New England a perfect spot for Tebow

By:Alex Marvez

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New England a perfect spot for Tebow Tom Brady would be a superb quarterback mentor for Tim Tebow.
In his perfect NFL world, Tim Tebow would have the chance to compete for a starting quarterback spot in 2013.
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Peter Schrager on the Patriots signing Tim Tebow.

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This isn’t happening.

Thirty teams passed on signing Tebow following his April release from the New York Jets. Those franchises either didn’t think he was good enough to help them or weren’t interested in the media circus that Tebow always brings to town.

But if forced to settle for reality, Tebow couldn’t be entering a better situation than with the New England Patriots.

A head coach who knows how to nip media distractions in the bud? Check.

An offensive coordinator who has a history with Tebow? Check.

An elite starting quarterback from whom he could learn and help better his craft? Ditto.

Whether the Patriots keep Tebow exclusively behind center is really immaterial at this point. Even if he’s a reserve passer who gets snaps at tight end, H-back, fullback or becomes a core special teams player, Tebow has a chance to stay in the league for a fourth NFL season.

That’s better than what Tebow’s prospects were before Monday’s initial ESPN report of his imminent signing in New England.

The fact that a waste like JaMarcus Russell was gathering more offseason interest than Tebow speaks volumes about how dim his NFL future appeared. As chronicled last week by Peter Schrager of FOX Sports, Russell is still perceived to have upside despite the sloth that led to his NFL exodus.
The Tebow criticisms have ranged from his being slow to read NFL defenses to an awkward throwing motion made even worse by perpetual tinkering from coaches and quarterbacking gurus. No personnel executive believed what Tebow could provide would outweigh the negatives.

None except for Bill Belichick, that is.

Belichick’s Xs-and-Os genius is equaled only by his ability to control the media exposure of his players. The Patriots will surely limit the Tebow discussion on their end. Tebow also has learned how to inoculate himself from foot-in-mouth disease by never saying anything controversial in his interaction with football reporters.

The things that Tebow stands for – his Christian faith, humility, physical toughness and a penchant for late-game heroics while with the Denver Broncos – help make him one of the NFL’s most popular and polarizing figures. Tebow, though, will now share something in common with others who weren’t held in the same high regard like Randy Moss, Chad Johnson and Albert Haynesworth. All are players that Belichick took a chance on that were shunned elsewhere because of the baggage they brought.

Moss worked out brilliantly until outstaying his welcome. Johnson and Haynesworth didn’t pan out, but their contracts were modest enough not to cripple New England’s salary cap.

Moss, Johnson and Haynesworth ultimately proved expendable when they couldn’t help the Patriots win games or weren’t worth the headaches being generated. The same will happen with Tebow if Belichick believes the same. Being a nice guy doesn’t earn a roster spot.

But let’s say the signing does work. Ideally, the Patriots would have an experienced backup who could play if Tom Brady were to get injured. New England doesn’t have that now in Ryan Mallett. Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels — who used a first-round draft pick on Tebow in 2010 when running the show in Denver — could potentially utilize both him and Mallett in the absence of Brady. Mallett would serve as the traditional pocket passer while Tebow could contribute in short-yardage and read-option packages.
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As it stands, I don’t see Brady coming off the field on any sort of regular basis if healthy. He never has. This is a guy who still wants to play when the Patriots are way ahead in the fourth quarter. Brady also is one of the league’s best short-yardage options from having perfected the quarterback sneak during his 13 NFL seasons.

This means quarterbacking alone probably won’t be enough for Tebow. The Patriots only carried Brady and Mallett on their 2012 roster.

To stick, Tebow would be best suited finding other ways to contribute.

Maybe it’s being the protector on punts like he was at times with the Jets. Maybe he is athletic enough to learn how to catch passes rather than throw them. Maybe he can become a decent blocker. And maybe – just maybe – all the critics and general managers were wrong and Tebow blossoms into a quarterback who can thrive in the NFL.

From New England’s standpoint, it’s worth a shot.


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12 Responses to “New England a perfect spot for Tebow”

  1. Shaztah says:

    How does anyone really know whether any teams showed interest? Do you really believe that all this just happened within the last 24 hours NO! Come on gimme a break. The deal was done totally on the down low and who is to say that several other teams didn’t try the same thing? It will all come out in the end.

    • jason says:

      Maybe but plenty of deals do happen very fast in the league. Some have happened in a few hours so its not far fetched to say this happened in a day.
      Also if other teams wanted him I can’t see him not going with a team that would give hi a starting shot before 4+ years at starting QB.
      As much as tim wants to be the starting QB for a team he either had no other option or has understood that he needs to sit and learn the NFL way of doing things at QB. Its very doudtful that he’d go withwaiting so many years when anyone knows that the way kraft and belichick is about brady knows that as long as brady can the job is his and that’s atleast 4 more years so long as he’s healthy and based on how he’s protected its on pace.
      There’s no reason yet to say tim had another option to be in the NFL. I wish he had but I can’t find one at all.

      My hope is he makes the team and in years to come he takes over when brady retires. Maybe he learns and shows that he can be a fit for an NFL system and gets a trade to start before that just like i’d like to see mallet get that shot in a trade this year and tim goes to true backup.

  2. tawk2 says:

    I seen on one of the sports channels a little while ago that the Patriots have been interested in Tim so they have probably been talking to him before now. I told my hubby the other day when Belichick came out and told reporters that he did not hate Tebow, that Belichick was probably clearing the air because he was going to take Tim. My hubby said he did not believe that, but I guess in reality I could have been right.

    Like you said when all is said and done what happened behind closed doors may be released.

    I am so excited I need to go to bed but am to excited to sleep, lol. I hope Bill keeps the media at bay during training camps and mini camp.

    I read this article a little while ago you may want to read if you have not already.

  3. David Oliver says:

    I HEAR MUCH – Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth – What is that Sound? WHY?

    THE Tebow Hater “Low-Lifes” are in a Frenzy – Nervously – Regrouping,
    for a major revision of their ANTI-CHRISTIAN TT, Hate Campaign

    They are Checking their New Speak Dictionaries for a new ANTI-TT
    SECRET CODE – Word to Replace “Polarizing” (Too Much Christian)
    For ther future Hate Campaigns.. SHAME -SHAME

    Find a productive Truthful Life!

  4. Ang says:



  5. Bob Segrett says:

    From Tim’s mouth , I want to be a traditional quarterback . That means no special teams , just a plain qb like all others that play the position I am a quarterback .

  6. ck says:

    Well, I just found out from my husband who saw it on “DRUDGE” this morning and I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER FOR TEBOW AND ALL HIS FANS WHO NEVER GAVE UP!!!!
    Thank you Buzzy that we have this site and thank you Tisa for finding out the news first via Twitter!!!! Also, thanks to Tawk2, Sage, The Mascot Army, Shirley, Brandi, Andrea and everyone that contributed positively on TebowZone! Guess the naysayers were ALL WRONG AND GLAD OF IT!!! WE ARE VINDICATED B/C THE PATRIOTS ARE A LEGITIMATE TEAM AND HE IS RE-UNITED W/MCDANIELS WHO MADE THE RIGHT CALL AND WORKS WITH ONE OF THE BEST COACHES IN THE LEAGUE…THEY DON’T CALL BELICHICK A “MASTERMIND” FOR NOTHING!!! NOW WE CAN ALL SAY, “TOLD YOU SO!” WHAT AN ANSWER TO PRAYER!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TEBOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • tawk2 says:

      Happy Tebow Tuesday! I know I am so excited for Tim as well! No we never gave up! Thank you ck too for all your input and encouraging comments along the way. There are so many like you said who have done nothing but encourage and keep us informed, and yes those who tried to bring us down. But we always seem to stay focused and never wavered in our faith that Tebow would be on another NFL team.

      I am praying that the Patriots brought Tim in to groom to eventually replaced Brady when he retires. I know they have Mallet, and he is good, but I really feel Tim will eventually win the back up job.

      Only the future will tell, we all will have to wait and see what happens. I am just so excited that Tim for now has found a home.

      Yes God has answered all our prayers! GO TEBOW/PATRIOTS!

      • ck says:

        tawk2: Guess Mr. Thrawn is back on his own site, ha, ha!!! Funny, how quiet they are when they are PROVEN WRONG!!! And, yes, tawk2, we did believe…GO TEBOW/GBPT2/PATRIOTS!!!

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