Is Tim Tebow Really a ‘Winner’?(Good Read)

By Zach Kruse

For all his flaws and deficiencies as a player, New England Patriots quarterback Tim Tebow has—over a limited sample size—proven to be a considerably better player during the winning moments of games.

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6 Responses to “Is Tim Tebow Really a ‘Winner’?(Good Read)”

  1. Brandi says:

    ESPN had an article about the Tebow Argument…the old Is He or Isn’t He. The arguments are the same old Pros & Cons and it included excerpts from Fans Comments. Also the same Pros & Cons we hear every day.

    That article was in 2007 and basically just inserted Major College for Pro. He only went on a few months later to win the Heisman.

    We can have a million of these articles…if we haven’t already. This can go on for another 15 years. No matter the accomplishments, the arguments aren’t likely to change much. Nor are those making them. It’s never been about Football or Religion with Tim. Since his high school days and the NEA calling him the death of the Public School System and others calling him the end of the separation of Church & State, the partisan political rugby scrum began and it simply isn’t going to end…or change much. Pretty much no matter what does or doesn’t happen on the Football Field. For the simple reason, you’ve got about 13% of the Population that sees him as one kind of symbol and another 13% that sees him as another and that combined 26% is among the most vocal in the country…on everything. Most everyone else is simply tying not to be driven insane from all the noise.

    And Tim seems to have become the symbol of that as well. 🙂

    • Lynn says:

      I’m just curious how you came up with your 13% numbers?

      I recently had a discussion with someone who suggested that the nation was split on Tim 50-50 and I said I thought only a small but vocal minority opposed him, but I had no real support for my statement.

      Later I read (I think) that the Q-score people found 68% of Americans recognized Tim’s name and 25% of those view him negatively… but I cannot find a cite just now, so I can’t be certain I remember correctly.

      That would mean 32% have no opinion because they do not even know him, 51% support him, and 17% oppose him.

    • Lynn says:

      Here is the source of the 68% and 25% of the 68% being negative. I stumbled onto it again without even hunting.

    • tisa says:

      Nice article. I thought Trestmsn didn’t bring in Tebow because he didn’t want to take any chances in his first year as an NFL head coach. But, as the article says, “Why bring in Russell?” I definitely agree Timmy is way better off behind Brady and Mallet than anywhere near Cutler.

      • Sage says:

        Tebow would have mopped the floor with Cutler. Cutler will under-perform again this year. He and Tim are both still looking for playoff win # 2.

        I learned everything I needed to know about Cutler with the Broncos. Three golden opportunities to make the playoffs, and missed by a game each time. How many times do people need to watch the same movie to know how it turns out?

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