Tony Boselli Says Tim Tebow’s ‘Crazed Fans’ Are Hurting His Career (Audio)

By Michael Allen

Former Jacksonville Jaguars player Tony Boselli recently said that Tim Tebow’s “crazed fans” have created a “circus” and are making it a problem for the quarterback to be signed to a new team (audio below).

Tebow has become a sensation among many Christian fans for his outspoken faith and “Tebowing,” in which he thanks God on the field.

“I like Tim and I think he’s a great person, but if I were the Jaguars I would not do it,” Boselli told the ‘Open Mike’ radio show, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

“I wouldn’t do it because of the distraction. I’m not convinced either way on whether Tim could be a franchise quarterback … The problem is people like this lawyer [John Morgan], the media and the crazed fans who are hurting Tebow.”

Boselli, who played offensive tackle for the Jaguars between 1995 and 2001, said that Tebow hasn’t been presented a solid offer yet because he may be seen as causing a “distraction.”

“What team wants to bring a guy who’s a developing player onto their roster when he’s going to be a complete distraction, through no fault of his own, and become a disruption in the locker room? It becomes all about that, whether he is going to play, whether it’s going to work and the rest of the team is saying, ‘We’re trying to win ballgames.’ I feel bad for Tim because I don’t think it’s all his fault. It’s outside circumstances and people who are making it tough on him,” said Boselli.

Source: Orlando Sentinel

(Tebow part begins at 5:30 mark)

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15 Responses to “Tony Boselli Says Tim Tebow’s ‘Crazed Fans’ Are Hurting His Career (Audio)”

  1. Sage says:

    Again, these detractors give themselves too much moral credit. Their argument presupposes that they would have given Tebow a fair shot if not for the fan pressure that allowed him to showcase his talent in 2011.

    They would never have allowed him to showcase his talents without the fan pressure, and the fact they refuse to do so even now exposes them. They are merely prepared to whip Tebow coming and going.

    • jason says:

      they don’t have some sinister plot going on in the NFL. Yeah some may have it out for him but most just base it on what they see with tim’s skill set.
      This is why I don’t like either side of the tebow discussion for the most part cause its really nothing more than skill set as the folks in the NFL see it and how the media will come running if a team picks him up for the side that loves tim and its not all the other crap people that just hate him come up with.
      I feel sorry for him more than anything cause both sides get it wrong about him in the NFL.

      • Sage says:

        Who said there was a sinister plot? I name mindless group think.

        • jason says:

          Plenty of people I’ve seen post things else where. Sorry if I made it seem I mean you. It just annoys me how both sides are about it as tebow is the answer no matter what or tebow has no chance ever. I just don’t see it as close to either side does or even how they view things over the games he played.
          Geuss it just annoys me about the whole issue.

          • Sage says:

            Jason, when Tebow is off the field, what else can his fans argue? I happen to think he would perform exceptionally well over the long term, if permitted to play. But of course that’s only conjecture.

            If the Tebow fans use conjecture to say he’ll win, and detractors use conjecture to say he’ll loose, you too are using conjecture if you say the true answer is somewhere in between. We can only use conjecture because Tim’s not on the field. The only people who have what they want are the Tebow detractors. They’re the ones in charge.

          • jason says:

            No the only ones in charge are the GMs and HCs about what could happen. I’d like to see tim make it but I disagree greatly with what people push against the NFL because they don’t like choices that they make as a whole.
            I get the absolute support and hate that people have but what I don’t get is how people only look at this or that and not the complete picture of things. The blame for everyone but and the credit for no one but.

            I guess its why I refuse to pull for a team or player only and not just enjoy the sport as a whole.

    • Larry says:

      Doug Flutie encountered a smaller degree of this destructive level of fandom-because there was no social media back then-,which he mentioned in that “Faces of Tebow” special. He said his being so popular, especially in the northeast, hurt him with teams. Flutie: “If they didn’t view me as ‘The Guy’ and a franchise quarterback, the popularity, especially in the New England area for me, BECAME A HEADACHE FOR THE TEAM.” That’s exactly what Boselli & others are talking about. And it’s exactly why teams are treating Tim like he’s radioactive. Tim could be, & should be, a backup QB right now, especially w/the teams that are running Option offenses. But no team wants a divided locker room like the Jets had last year. And the level of distracting media & fan attention being paid to a mere backup would cause just that, so they’re not going near Tebow. The Flutie quote is from 1:05-1:17:

      “They would never have allowed him to showcase his talents without the fan pressure”

      Sage, I usually agree with you, but I have to disagree with you here. Remember, Tim was the only QB on the Broncos in 2011 that was signed beyond that year. They’d just drafted him in the 1st round the year before & were having to pay him a 1st-rounder’s salary. They’d also already been planning on making him the starter in the preseason, including trying to trade Orton. It was only when Tim stunk in practices & they couldn’t make the deal for Orton that Orton was made the starter. The Broncos PTB had multiple reasons to want to see if Tebow could be ‘The Guy’ for them, aside from fan pressure. And the fan pressure really only became an issue for them when true Broncos fans joined the smaller chorus of Tebow fans chanting for Tebow. And that only happened because Orton & the team were losing. If fan pressure is what would cause someone to give Tim a shot, Tim would have already been signed & made a starting QB by now, because there’s been online & media outrage for months. The Denver team’s management had multiple reasons to give Tim a shot, only 1 of which was fan pressure. And then only because it was coming increasingly from Broncos fans who wanted to win, instead of just Tebow fans who wanted to see Tim play.

      Tim’s more vocal, attention-seeking fans, & the media coverage their actions often provoke, are destroying Tim’s career, not helping it. Just like Flutie’s fandom did.

  2. Sage says:

    In choosing not to adopt a favorite team, you’re unusual. And that’s great. You get a choice, Bills fans get a choice. Golf fans get a choice. Even Tebow fans.

    Being a sports fan is not a rational thing in the first place, so we’ll be frustrated when we expect others to be rationale about them.

    Gradually I’m learning to let go of my hope that Tebow will play and have a Hall of Fame career. That’s what Elway wants, and Idzik, and Caldwell. It’s a process for me. But, no, hell no, I’m not going to be following the NFL when I’m done.

    • Lynn says:

      “Gradually I’m learning to let go of my hope that Tebow will play and have a Hall of Fame career.”

      I would encourage you not to give up hope… that is way premature… The media would have us to believe it is all over, but it’s very probably not over at all. Tim doesn’t think it is over or he would not be throwing the football everyday retraining that pesky muscle memory.

      Remember that it is always darkest before the dawn.

      • ck says:

        Consider not watching…I only go to TebowZone and can’t say enough for all the great updates on T2 by Buzzy and his crew of helpers!!!
        Yes, agree that “It’s always darkest before the dawn” quote is apropo.

  3. ck says:

    Sage: Regarding choices…you do have the choice of whether to engage or disengage, as it were. That being said, why encourage someone who only knows how to be controversial by taking “an unusual stance”…seems like you are too smart to put up with that imo and wouldn’t waste valuable time persuading otherwise! As far as watching the NFL, if they keep doing the absurd things they continue to do then will not bother watching either!!! Have better things to do with my time than watch the antics of egotistical tyrants who are WRONG ON ALL COUNTS WHERE T2 IS CONCERNED!!!!

    • Sage says:

      Thanks, CK, and you’re pretty much right. Not much point in debating Tebow’s detractors. Jason at least seems moderate. It’s unfortunate that all anyone can do is speculate.

      Although I get discouraged about Tebow’s prospects sometimes, that usually is when he rises to the top like a cork. So, let’s hope for the best!

      • ck says:

        Sage: Glad we can all, as you say, “hope for the best!”
        Plus, witnessing the amazing “last minute” come backs that were described as “MIRACLES” makes one believe anything is still possible!!
        (Btw, you are welcome.)

  4. The Mascot Army says:

    it’s not the fans, it’s espn24/7. fans booing a starter is nothing new.

    • ck says:

      The Mascot Army: You do have a point and it’s sooooooooooo ridiculous for them to point the finger now when it went on previously…laughable
      and what a “smoke screen!”

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