The NFL Tim Tebow Report 6/10/13 Buzzy says I posted this this morning was going to update when the news broke But Tisa beat me to it )

1. San Francisco 49ers Talking

2. Denver Broncos       NO

3. Seattle Seahawks     Talking

4. Atlanta Falcons      No

5. Baltimore Ravens     ?

6. New England Patriots  YES

7. Green Bay Packers    NO

8. Houston Texans        ?

9. Cincinnati Bengals     ?
10. Minnesota Vikings     ?

11. Chicago Bears        Maybe

12. Indianapolis Colts    NO

13. Washington Redskins   Talking

14. St. Louis Rams        Maybe

15. New York Giants       ?

16. New Orleans Saints    Maybe

17. Dallas Cowboys       MAYBE

18. Detroit Lions        No

19. Pittsburgh Steelers  Maybe

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Maybe

21. Miami Dolphins       Talking

22. Kansas City Chiefs    No

23. San Diego Chargers    No

24. Philadelphia Eagles   Maybe

25. Tennessee Titans      ?

26. Buffalo Bills         NO

27. Carolina Panthers     No

28. Cleveland Browns      NO

29. Arizona Cardinals     No

30. New York Jets         NO

31. Jacksonville Jaguars  NO

32. Oakland Raiders       NO
?=7  Maybe=7  No=13  Talking=4  Yes=1

Pats to Sign T2

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23 Responses to “The NFL Tim Tebow Report 6/10/13 Buzzy says I posted this this morning was going to update when the news broke But Tisa beat me to it )”

  1. Thrawn says:

    Pittsburgh: Might be a bit better than a maybe. Apparently he has some believers on the team.

    San Fran: Can be downgraded to a NO.

    Seattle: Might be slightly inching toward a maybe since they cut a QB and haven’t replaced him yet. Pete Carol is quoted as saying he was a distraction for the Jets,

    Chicago: Downngrade to “No.” Tebow has been available for a month and they just gave JaMarcus Russell a workout without giving Tebow a look. Doesn’t get more clear than THAT where they stand on Tebow.

    …and before anyone gets excited about a deal with the Patriots, Belichik did come out and say he didn’t “hate” Tebow, a lot of people are taking that as some sort of a sign that he’s looking to sin him now. Getting way ahead of yourselves on that one if you are in that camp. All he did was refute the idea that he hated a guy. but if he really liked what Tebow brings, he could prove it by singing him.

    • The Mascot Army says:

      Cutler is a diva, so no way there. I think the pats like Tebow, but they wouldn’t grab him unless they traded mallet. Pete Carroll would be smart to have a similar guy backing up his small fry starter. I think the Steelers are the best bet. Pouncey and the coach like him, he extends plays similar to big Ben, they have no backup, they typically need a backup a few games per year, and they saw Tim’s potential first-hand, in context. I can’t wait to buy a Steelers jersey.

      • jason says:

        Only issue with the steelers is that tomlin doesn’t believe in nor will do tim’s style of football. If tim has changed and can handle their offense the he could be a great fit with the steelers but tomlin won’t run an offense to fit tim. Tim will have to get their offense down. Tomlin is on record for seeing offense other than normal pro set as a trend.

  2. bubbaelvis says:

    Patience is the word. It may be later then we all hope. Once some of the Quarterbacks start to falter I think he’ll get a look. The problem right now is he was released pretty late in the process and everyone has their guys for now. They will soon start to weed out and give him an opening maybe with a team that is presently listed as a no.

    Just a side thought. I would like to put a bug in the ear of Coach Kelly in Philly. Why put up with a Michael Vick who only thinks of himself and will constantly complain and blame others. Dump him sign Tebow and win. He would run the crap out of that offense.

  3. bigfan says:

    Jets waiting for the draft results before releasing Tim and the number of QBs pick up after it was over didn’t help matters. My diabolical side thinks the Jets had hoped for this scenario so they would limit Tim’s probability in competing against them again!!

    • tawk2 says:

      I agree bigfan, it is sad that Tim was done this way by the Jets. Also when Denver let him go it was after everyone pretty much filled their quarterback vacancies as well.

      • tawk2 says:

        I meant when Denver finally traded Tim.

      • Thrawn says:

        Blatantly False. It was only a week into free agency when the Broncos traded Tebow only after Manning took his week to decide which team he was on. Tebow was traded the NEXT DAY to one of the two highest bidders. There might have been another team or two who called with offers, but offering nowhere near what J-Ville and NY were offering.

        So the broncos didn’t “wait until all slots were filled” before putting Tebow on the trade table. It was a WEEK into free agency, and we don’t know what the Broncos would have done if they didn’t get Manning. Some say he would have been dealt and replaced with a draftee, and others think they might have kept Tebow. The Jets waited TWO MONTHS until AFTER most of the free agents were shuffled around and the draft happened.

        So don’t lump the Broncos in with what the Jets did just because you may be miffed that they didn’t go all in on Tebow and chose to move on instead. It is simply not true.

        • The Mascot Army says:

          The Broncos treated Tim amazingly compared to the Jets, but I can still root against them.

        • tawk2 says:

          Okay maybe he was traded before free agency, but if Denver knew they were letting him go why did they wait so long? The Broncos could not wait to get rid of Tebow and it showed, sorry that is my opinion. I remember Elway sitting up in his press box very plainly not happy that the team was winning behind Tim. Many times the press caught his reaction, even the press many times said Elway was not happy with Tim.

          But it’s ironic though that even under the great Peyton Manning last year they got as far as Tim did and Tim actually won a playoff game, but under Manning the team did not.

          I will agree though that the Jets treated Tim far worse. It’s a shame that the circumstances Tim has been in have only hurt him in the long run. Even though he won in Denver and a playoff win as well, he does not have an NFL job right now. So many sub par quarterbacks in the NFL right now that I know Tim is so much better than.

          • Thrawn says:

            Tebow and some dude named Adam Weber were the only QBs on the roster at the time they were going after Manning. you don’t cut bait with a QB you already have signed unless you have a plan and it is in effect.

            In a way, that could have been part of the reason the Jets waited too. Reportedly, they were trying to deal Sanchez, and the jury was still out on Garrard, which turned out he couldn’t deal with his injury problems.

            Getting rid of Tebow BEFORE they knew what was up with Manning would have been the equivalent of quitting your job before you had another one lined up. Who knows what that next paycheck is gonna look like and who knows when you are even going to get it? Same principle. Don’t cut the guys you already have signed until you know what is up. Once the Broncos knew, they dealt him the next day.

    • Thrawn says:

      i never understood that mentality… screw Tebow over in fear of facing him again. If they really thought he was a dangerous threat and were scared of what he could do…. wouln’t they have done more with him to begin with?

      • jason says:

        I agree completely. If they thought tim was gonna be great and be able to beat everyone they’d have kept him and started him. He got screwed by the jets just like every jets player has been screwed over by a bad franchise that just doesn’t get things right.
        Plus as much as I know people don’t agree but if any team really thought he was their answer at QB they’d have traded for him when trading started in the offseason. Jets would’ve taken a 5th round pick for him which is a complete steal for a franchise QB. I hate to see what it is but he’d have been traded for or picked up if anyone thought he was what they need.

        • Bubbaelvis says:

          You are right. The jury is still out on Tim. I have always felt that people under estimate his intangibles and under estimate the value these intangibles bring to a team. I’ve seen QB’s with perfect mechanics who can’t win and I’ve seen QB’s with awful mechanics but with the it factor win to everyone’s surprise. If Tim has indeed fixed his mechanics, the sky is the limit for him. It will just take one team to give him a shot.

  4. bubbaelvis says:

    I don’t think there was anything sinister with either team(Broncos,Jets). It was just business. I think the Broncos actually tried to do right by him and really think a lot of him. The Jets didn’t have any reason to be in a big hurry and were probably waiting to see what they got in the draft. I just wish they had waited to see him throw. Then again I am glad he is not a Jet anymore since they seem to be dysfunctional still.

  5. tisa says:

    Buzzy Says You beat me to the scoop

    • jason says:

      This is what I’ve wanted for a while now and what I’ve seen in my mind as tim’s best shot long term. This could work well. Nopefully with a year or so he’ll be able to move up to mallet’s spot. But also mallet could be traded at some point to get his shot at a starting job. I hope that happens for mallet cause everything I’ve seen and heard with him is that he’s really done well. Tim would then get the shot to take over when brady retires.
      This is what I wanted to happen but didn’t think it would happen since belichick didn’t pick him up a few days after the draft.

  6. Thrawn says:


    Looks like he’s going to the Patriots. Just heard it on the radio, looking for it on the net.

  7. jason says:

    Signed with patriots. After it being so long I didn’t think it would happen but its where I’ve thought was the best place for him long term to learn behind brady. Glad he got a job now.

  8. The Mascot Army says:

    Perfect place! Competent management, no chance of an inept qb ahead of him on the depth chart. I love this for so many reasons. I just hope they trade mallet fir something good one a team in the regular season needs one. This is pretty funny because the resumes of talking heads proclaiming he had no value pale in comparison to belichick’s.

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