Bill Belichick doesn’t hate Tim Tebow

By Chris Chase

Last month, Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports wrote there was “no chance” Tim Tebow would sign with the New England Patriots because, according to a source, Bill Belichick “hates” Tebow as a player.

Belichick told ESPN Boston it’s not true:

“Every single player has strengths and weaknesses but regardless of that, for anyone to have represented that is the way I feel about Tim Tebow is completely untrue, baseless and irresponsible. It is unfortunate that something so inaccurate was reported.”

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24 Responses to “Bill Belichick doesn’t hate Tim Tebow”

  1. Shaztah says:

    WTG Bill set the record straight. Hope you are at IMG watching Tim and how he has improved…

  2. The Mascot Army says:

    This surprises half of those in the debate.

  3. bigfan says:

    Knew that all along..Silver is just another honyak who has unspecified sources!

    I would love to be at IMG.

    • tawk2 says:

      I agree bigfan! Bill was trying to trade up to get Tebow in the draft but Denver got him first. Bill even took Tim to dinner and all when he came to visit the Patriots before the draft.

      Amazing how some members of the media will lie to get hits on a story. The problem is it probably hurt Tim’s chances on other teams that respect Bill.

      To bad there was not some sort of punishment for making false truths in the media.

      Anyway Go TEBOW we all believe in you!

      • ck says:

        tawk2: Ditto and a big thumb’s up for Belichick…so true that you can’t believe everything you read! Will believe the positive though:D

  4. Larry says:

    I still don’t see Tim landing with the Pats this year, although this will probably get that idea started among Tebow fans again. I also find it a little coincidental that Belichick states this about a month after the report, but mere days after Tim spent time with Bill’s buddy Urban Meyer & Urban’s family.

    Also, FWIW, I recommend avoiding the USA Today report on this. Writer Chris Chase-who’s bashed Tim before IIRC-goes out of his or her way to point out that Belichick never said in the statement that he liked Tebow, only that he didn’t “hate” him.

    • Sage says:

      Bill isn’t one to say more than he needs to, because he knows Silver and his ilk can be pretty slimy. He doesn’t respect them.

      I agree,though, there’s no indication BB wants to build around Tebow, especially while Brady is still in peak form.

      • Larry says:

        I know. It’s very Belichick to just say as little as possible. He’s always like a good poker player-he never lets on what he’s thinking. That’s why I thought it was such a cheap shot by the jerk at USA Today to say that you can infer that Bill at least doesn’t like Tim, even if he says he doesn’t “hate” him. He basically argued that it was a question of semantics, as though he knows what Belichick’s thinking. Some of these reporters have egos that are just unbelievable. And they’re almost always the ones who hate Tim the most.

        • Sage says:

          I had a problem with Silver and Cole when Josh McDaniels was caught up in some scandal, what was it . . . videotaping the 49ers’ London practice or something like that?

          I’m not saying Silver is in charge of anything, but the disrespectful attitude from him and others in the media was contagious and it seemed to cost Josh his job. Not saying Josh was perfect, but he deserved more time, IMO. He’d have got it, too, if he’d started Tebow in game 10. The thing Josh should have realized is that he doesn’t have BB’s cred, or the luxury of being as stubborn as BB.

          • Larry says:

            “The thing Josh should have realized is that he doesn’t have BB’s cred, or the luxury of being as stubborn as BB.”

            Very true. I’ve heard multiple people say that supposedly McD refused to start Tebow & that’s one of the reasons he was fired. That doesn’t really make much sense to me, so I’ve often wondered if it was true.

          • Sage says:

            At first I’d say it seems plausible, Larry, since at that time the building hadn’t gone against Tebow.

            But then again Orton played for a week or two after Josh left. It was driving me crazy having to wait.

            By the way, I just heard that Studesville’s parents were killed in an accident. Very sad thing.

          • ck says:

            Sage: Agree that just like T2 saved all their jobs in Denver, he would have been vindicated if he would have played T2 only he was probably trying to protect him.

          • Larry says:

            Sage: yeah, I saw that about Studesville’s parents, too. And it was a motorcycle accident, of all things. Bizarre & sad.

  5. andrea says:

    Imagine that!!! A sports writer doesn’t know what he’s talking about.Happens around 95% of the time if you ask me.

  6. ck says:

    Going to take Tisa’s advice and start going to my Twitter Acct.
    Note: Don’t worry Buzzy it is not that easy to get rid of one of your loyal fans!

  7. bubbaelvis says:

    I never believed that story. Belichick looks for guys like Tebow that love the game and play with passion. I think the deal with the Patriots is that they already have a decent back-up. If Mallet would have been traded they may have taken a look at Tim as a backup. As far as Tim coming in and playing other roles such as h-back, fullback, etc. it is just a matter of they already have guys that can do that. Just maybe he respects Tebow as a leader and QB and wouldn’t want to play him at any other position.

    • Lynn says:

      No inside information here, but I would be surprised if BB lets TT sit out a season, but I would also be surprised if TT agrees to play a position other than QB. The Mallett Q is interesting; Cleveland really wanted him and likely would still like to have him, so it would be easy enough in that regard to move him. But somewhere I read there was a clause in Mattett’s contract or the player contract that did not allow them to trade him this season, but he will be a free agent next year, so I am not sure the scoop on him… but he wears #15 (smile).

      I could see McDaniels and Tebow replacing Belichick and Brady one day, but I just don’t see Tim waiting on the sidelines that long. But there was also the earlier report that Tim would like to sit behind one of the greats a season and also that he has watched a lot of Brady, so I could see him in NE for 2013. It will be interesting to see.

      I also saw something yesterday that was a new thought, that a non-Bible belt team would keep Tebowmania in check. I had been thinking he would be more accepted in the Bible belt, like AZ, but this particular writer was saying there are only two Christians in Seattle and thus there would not be so much excitement and things would be more manageable if he went to the Seahawks. Interesting train of thought.

      • tisa says:

        If that were true, he would have thrived in NJ, no Bible Belt there. As far as AZ goes, I don’t think there is a person left in Arizona that did not find Tebow and get a picture taken with him during his training there this Spring, if Twitter and Instagram are any indication. He is immensely popular there and the public is not supportive of the QBs they have. I actually think NE is the place where Tebow is least likely to cause a stir. They are happy with their QB so there would be zero chance of a controversy. Also, I think BB is not going to allow the media to camp at Foxboro. The Jets invited them in and cause the circus. That might support the Bible Belt theory but I think it works for other reasons.

  8. Larry says:

    These Steelers guys get it. Too bad Tim can’t end up on that team:

    “It’s fairly obvious why Tebow hasn’t gotten another shot. Foote laughed when he spoke to it, but his words rang true: ‘You guys are the reason he’s not in the league. It’s your fault.’”

    • Sage says:

      Great link and great quote.

      • Sage says:

        Still a great link, but some absurd statements by the “writer,” such as “No reasonable person would peg Tebow a starter.”

        How does someone like that graduate college? I assume he went to college since he’s a “journalist.” But he’s not much of a critical thinker. I do like how he pressed players for more than cliches.

        • Larry says:

          Since this was a generally pro-Tebow article, I give him a pass on that & on his saying he’s not convinced that Tebow should be a QB. He might mean it, or he might just be playing the “don’t look stupid” game I referenced in a comment on another thread.

    • Shaztah says:

      Good article, thanks. It just goes to show what the players think. A lot of them feel as his fans do, that he deserves a chance.

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