Tim Tebow Reached Out To Johnny Manziel Before The Manning Passing Academy Incident(TKS shaztah)

Tyler Moorehead

Johnny Manziel is always the center of attention anywhere he goes, but it’s especially true here at Day 2 of SEC Media Days. He opened the day by appearing on SportsCenter, where he explained that he was not hung over at the Manning Passing Academy — he simply overslept because his phone died and he was tired from extensive offseason travel.

In his later interview, Johnny also mentioned that he has shut it down on Twitter, something his coach also noted. However, he did not say that he was banned, but rather that he “hasn’t had anything interesting to say” lately. He then went on to explain that Tim Tebow reached out to him when he was in Oregon before the Manning Passing Academy. Manziel said he really respects Tebow, who is “an SEC legend.”

Sentinel Gators beat @osgators 
Manziel said he got a voicemail from Tim Tebow, but hasn’t spoken to him. “Really would like to get a chance to.”10:18 AM – 17 Jul 2013

Tim Tebow is just a regular hero –it’s not the first time that he has tried to keep other college players under control. However, it is a bit surprising that he would reach out to Manziel, who was critical of Tebow on ESPN’s First Take last month. But that’s just the type of forgiving person Tebow is.

We can only hope that Tebow can put Manziel back on the straight and narrow — he’s certainly the role model that most athletes should look up to.

Manziel also said that he would like to talk to Cam Newton about dealing with fame and attention.


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18 Responses to “Tim Tebow Reached Out To Johnny Manziel Before The Manning Passing Academy Incident(TKS shaztah)”

  1. Sage says:

    We spend some time here questioning the pundits and their professed wisdom.

    Here’s an interesting short article distinguishing between expert knowledge of sports from understanding of risk and probability. Perhaps the “expert” football pundits know what they know, but they simply can’t estimate the likelihoods of surprise and human overachieving.


    • ck says:

      Sage: I see you are at it, yet, once again…very enlightening as well as succinct. Great post and proves that talking heads are generally just that! Definitely not the “EXPERTS!” WILL BELIEVE RESULTS ANYDAY THAN SUBJECTIVE CRITIQUES!!! GO TEBOW/GBPTT!

  2. andrea says:

    Old fogey here.This is embarrassing.We have 18 and 19 year old soldiers dying in Iraq and Afghanistan.At what age does a professional athlete grow up?

    In my humble opinion,Tebow needs to concentrate on making the New England team.Manziel looks like he is out of control and is starting to hang with the wrong crowd.

    Since I believe that the media and the mainstream culture is out to destroy Tebow – I think once Tebow is on a football team he can start doing more positive things for the community and nation.

    Sorry I haven’t been posting much the last couple of weeks.Summertime is here and I have been doing a lot of traveling.Have only been able to check this site out when I have been in a public library.

    Hope everyone is doing well – especially Buzzy!!!!

    • ck says:

      Andrea: What is an “old fogey”? (Just kidding.) Glad you are enjoying your summer and doing what I would like to do one of these days…travel/camping etc. Husband does not like to take off from work that much, ha, ha! Anyway, Mr. Buzzy gave us a shock, but seems to be doing much better and sure lots of prayers were the reason!
      Anyway, guess the so called “old fogey’s” need to stick together and celebrate all things TEBOW!!!

  3. tawk2 says:

    You all have probably seen the story where LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger said this about Tim Tebow

    “But he said he’s not as bad as Tebow.

    “It’s not like I’m Tim Tebow and have terrible mechanics,” Mettenberger told reporters.”

    Wow Tim has proven how great he was in College and has been said to be one of the greatest College players of all time. The nerve of this young quarterback! And if you look at his stats they are not the greatest, how many Championships and Heisman’s does he have? Not counting the other numerous prestige awards Tim has accumulated throughout the years?

    I think he just wanted his 5 minutes of fame and used Tim to get it.

    So tired of Tim being bashed by others, it really gets under my skin!

    I cannot wait for Tim to prove all the naysayers and haters wrong! Go TEBOW we believe in you!

    • Sage says:

      The one thing Tebow needs is to get on the field, because that’s where his game can do the talking. The LSU guy couldn’t carry Tebow’s lunch.

      • ck says:

        Sage: “The LSU guy couldn’t carry Tebow’s lunch.” Now, that is a critique that could only be “classic Sage” and wished I had come up with that one!!

    • ck says:

      tawk2: Not to worry, we know what is coming…TEBOW TIME!!! Can’t wait to see T2 in action so, don’t worry about the anysayers as they will be silenced soon enough…THANK GOD! (Look how fast Spidey and what’s his name–oh yea, Thrawn, almost forgot–did a disappearing act! Might have had a little help from good ol Buzzy though, ha, ha!)
      Buzzy says: I took over Spidey he has to run all his comments thur Me

      • Sage says:

        Ya, Thrawn seemed to vamoose right around the time Tebow signed with New England. He may have just been here for the schadenfreuda, so perhaps he’ll return if there’s dip in the road.

  4. Tisa says:

    Just wanted to let ya’ll know I am just waiting for the news to start coming out of training camp. Haven’t been doing much commenting. I am looking for Timmy to take over Mallet’s place and get on the roster. Don’t really care what any talking heads in the media think! God Bless you all and take care!

    • jason says:

      This season tim isn’t overtaking mallet unless mallet is traded. Mallet knows the system and playbook which tim does not nor is he gonna get it down in time to beat out mallet.
      I don’t get the dislike for mallet I’ve heard from people. Mallet is in the same boat as a young QB that once he has everything down should get his shot at starting.
      If tim does better I hope he beats him out but if he doesn’t then I hope he remains 3rd.
      Tim has to learn the whole system withou having lots of snaps or mallet having many of the meaningful snaps either because brady doesn’t give them up, belichick doesn’t make brady give them up and no OC that will be on the team will force brady to.
      Tebow might beat out mallet but it want be soon or unless mallet is traded. Tim has trouble learning except hands on and he isn’t gonna be given that completely unless he’s paying a bunch of people to setup the offense completely at IMG which if he hands them the playbook he’ll get fired and sued for breech of trust since its agreed that you give that to no one but back to the team and no team agrees that you hand it out for training.
      Tim takes over mallet’s spot based on trade or lots of time. Tim isn’t beating out mallet in their system based on the amount of time mallet has had. Take feelings and emotion out of this taking over mallet cause belichick will and its gonna be showing that one knows the system and can best do how brady runs the system and nothing else.

      • Sage says:

        Jason, I wonder what it is that appeals to you about Tebow. You seem to want to regard him just like any other young quarterback.

        That’s perfectly reasonable, of course. But if Tim were no more or less than his throwing motion and his ability to learn someone’s system, I’d have written him off a long time ago. There are plenty of young QBs. I’d like them all to succeed, but there are only about 60 or 75 spots.

        Without feelings and emotions, why watch sports? That’s not a rhetorical question. Maybe you can shed some light on why you care about any specific player.

        • jason says:

          I like all the players. Just as I don’t pull for any team, its the sport itsellf I enjoy and love to study.
          I like tim and the hype from both sides about him is why I follow him.
          If tim makes it then that’s great but I don’t see any knock on the NFL if he doesn’t when he’s told what he has to do by those people that employee him and he didn’t do it.
          I tend to defend or in some people’s minds attack players of all kinds. Football is my passion and hobby and its the entertainment I enjoy most. I just don’t like decisions made based on emotion. I’m just not fond of single team or player fanhood without people being able to put the bias aside about said player or team. I’m an odd ball and I understand that 🙂

        • jason says:

          and I do enjoy all the other young QBs and discussion about them its just that with tim the best news comes from this site without me having to feed the media. All I want is the best players on teams so I get the best football I can get. If that means tim shows the best skill set ever and wins 8 super bowls or gets kiccked out next week I’m fine either way because its the sport I care about. Its not fans of this or that which always see things greater or less than based on their personal alligence to players or teams.
          I don’t like bias for or against teams or players. Far too much is shown on tim both for him and against him.

          • Sage says:

            As purist for the sport, how do you feel about things like instant replay? Almost by itself, that is destroying the dignity of the game, IMO.

            Watching them spend 6 minutes (and 12 commercials) reviewing and reviewing a first-down call in the second quarter makes me want to switch to soccer.

            If I were in charge, I’d give head coaches three reviews *per season.* It would be nothing more than insurance against the gravest travesties in the most important games.

    • jason says:

      Look I want tim to take over for brady in 4 or 5 years and have said that’s the best place for him but the way the patriots do things and the realistic nature of this team says tim isn’t gonna overtake mallet without years if mmallet isn’t traded.
      Say tim can learn 4 times faster than mallet, that means he’d need a year to catch up. We know he doesn’t based on how things go in new england with brady and belichick. Tim needs mallet to be traded to over take mallet any time soon. That’s as obvious as the sky is blue.

      • Tisa says:

        Jason, I don’t have any dislike for Mallet. I just believe Tebow has made great strides and has the capability to overtake him and sit behind Brady for a few years. You really keep making comments about Tebow not doing what people tell him to or that he has trouble learning a play book. You are the only person I ever hear say that about him. In fact, coaches that have worked with him say exactly the opposite. I also think that when you look at the poor QBs in the league right now, I think if Timmy is where I think he is, Mallet would be a really good replacement for some of the starting QBs currently on other teams. As I understand it, it is in NE’s best interest to trade him for some value before he becomes a free agent. My bet is, as always, on Tebow.

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