Beaten Down By JetsBeat

I owe Fans of Tim Tebow a huge apology. Last year I told Y’All that one arrow you should have in your quiver would be the New York Media. The 2011 Broncos Season was completely mishandled by Mainstream Sports Media. Very little of that could be blamed on the Denver Sports Media. They tried often to keep the record straight amidst the fabrications and hype machines. But virtually nobody listened. I said to Y’All, not to worry. The New York Media wouldn’t put up with that kind of crap. Even if only driven by their own egos, they’d never allow Mainstream NFL Media to misrepresent them, their stories, their commentary, etc. They just don’t roll that way.

But many times last year and since, the problem has been the New York Sports Media. In particular, JetsBeat, the New York Jets Beat. That Rex Ryan has them by their journalistic gonads would be an understatement. He has become their Jim Jones. And they love the taste of Sexy Rexy’s Kool-Aid. Tebow Fans are glad to be rid of all of them.

But what about the poor long-suffering Jets Fans. I’d like to be able to say their not totally screwed. But I can’t. I just can’t. Jets Fans, JetsBeat is screwing you over…Big Time. Woody’s a Fool. So what? Rex is a liar. Who cares? Rex admits he’s lied the entire time he’s been the Head Coach of the New York Jets…just made it all up as he went along and said whatever sounded good at the time. Even when he didn’t believe it himself. He gets an absolute Free Hall Pass. Nothing. Woody tells JetsBeat and rightfully upset Jets PSL Holders to talk to the Legal Department. Barely a low buzz. Rex says he’s conned Jets Fans and Woody takes the money and says Call 1-800-EatShit and JetsBeat totally lets them off the hook.

What’s worse, they become nothing more than an extension of the Jets PR Department.

Mark Sanchez has a Season that will live on in ButtFumble Infamy and the New York Post Ranks him the 12th best Jets Player. He dropped one spot from last year. Does his face have to actually get stuck in a guy’s ass for JetsBeat to feel the humiliation Jets Fans, their audience and actual Customers, feel?

Mark gets an almost total Pass on last Season. Please, oh please, let Mark throw that Pass so it can be Intercepted. The Pick6 Kid is still Page6 Material in the Post’s mind. And I’m not singling the Post out. It’s across the Board. Mark suffered from The Tebow Effect. But he’s just too good a guy to say anything.

Oh bless his fragile psyche.

I don’t know what to tell you Jets Fans. Other than, don’t drink the Kool-Aid yourselves. The Jets are a total mess. They were a mess when Tebow got there. They’re a mess now. It starts with Rex & Woody and JetsBeat shows almost no sign of being honest about any of it.

So I don’t know where you go from here other than the bar. Where your Green & White at your own risk.
..SportsBabe Brandi

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 Brandi says: 

The only time Tim Tebow had any significant Playing time, the NFL Players themselves ranked him as one of the 100 Best Players in the League and the 12th (or 13th??) Best among all NFL Quarterbacks.

Cold Hard Football Facts, which has the only serious QB Ranking System available for everyone to see, ranks Tim close to that same range. (14th among NFL QBs, I think)

The Miami Dolphins said directly what many have danced around while alluding to it. Tim’s “Too Popular to sign”…creating an uncomfortable climate for GMs & Head Coaches who like to feel in 100% control of everything. When Tim went to the Jets, he was one of only a small group of Quarterbacks who had his own Betting Line for League MVP…and the only NY Jet. The assumption on almost everyone’s part was that he’d be the Jets Starting QB sooner rather than later.

But because that didn’t happen and he waited to get picked up by the Patriots, there are those who have gone into over-drive trying to defend their notion that NFL Teams place “Winning” above everything else and, therefore, if Tim was somehow toxic, it simply has to be for “Football Reasons”.

It’s that basic premise that’s fundamentally flawed. NOT Tim’s QB Play.


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4 Responses to “Beaten Down By JetsBeat”

  1. David Oliver says:

    ONCE AGAIN – A Breath Of Fresh Air – is the Typical Result of a “SportsBabe Brandi” Reality Check Posting..

    God Bless and Stay in Good Health – and KEEP POSTING !

  2. bigfan says:

    Did you see Rex baby running with the bulls? Had the whole garb on but never real close…he bailed out.

  3. Sage says:

    Being a “journalist” today is about feeling like you’re in the middle of something important. Private audiences with the president or Rex? oooh, yes. As long as the ego is thus satisfied, no need to report, much less to report the truth.

  4. Andrea says:

    Agree 100% with Sage.

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