playing in two offensive series. He completed seven of eight passes for 65 yards and a touchdown. Mallett left that game prematurely due to a head injury, but he has practiced with the team all week.

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4 Responses to “Brady down with a knee Listed Day to Day”

  1. tawk2 says:

    That is great news that Tom only has a sprain, it could have been worse. I hate seeing any player get hurt.

    Tom is getting older and I had a torn MCL years ago and years later arthritis set in badly. Now it’s hard at times to walk. So we will have to wait and see how his knee does. I hated all the bad talk about Tebow after the injury happened. So many blaming Tebow. Anyways we will see what happens. I hope Tom gets better soon.

  2. shaztah says:

    Why were they blaming Tebow?

    • tawk2 says:

      Some of the twitter feeds were accusing Tim of being a witch, also many were saying Tim had wished for Brady to get hurt for Tim’s birthday wish. I could not believe all the hate going on.

      I know everyone has their own opinions but come on man. Someone also tweeted that Tim on his birthday last year found out that there would be no quarterback competition and then on his birthday this year Brady goes down, after saying this they said could this be revenge by Tim? So a lot of nasty tweets today. I know Tim had nothing to do with what happened and Tim would never wish anyone to get hurt.

      • jason says:

        It got sick with what people were saying. Tebow wouldn’t do that nor would 99% of the players.
        I cant believe some of the things i read. People blaming tebow and other people happy it happen so tebow would start this season.
        What’s wrong wih people wishing injury on others or blaming people that had nothing to do with it.
        I don’t want any player to ever get hurt.

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