Tim Tebow Vs. Geno Smith: Which QB Would You Rather Have?

By Brian Ethridge

When the New York Jets drafted Geno Smith, everyone knew it was just a matter of time before the team released Tim Tebow. Surely enough, that’s exactly what they did and now Tebow is looking for another job after clearing waivers.

Meanwhile, Smith has been criticized just about as much as any rookie quarterback who has never played a down in the NFL could be. Critics say he lacks leadership quality and that he just isn’t smart enough to lead an offense to a successful season. However, nobody questions the natural talent or ability that he has.

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It is almost the exact opposite for Tebow. Nobody questions his brains, toughness or his leadership qualities. In fact, many NFL experts would say that Tebow is among the best leaders to ever strap on the shoulder pads. Unfortunately, critics claim he can’t throw an accurate football to save his life.

So who would you rather have as your NFL quarterback? Somebody who is a great leader and has a great head on his shoulders, but lacks throwing ability? Or somebody who has a ton of talent, but questionable decision-making skills?

Apparently Rex Ryan and the Jets would rather have a quarterback with talent, but untested leadership skills. That’s why they decided to draft Smith and let go of Tebow.

Even though there are a lot of Tebow fans out there that hate Ryan and completely disagree with his decision, it would seem that the majority of the NFL teams would have made the same move. Tebow has been a free agent for awhile and there are still no NFL teams willing to give him a shot at playing quarterback. Meanwhile, there are still plenty of teams willing to give JaMarcus Russell another shot in the league.

It may not be fair, but at the end of the day the NFL owners and coaches will always side with talent over brains. That’s why Smith has a job and Tebow does not.


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3 Responses to “Tim Tebow Vs. Geno Smith: Which QB Would You Rather Have?”

  1. jason says:

    Mentality….tebow. fanbase….smith. skill set……don’t know till I see smith other than college but from college his fundamentals leave many questions like tim’s do.
    If absolutely forced i’d take tim but I’m not fond of smith’s skill set either. I think both need much work to make it long term.

    Buzzy Says I dont think this is what we want to hear

  2. susie b says:

    Is this a trick question?

    The only interesting thing about the Jets will be watching & reading (from far, far away) the ABSOLUTE ‘internal combustion’ that will happen in the QB Room & on the field/in the lockeroom between Sanchez & Smith. Sanchez said he won’t be sending any birthday cards to Timmy. Well, halfway thru the season, he’ll be WANTing to file a CEASE & DESIST order to Smith…

    If last year was a “circus”, this year will be DEFCON 1.

    • tawk2 says:

      I agree susie, this years Jets will even be more destructive and more circus like. And the circus was already in town when Tim arrived last year!

      I don’t have any use for Smith or Sanchez, either of them impress me in the least, and neither have leadership skills. Geno is not that accurate either, I cannot wait to see another famous butt fumble, lol.

      As Ditka said the Jets are a Joke!

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