New England Patriots: Tim Tebow Could Make the 53-Man Roster

by Celia Westbrook

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16 Responses to “New England Patriots: Tim Tebow Could Make the 53-Man Roster”

  1. shaztah says:

    I am pretty sure that the Patriot’s and BB would not name Tim one of the “star players” of the 2013 season if he wasn’t going to be on the roster.

    • Lynn says:

      I think Tim will make the team, but that “star player” thing is about limiting the press and not about Tim being a star. I hope nobody makes a big to-do objecting because logic would say “star” and “third string” and incompatible adjectives.

      Tim’s picture is on the IMG website:

      • shaztah says:

        I know what the star means but all I am saying is why would they bother to do it if he is not going to be there.

        • Lynn says:

          I agree with you that Belichick and Co. expect Tim to make the team and I think they will give Tim a fair shot, but I don’t think it’s a done deal. He does have to earn his way… and I’m confident that he will.

          • lalalala says:

            This is a tryout guys. I think he’ll make it, but he’s not getting any favoritism and it’s not a guarantee. I believe Tim knows this, which is why he hasn’t even added Patriots to his facebook page in the employment section. When he was signed by Jets, that page was updated within days(he was excited!). I also notice that Tim, Peter, Robby, Tebow Foundation has not said a word on Twitter and elsewhere about the Patriots signing. This is a stark contrast to the Jets signing when everybody was so excited and had something to say. This time, complete silence from all the camps. I think they’re staying mum until Tim makes the roster.

  2. shaztah says:

    I still think BB went to see Tim workout and was impressed and this deal has been in the works for a long time.

    • jason says:

      Unless it was over money then its very unlikely it had been in the works for a long time. It would be no reason to wait that long after he was cut by the jets. You wanna get a player as soon as you can so they can start learning. You don’t get a playbook under any condition if you aren’t on the team.
      Maybe the offer was made back then but tim wanted to wait to see if someone else wanted him. That’s possiblebut its very unlikely belichick would’ve waited to bring a player and that player wants to go there.
      I think there maybe something to the thought that meyers helped this happen. Plus teddy bruski has an inside track to what goes on and afterword he’d probably have said this was a long time in the making deal and he says it happened on the fly. Plus he’s extremely loyal to belichick and belichick is toward him.
      Important thing is that he now has another chance.

      • Brandi says:

        About the time Tim was released, Officials from the CFL talked to his “Representatives”. They went away saying he was weighing “several options in the NFL” and were convinced he would end up with the Patriots. The A-11 folks were working for weeks with Tim’s closest advisers and made an offer that, from what I was told, was financially significantly better than the deal he ended up signing with the Patriots.

        For awhile it has appeared that the ultimate decision was going to come down to where Tim felt most comfortable going. Were the other “options” for something other than QB? Or simply with Organizations he felt less comfortable with? After the way the Jets “deceived” him, it all could have simply come down to what just felt right to him.

        And perhaps this all did come down to a last second thing in terms of a deal coming together. But I’d guess the discussions with the Pats had been going on for awhile.

        • Lynn says:

          Oh, so Tim Tebow turned down the A-11… and why am I not surprised (smile).

        • The Mascot Army says:

          Good point. Just because espn and writers pretending to have the inside track said there was no interest, doesn’t make it true. he may have had a few nfl options and chose wisely having learned from his past two teams.

          • jason says:

            Teddy has a direct line to belichick. Belichick was I tears when teddy retired.
            Why would tim had ended up with such a very low NFL contract if he had just 1 other team that wanted him?…..use logic. Players with more than one team wanting them ALWAYS get more even if they have almost no talent. Plus he went in knowing it’d be years before he gets to start unless he’s hoping brady gets hurt somehow cause he isn’t gonna beat out brady in brady’s system.
            Everything adds up to this being his only NFL shot. Take emotion out of it and its very easy to see.

          • jason says:

            That’s not meant to read tha tim has no talent cause we all know he does. Its just very basic negotiation that if more than 1 wants you then you get atleast more because if you have only 1 its then sign this or don’t play.

          • Lynn says:

            Jason: Most often, your argument would make sense. But what if Tim really wanted to spend some time behind Brady, Belichick wanted him as an utility player, Tebow wanted to play only QB. I could see them reaching the agreement they have no matter any other offers that were not what Tim wanted just now.

      • lalalala says:

        Both sides probably had discussions earlier on, but I’m guessing that Patriots kept things under wraps and announced it the day before minicamp to catch the media off guard.

        • jason says:

          They would’ve brought him in much earlier so he could get a playbook. Belichick can handle the media and fans pretty easy as he is doing. If you want a free agent and they want you then you bring them in as soon as you can.
          If another team wanted him he’d have gotten a better contract. contract size and details speak volumes.

          The important thing is that he gets a shot not how many NFL teams wanted him. Anyone can see it wasn’t interest other than the patriots based on no signing bonus, league min and so on.
          Players with other NFL options get atleast something beyond that. One team and no one else don’t.

          • Lynn says:

            Jason: I don’t agree; the Patriot’s contract does not mean Tim did not turn down something better financially to do what he perceived to be the best long-term situation for his NFL future.

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