Will Tim Tebow, with his NFL future in doubt, be able to deliver his message of hope to himself?

For the first time, Tebow’s a man without suitors, maybe even without a position and a career. He’s no longer a walking fairytale; he’s half ESPN headline, half punchline, a QB who’s all heart, no arm.

By Ebenezer Samuel / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

Tim Tebow has fallen. Now, he gets to learn to get up.

Welcome to the best part of the Tim Tebow story, the part where the master of motivational locker room speeches finds a way to speak to himself on matters of real life. For the first time in a heretofore charmed life, Tebow is down and out, with nary a football future after being released by the QB-needy Jets, of all teams.

Tim Tebow sports his faith on his eye black as a QB at the University of Florida. Tebow Time seems at its very end. But just as he’s gotten up after sacks and losses on the football field and spurred his teams to greater success, the devoutly Christian quarterback can get up again, perhaps driving himself to an even larger purpose. And this time, Tebow can do more than speak that always positive message of the gospel; the quarterback who writes Bible verses into his eye-black can finally embody it.

They say actions speak louder than words, and now, Tebow gets to act. For several years now, we’ve seen a relentlessly positive Tebow spouting a message of faith. He’s praised God in locker rooms and visited churches and prisons alike, continually promising a life renewed through Jesus Christ.

Tim Tebow sparks the Tebowing craze while leading the Denver Broncos to the playoffs. PHOTOS: TEBOW REWIND: A LOOK AT TIM’S TIME WITH JETS

But the Gospel according to Tim had one weakness: The man who uttered it had taken the yellow-bricked highway to NFL stardom. Through hard work and grit, he’d succeeded at nearly everything, winning a Florida state football title at Nease High, becoming the first sophomore to win the Heisman at Florida, and upsetting the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs in his second year in the NFL.

Tim Tebow uses his success of the field to help spread his message beyond the athletic field. He did it without ever compromising his own moral beliefs. And whenever obstacles arose, he had the perfect response, whether it was a rousing speech on the road to a Florida BCS championship, or a few Bible verses to his Bronco teammates the day before a pivotal game in Denver.

Yet the Tebow narrative remained incomplete, one question left unanswered. Yes, he dropped to a knee to thank God after touchdowns, but what if the scoring stopped? If Tebow’s world fell apart, could he still remain endlessly positive? When all seemed hopeless, could he deliver his message of hope to himself?

 Tim Tebow’s career goes south after the Broncos trade the QB to the Jets. In the Bible, God once tested a man named Job, to answer a similar question. According to the Book of Job, he’s a prosperous man, and, much like Tebow, he praises God. But when God shows Job to Satan, the devil questions the man, essentially pointing out that it’s easy to be upbeat when everything is going well. So God gives Satan permission to destroy Job’s life, testing the man’s faith.
Job refuses to blame God, eventually passing his test. And now, it may be Tebow’s turn. In the coming weeks and months, perhaps even years, he’ll show the true mettle of his character and faith. For the first time, he’s a man without suitors, maybe even without a position and a career. He’s no longer a walking fairytale; he’s half ESPN headline, half punchline, a QB who’s all heart, no arm.

This is the weakest we’ve ever seen Tebow, after the most miserable season of his football career, but for a quarterback who’s long been defined by his faith, it’s more opportunity than punishment. Now, he gets to live all the words he’s spoken to teammates and inmates, to friends and enemies. He gets to discover the running subtext of the Bible and Christianity, the fact that, from Daniel surviving in the lion’s den to David felling Goliath to Jesus rising from the dead, God routinely snatches victory from certain defeat.

We don’t know where Tebow goes from here, whether he heads to the Arena League or gives tight end a try, or gives up football entirely, perhaps embracing the ministry or missionary work.

All we see is a situation that Tebow Time is running out. But for a man whose faith has long seemed unshakable, that may be more beginning than end.



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2 Responses to “Will Tim Tebow, with his NFL future in doubt, be able to deliver his message of hope to himself?”

  1. Bob Segrett says:

    People can talk about no arm Timmy. But, I beg to differ Tim has a strong arm and has improved his accuracy. Which, he was very accurate in college carrer. How can anybody be persercuted every day like Tim is ? and be on their game. Tim isn’t anything other than a quarterback and if i were Tim i wouldn’t change positions for anything.

    • tawk2 says:

      I agree Bob, Tim is a quarterback and a great one at that. It’s so mean that Tim gets persecuted for his 47% completion avg while at Denver but Sanchez this year completion avg was around 40% I believe and many other quarterbacks around 50% and did not win the games or a playoff game like Tim did in Denver. But you don’t hear the sports media or other coaches, gm’s not wanting them or saying they cannot play quarterback!!! Mark Sanchez has had 5 years to develop and yes with no pressure, Rex has never had anyone that he would start before Mark. So Mark never had to compete for his job!

      Tim has never had a training camp dedicated to him or a lot of first team reps. Denver threw Tim into the fire hoping he would fail and they could move on, but as we know Tim proved them all wrong.

      I too know he has a strong arm and has improved his accuracy. The first year in Denver when he played in those last 3 games Tim passed for over 600 yards and rushed for I believe over 550 yds, and one of those games he only played some of the game.

      Plus John Fox handicapped Tim each game not letting him pass till third and long many times, no quarterback could succeed in that type of offense! A quarterback needs to get in rhythm. But again when the reason Tim played so well in the fourth quarter was because John let Tim be Tim. There were other games where Tim was able to play like himself at the beginning and he did really great passing and rushing.

      So tired of the sports media and fellow coaches/gm’s bashing Tim, I don’t know how he does not go off on all of them. He is a bigger person than I.

      Then players on the Jets offense coming out and saying they wanted Tim to get a chance to start, saying they could see something special in Tim. But the Jets new GM did not want Tim raining on his new draft pick Geno Smith so he cut Tim.

      I keep praying that one of these coaches/gm’s will finally have the courage to take a chance on Tim, as we all know they will not be sorry.

      I am a proud fan of Tim Tebow and will support him no matter what happens, but I feel only great things are in Tim’s future.

      Go TEBOW!!!!!!

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