Conflicting reports on Tim Tebow’s NFL future

Tim Tebow’s Top NFL moments ( what A Joke)

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3 Responses to “Conflicting reports on Tim Tebow’s NFL future”

  1. Sage says:

    The end is always a possibility. Yet one thing which is certain is that some NFL teams will further disgrace themselves before this season is even half over. That may open a window of opportunity for Tim.

    Group-think is strong, particularly in football, but like any cartel there is usually a defector. Over a span of 12 months from now I believe there will be a good opening for Tim.

    That’s a long time to wait after the waiting we have already done. I’m glad Tim has his faith and I trust he’ll be as strong and ready as ever.

  2. tawk2 says:

    I agree Sage I believe the only one who knows what Tim wants to do is Tim. I have no doubt that he will play in the NFL again as a quarterback I just don’t know when.

    I feel the newest media stories the one’s claiming Tim has given up on the NFL are just a way to keep Tim in the media. I had noticed that it was pretty quiet for a little while now. The media wants to send Tim packing and what better way that to keep in the limelight, even though Tim has not spoken to the press in quite a while.

    The media should be ashamed of themselves for trying to ruin such a promising NFL quarterbacks future!

    We all have to keep believing and keep the faith like Tim. I know it will be hard not watching Tim playing football, but in reality he never really played much on the Jets last year anyways.

    Go TEBOW we believe in you!

    • Sage says:

      I took a couple of semesters of “journalism” at a JC, a long time ago. There’s a desperate need for content and readership. The Tebow name makes it so easy for them.

      This phenomenon made me hope the Denver Post would be a voluble Tebow supporter, but it was not to be. Some of their guys like Woody Paige live in Elway’s back pocket, so they weren’t going to rock the boat.

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