Tebow missing from Jags’ fancy new scoreboard

By :George Diaz

As if disgruntled fans and snotty media types didn’t have enough material, the Jacksonville Jaguars will soon have the largest scoreboard in the NFL.

The project will include removing 7,000 seats to “enhance the fan experience.”

I presume it’s better than putting a big tarp over all those empty seats.

And we would be remiss if we didn’t speculate what “highlights” are going to go up on the Big Board?

Let’s go to the scoreboard, shall we? The Jaguars finished 2-14 last season, the worst record in franchise history. It also marked the third time in the last five seasons that the Jaguars finished last in the AFC South.  And their 1–7 record at home also set a franchise low.

Give the Jags some credit for trying to get more bodies in the building, if you will.

But a better plan would be to invest in better players.

The most puzzling off-season non-move for the Jags remains their snotty rejection of  Tim Tebow.

I am not on the Tebow Bandwagon. He remains a work in progress and a project as a quarterback.

But if there was a franchise that needed some of the other mojo that Tebow brings _ including a faithful fan base that thinks he can do no wrong _ would have been a perfect fit.

Not to mention the hometown hero making a return to Florida.

Instead, Tebow is with the New England Patriots, one of the most successful and storied franchises in the NFL. Maybe he should consider himself lucky the Jags ignored him.

The Jags now have a new GM, a new coach, new uniforms and will have the largest scoreboard in the NFL in 2014.

“We needed a rebuild from the ground up,” owner Shad Khan said recently.

 Tebow would have been the perfect start.

A new scoreboard may enhance the fan experience, but nothing makes fans happier than winning football games.

Another 2-14 season won’t cut it.


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11 Responses to “Tebow missing from Jags’ fancy new scoreboard”

  1. Sage says:

    It will be fascinating to watch Dave Caldwell. He seems like someone who loves to smell his own armpits. We’ll soon see how significant he was in the success of Indy and Atlanta. My guess is: not very.

    One reason I’m very glad Tim was picked up by the Pats (and why I hope he makes the team) is so that I don’t have to boycott and can watch suspected looming crises like the Jaguars.

    • ck says:

      Sage: You do have a way with words…”someone who loves to smell his own armpits” and made me laugh…A LOT!!! Gotta love the Sage!

  2. The Mascot Army says:

    “their snotty rejection” is a perfect phrase for what they did. This season will be fun even though Tebow won’t play much at all because I will enjoy every jets and jags loss (and I expect many); I have forgiven the Broncos. They were just shortsighted, ultra conventional, and landed a HOFer… although I don’t want them winning any superbowls during reviews lifetime.

  3. Bigfan says:

    The Lord works in mysterious ways.

    • tawk2 says:

      Yes the Lord does, amen.

      The Jags will be able to watch the replays of their team being stomped by other teams on their new giant scoreboard, lol. The Jags have really become a big joke to the NFL just like the Jets!

      • ck says:

        Bigfan and tawk2: You are on to something…and have to laugh at how true it is b/c we all know that God’s ways are not our ways and his justice knows where you live so be careful what you wish for as you just might get it…”replays of their team being stomped by other teams on their new giant scoreboard!” (wished I would have thought of that one, ha, ha!)

  4. Brandi says:

    Has anyone come up with any sound rationale for the way the Jaguars have handled Tim Tebow and his Fans that doesn’t involve plans for Relocation?

    Ego and other things could easily be at play. But I can’t find any way of looking at this as having been anything other than a colossal foul-up…UNLESS, the real plan is to move the Franchise.

    Buzzy Says: that is my thought since Caldwell came to town there is a rumor here that Khan is going to buy the defunk shipyard in Jax But i think that is BS.

    • ck says:

      Brandi: “Colossal foul-up!” You nailed that one as that is all the Jags seem to be about and sooooooo glad T2 is not on that team now!!

    • Lynn says:

      It’s my understanding that NFL regs and Jaguar circumstances (i.e. stadium lease and attendance) will not allow the Jags to relocate any time soon.

      • Brandi says:

        That’s what the Dangerfields would like people to think. The reality is that the only thing that separates the Jaguars from being in another city is Shad Khan’s writing a check. How big a check is impacted by such things as Revenues.

        Currently, the Jags have the lowest revenues in the NFL and everything they’ve done with how they’re marketing and selling tickets almost guarantees they’ll continue to be so. All most Fans see is how many…Attendance. But those are the least important numbers. It’s how much…How much revenue do the Jaguars bring in. So long as they remain among the lowest in the League in revenues, the cost of leaving is reduces…as are the hurdles.

        But there’s nothing in the Stadium Lease that prevents the Jaguars from leaving. All it does is spell out how much it costs them to do so.

        As for the NFL, unless the majority of NFL Owners sees an extra-ordinary value in having a Jacksonville Franchise, there’s nothing within the League Charter or By-Laws that stands in the way. If the other Owners go along with it, the NFL will present no hurdles.

        Right now, it looks like all it will take to move the Franchise is Shad Khan’s being willing to write a check for about $125 Million…roughly a quarter of the instant Franchise Valuation increase he’ll get by moving to LA and possibly London. It simply comes down to what he wants to do.

  5. shaztah says:

    Well at least the new scoreboard will get rid of some of the tarps. The NFL is already wanting the team to play 2 games in London maybe they are priming the fans to the idea of moving there.

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