Off (season) topic: Tim Tebow or JaMarcus Russell?( Read the comments)

JaMarcus Russell is at least getting chances to work out for NFL teams this offseason, while Tim Tebow’s football future is very much in doubt.


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23 Responses to “Off (season) topic: Tim Tebow or JaMarcus Russell?( Read the comments)”

  1. The Mascot Army says:

    Guy questions tebow’s effort. moron.
    It amazes me less every day when Tebow haters show they dont know half as much as they think they know.
    A plague of ignorance.

    • Larry says:

      “A plague of ignorance.”


    • tawk2 says:

      Amen to “A plague of ignorance”! Wow to attack Tim’s work ethic and character, all I can say is wow. Just goes to show either author of this story did not do their homework on Tebow or chose to make up lies instead!

      As far as Jamarcus Russell or Tim Tebow, Tebow wins hands down! So tired of the media’s hacks at Tebow any chance they can get. It makes me sick!

      I keep praying that Tim will get a chance in the NFL as a starting quarterback at some point and will shut up all the naysayers and haters, but maybe they will never quit attacking Tim.

  2. Thrawn says:

    So.. why do you think teams are giving Russell a look and not Tebow? Is the media attention THAT bad? What is is that makes teams think Russell can bring more than Tebow?

    • The Mascot Army says:

      Nobody is going to hound the coach to start jamarcus. they dont like their decisions under the spotlight, that’s it. risk avoidance.

      • Sage says:

        We learned during the Napster litigation that executives prefer certainty of control over potential gains in quantity of dollars. It’s looking very much the same in pro football. Tebow is a disequilibrium and coaches know they can’t control it, except through rex-like measures.

        • Larry says:

          This past week, I heard a quote about the tv network executives who decide which shows to sign that I think also applies to many other high-profile businesses, including the NFL: “They’re not playing to win. They’re not even playing not to lose. They’re just playing not to look stupid.”. That’s exactly it. They go for the guy w/a lousy record, like Kyle Orton, who’s proven he’s terrible in the clutch, because his throwing motion, arm strength, footwork, etc look better than Tim. Then they can say, “He has everything, it just wasn’t the right fit for him, I guess”. And all the other similar types in the NFL, & those who cover the NFL (remember how strenuously many NFL analysts argued that the Broncos stood a much worse chance of winning w/Tebow than they did w/Orton?) can nod like bobbleheads & agree. Until their jobs are at risk, & sometimes not even then, they’re looking for guys who look good losing more than they’re looking for guys who don’t look good, but who might actually win. And the amount of attention Tebow’s popularity brings to these gutless wonders makes it even worse. That’s why I do think the personalities of the HCs, GMs, & owners makes a big difference in figuring out who might be willing to take a chance on Tim. It will take someone with a true gambler mindset, or someone who’s simply desperate, or a combo of both.

          • Sage says:

            I sure do remember how strenuously they were saying that.

            Hey, do you remember Dan Reeves? Although I was a Broncos fan while Red Miller was there, I really came to follow closely while Dan Reeves was HC.

            Although I can’t point to anything very specific, he struck me as a very *resourceful* coach. He may not have been brilliant at this or that, but he was going to put out whatever players were going to give him the best effort. That’s how it seemed to me, anyway. And the man had courage to be different. Again, I don’t have specifics, but he was genuinely competitive and he was looking for any edge he could find.

            It’s probably a reason why Mike Vick started off successfully with Reeves. I admire Reeves and I wish the Broncos still had class like when he was there. Again, Reeves wasn’t perfect, but he was a better man, IMO, than the people at Dove Valley today.

          • Sage says:

            Come to think of it, what I admired perhaps most about Reeves was that he himself respected the players who gave everything they had. Whether it was Sammy Winder or Greg Kragen, you knew he recognized their valiance and appreciated it.

            What grew to annoy me about Shanahan in the later years was his seeming lack of humanity towards players. He treated punters like garbage and he has actively humiliated a number of fringe players. That’s sad, because Shanahan seemed very classy in his heyday with the Broncos. I still like him, but I worry that holding power for so many years has caused him to lose touch with his sense of grace.

            As for a sense of grace, Elway has never shown anything but a modicum of that. People acted like the Halloween candy story was a low blow, but it was telling. He’s somewhat astute, but he lacks a generous spirit. I do think he can learn that in life, but seems to be a slow process.

          • The Mascot Army says:

            What’s the halloween candy story?

          • Larry says:

            I think Sage is referencing what’s in this old SI story:


            Just do a search for the word “candy” in the article.

          • Larry says:

            Although I do remember Dan Reeves, I didn’t follow the NFL until Tebow went there. IIRC Woody Paige did an interview w/Reeves back in 2011 in which Reeves sounded pro-Tebow or at least not anti-Tebow.

            I didn’t know that about Shanahan. That’s disappointing. But if Shanny can be difficult, the reports about him & RG3 not getting along so well lately make more sense. He worked-out Tim before the 2010 draft & when he was asked about him, he got this grin & twinkle in the eyes, as though he really genuinely liked Tim. I was also impressed that Shanny & his son were willing to actually learn a new type of offense-specifically Urban Meyer’s old Gator offense-so they could get the most out of RG3’s talents. I’d hoped that showed some humility on the part of Shanny. Guess not.

          • Thrawn says:

            I don’t think they went with Orton over Tebow simply because the arm motion looked funny on Tebow. I doubt they’d even care if Tebow’s passes were hitting the mark. People will spin it and say the low pass completion percentage is either “not his fault” or no big deal since he can run and make up for some of it.

            Obviously the decision makers would beg to differ. His completion percentage is what it is. His wacky throwing motion is getting the blame for it. Apparently teams hold more value in that stat than you guys do. Throw out the “he just wins games” cliches, this is the kind of thing decision makers are lfet with.

          • The Mascot Army says:

            Cold hard football facts. And his completion% wasnt under 50 last year. It is what it is as you write.

          • The Mascot Army says:

            Which “decision makers” are you talking about? All the respectable ones have good QBs already. And another thing you miss about the decision makers is their relationships with the current starting QB; if they have a decent relationship with those borderline starters and want to legitimately give them a fair shot, they wouldnt dream about bringing in Tebow. It might be more about giving those guys a fair shake rather than thinking Tebow cant cut it. Cleveland for example, their not bringing in Tebow is probably more about giving weeden a longer look than their not liking Tebow.
            Another thing you miss is that Tebow has yet to have been on a team where he shouldnt have ultimately started. it is what it is.

          • Sage says:

            Excellent points, MA.

          • Larry says:

            Thrawn, you still don’t get it. We believe in Tim’s ability to succeed in the NFL & you don’t. If about 90% of the professional NFL analysts, sportswriters, & sports talk show hosts hasn’t changed our minds, you’re not going to, either. And if you’re actually defending the guys who went w/Orton over Tebow AFTER it’s been proven the team could do better w/Tebow than Orton, we’re clearly not going to be changing yours. So enough already.

          • Thrawn says:


            You REALLY don’t think if a team thought Tebow had a lot to offer them that they wouldn’t find room for him SOMEWHERE? Someone would have CREATED a spot.

            Guys that simply pull wins out of their rear don’t grow on trees. There is something else that is giving JaMarcus Russell more appeal than Tebow. Neither man is perceived as being great, but JaMArcus doesn’t come with that circus either and therefore won’t bring about a QB controversy every time the incumbent makes a mistake. THAT was the point I was hinting at to begin with.

  3. Sage says:

    Shanny and the Redskins could make superb use of Tebow. Shanny is definitely smart enough to recognize what Tebow can do.

    Yet he may rate RG3 a little higher, which I can understand, even if I don’t agree with it. I definitely understand how it could upset RG3’s Zen if Tebow were his backup. Almost anybody would go nuts.

    MA, all I remember about the Elway Halloween thing is that the local press reported his Halloweeen candy giveaway was pretty lame back around 1985. This was when Elway’s million dollar salary was the envy of the world. Then, everyone used the incident as a chance to condemn the intense media scrutiny. If Elway hadn’t generally showed himself a callow soul in the decades to follow, I’d have forgotten the candy, but . . .

    • The Mascot Army says:

      Funny. When I lived in Houston, I would take the kids trick or treating, and one of the houses we would visit every year was Craig Biggio’s. He answers the door himself and gives out whole candy bars (e.g. butterfinger). Good guy.

  4. The Mascot Army says:

    Larry and Sage, thanks for the candy story info.

  5. Sage says:

    Okay, I looked at the SI, link. Thanks, Larry. Notice how Elway talks about the rest of his teammates like they were a broken machine. How he used to dread being behind his line.

    Those guys gave blood for him. Blood and bones. No wonder Elway is incapable of appreciating Tebow’s gutsy style of play, and the way he helps to lift his teammates.

    It’s ironic because Elway actually did some of that himself. He seems to misunderstand the nature of his contributions. Boomer Essiason was a better passer, in all likelihood, but he couldn’t inspire his team as well as Elway (or Tebow).

    And Reeves took the Falcons to the Super Bowl. He nearly took the Giants. It’s simply wrong to say that the Broncos wouldn’t have made any SBs without Elway. Dan Reeves was a great coach, worthy of the Hall of Fame.

    • Larry says:

      “Yet he may rate RG3 a little higher, which I can understand, even if I don’t agree with it. I definitely understand how it could upset RG3′s Zen if Tebow were his backup. Almost anybody would go nuts.”

      I agree. Plus they already have a good backup. I have the Redskins on my “only if their starter has a season-ending or career-ending injury or incident” list.

      I didn’t even read the SI article. I just googled “Halloween candy” & came up w/that.-LOL

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