What Is Best Fit For Tebow?

Brian Dawkins believes that the best destination for Tim Tebow is a team with a veteran quarterback

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24 Responses to “What Is Best Fit For Tebow?”

  1. Bob Segrett says:

    The best thing for Tim Tebow is to get him on a team as a starter as soon as possible . That’s what gets tim going dead on competition .

    • Lynn says:

      Don’t forget Tim’s Freshman year in college. He didn’t just walk into his position as Urban Meyer’s starting QB. Tim knows what it is to earn his way and I have heard him say he just wants an opportunity to compete (as opposed to something handed to him).

  2. Sage says:

    Bless Dawk because he means well, but Tebow doesn’t need side-line coaching. He needs game reps. Nothing more.

    Haven’t we seen enough Combine Wonders to know that classic technique isn’t more than 10 percent of NFL QB success? Fab footwork doesn’t score you come-from-behind points in the 4th quarter. The QB’s mental strength does that.

    • Brandi says:

      Spidey–How come you never mention Foxy told Tim to air the Ball into the stands or “Beach” it into the ground if there was any doubt. How come you don’t mention that Foxy’s Game Management got even more ultra conservative every time a receiver had a ball bounce off his hands…unless it was “Game Time” & there was no choice but Go for the Win. How come you don’t mention that Broncos went from 30th in Turnovers & Time-of-Possession to 8th & 15 respectively?

      Foxy & Elway were faced with the possibility of a Season even worse than the previous one which had most losses in Broncos History. BigJohn said it when Tim was 1st given the chance. They had to find ways to Win Games…ANY Games. It wasn’t happening. And Win them any way it took. That’s what happened. Don’t try to re-write it.

      • tawk2 says:

        Amen Brandi, Fox did everything but tie Tim’s hands behind his back until third and long most of the game and then when the game was almost over he unleashed Tim and we all know what happened then.

        Spider will always find a way to bash Tim that is just what he does. He tries to rain on any good comments made about Tim. I personally am getting tired of it.

      • Thrawn says:

        I doubt Fox told him to do that more than 50% of the time.

        I’d seen an explanation to one of Tebow’s problems is that he’s more of a “sight thrower” than he is an “anticipation thrower.” Very rarely did you see him lead a receiver with a pass. He’d throw it where a receiver was rather than where he was expecting him to go, which is why a seeming disproportionate number of passes seemed to go BEHIND receivers. They’d have to break stride, twist to catch the ball behind them, or stoop to grab a ball thrown at their shoelaces. Very limiting in shorter passes.

        Longer passes, he’d just have to hurl the ball ever everyone’s head and usually the receivers would adjust. people rave about how great he was on the long ball, but those were still pretty low percentage as it is for just about any QB. For every one or two of those that connected and impressed people, there were another 4 or 5 that were severely overthrown.

        • tawk2 says:

          Tim is very accurate with a long pass, so tired of others saying he is not. Even when in high school and college he could throw the ball to a receiver in the end zone from the 50 yard line sometimes even further away! So you can say he can’t do somethings but passing a ball for long yards is not one of them.

        • jason says:

          Yep. In high school and college you throw to open wide outs, in the NFL you many times have to throw a wide out open.

        • Thrawn says:

          Like I said, tawk2. For every long bomb that has everyone in celebration of his skills, there are many that didn’t even land in the right zip code. It is a low percentage thing, but appears to be his only real asset throwing the ball. He also led the league in percentage of pass plays that went for negative yards. So most of his passes were either very long, or very short. Most of the mid-range (5-12 yards) stuff he really struggled on. That will last a nano-second in the NFL since that is where most of the game is played. Of course, every GM considering bringing Tebow to their team already seem to understand this.

          …and, enough about his college career. That got him into the NFL and got him a few looks on a couple of teams, but he has 16 games of NFL footage to look at now. But they aren’t just looking at the last 5 minutes of games against soft prevents. If games were 5 minutes long, he’d be a first ballot hall of famer.

        • The Mascot Army says:

          Yeah, because after adjusting his mechanics, that denver year was as accurate as he’ll ever be (sarcasm).

  3. Lynn says:

    Have you thought of asking Tim what he wants and what he thinks he needs and is best for his future?

    According to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, Tebow would “like to go where he can sit, learn behind great quarterback and coach. New Orleans would be perfect, for example.”

    I don’t know if Jason Cole is accurately reporting Tim’s own desire or not, but his playing behind “one of the greats,” sounds like a much better idea than going to a different league.



    Peter Kings with Sports Illustrated says about the same thing.


  4. Lynn says:

    I know Steve Young has encouraged Tim to spend some time sitting behind one of the greats. Again, I do not know if that is Tim’s desire or not, but I would dare to guess he wants to do whatever is best for his long-term NFL success. I know also that Steve Young recently spent some time with Tim and his QB coaches in AZ.


  5. tawk2 says:

    Tim has always said that he learns better by being hands on. I guess maybe being dyslexic may have something to do with this. Tim learns different than most of us.

    Tim never does well in practice because he knows the game is not on the line. So to sit him on a bench behind a vet to learn I don’t think will work for him like other young quarterbacks. I really believe Tim needs to start and he will learn on the field. Just my input on this subject.

    • Thrawn says:

      There might be something to the dyslexia thing. Those “hands on” types aren’t really going to do that well watching film and based on theory. Half speed practices and 7 on 7 drill probably won’t do a whole lot either, especially when practices are going down, and he’s red shirted. Pretty much kneecaps his best assetts on the field.

      Trouble is, he needs GAME TIME, to develop if that is really what the problem is. That is problematic for a lot of teams, cuz few have the time or patience to give up game time to develop someone who struggles to develop certain skills outside of Sunday like pretty much everyone else.

      • tawk2 says:

        Yes Tim needs game time, that is when any young quarterback develops not just Tim.

        • Thrawn says:

          Yes, but the others also improve in practice and in the film rooms. Tebow really only has one place he can do that, but few want to stick him out there for any length of time to pick up on things he really should have been picking up during the week or at camp.

          • The Mascot Army says:

            So does Tebow. And in college and in denver, he played a big roll in meeting/coaching rooms.

          • tawk2 says:

            The film room well I have heard both high school, college and NFL coaches all say Tim lives in the film room and also carries films home to watch!

            It does not matter what any of us says about Tim, the ones who think he cannot play will always say he cannot play, even when he has proved them wrong time and time again.

            I remember when he was drafted to Denver and all the naysayers and haters were saying he would not last, then when he got a chance to start they said he could not win a game, then not another game, then he would never get to the playoffs, then after getting into the playoffs they said he would not win a playoff game. Anytime Tim did something to prove them wrong they found something else to say he could not do!

            Oh an by the way yes the Broncos backed into the playoffs, but so did the Super bowl winning Giants!

    • jason says:

      Sadly if that’s the case then he’s pretty much done and isn’t gonna get another chance if he can only iprove in the game cause he’s gonna have to beat out people in practise with pretty much ever coach there is. He’s gonna have to go to another league and start for a while to work things out cause I don’t see a chance for him if he can’t learn beyond game time.
      Plus he’s gotta make himself see that practise is just as important because that’s what’s gonna get him a starting job at QB. I didn’t think about his learning disability. Well that pretty much may mean he’s done now. Or he has to be behind someone and hope for them to fail or get hurt since coaches are just gonna start him though other QBs win the starting job over him through camp and through the type of offense that team runs.

      • The Mascot Army says:

        I dont think dislexia has much to do with watching film. It might have to do with the playbook. and if it takes him twice as long to learn playts, he’ll do it. he has. it isnt like he was screwing up plays all the time duirng college or in denver.

      • Lynn says:

        Tim’s dyslexia only impacts the written word, nothing else. Remember too that he graduated from college with honors, 3.7-3.8 gpa, so it’s not like he does not get the written part also, he just has to work harder at that part.

  6. andrea says:

    I agree with Tawk2.

    • tawk2 says:

      Thanks andrea I just hope a team sees what we see and has the courage and brains to bring Tim in. As we know Tim will not let his team mates or coaches down. Go Tebow!

  7. Lynn says:

    One of my favorite Tebow articles… which speaks to some of our discussion here…


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