Tim Tebow on the New England Patriots’ Roster Bubble

By Marc Freshman

In a strange way, the story of Tim Tebow’s journey to the Patriots has unfolded in a storybook manner.

First, he was the quarterback for the Broncos, but then he was replaced by Tom Brady’s arch foe, Peyton Manning. Then, Manning acquired Brady’s favorite receiver, Wes Welker. 

Tebow then went to the Jets, a critical divisional adversary.

The Jets tanked, as usual. After the season ended, the Jets were done with Tebow and he seemed blackballed forever.

While that was going on, the Patriots were in the middle of a horrendous offseason. One after the other, some of New England’s brightest players dropped off the roster like playing cards that had been stuck to the wall with inferior glue, casually peeling off and gliding away.

In comes Tebow.

Granted, Tebow’s arrival doesn’t exactly help to answer the burning question, “Who’s Tom Brady going to throw to?” But still, his arrival fills a void of a different nature, which is the emotional kind. Silly as it may sound, the Patriots could use a shot of positivity to keep their chins up. That could be the defining factor which keeps them from becoming the 2012 Saints, who went 7-9 after their bounty scandal.

If Tebow can provide that emotional stability to help avoid a fallout season, then that alone is worth a roster spot.

Plus, it’s just hard to imagine that we’ve seen Tebow’s best football already. He’s only 25 years old. He’s healthy, too. He has playoff experience and is a smart kid who has won big games. It’s hard to believe he’s used up, beaten down and done. And anyway, if people choose to believe he’s done, then he can use that as motivation.

As long as he helps the Patriots win, that’s all that matters.

But first, he has to make the team.


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One Response to “Tim Tebow on the New England Patriots’ Roster Bubble”

  1. ck says:

    That is why you can never count T2 out b/c it all worked in his favor!!

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