Tim Tebow Rumors: Republican GOP Congressman Steve King Slams President Obama For Not Calling Tebow After Praising Jason Collins For Coming Out Gay


By Sports World Report

Tim Tebow seemingly can’t get out of any dramatic situation even if it’s not his fault, as intelligent GOP Congressman Steve King from Iowa called out President Obama for calling Jason Collins after coming out as gay but not calling Tim Tebow, saying that it sends the wrong message to the culture because he doesn’t believe gay people deserve the same rights as he does as an American citizen.

Tim Tebow is finally free from the clutches of Rex Ryan and the New York Jets and despite the fact that he can sign wherever he wants, the quarterback may have a harder time finding a new team than he expected, as a number of them have already expressed interest in not signing him, such as the Chicago Bears and the Miami Dolphins.

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According to ESPN.com though, despite the fact that some teams do not want to sign the quarterback, Tebow has a number of options where he fits the system and the situation, including in San Diego with the Chargers as well as in New Orleans with the Saints and with the New England Patriots up in his old haunt of the AFC East. While Tebow is not considered to be a typical quarterback by many standards, he has proven already that he can play in the NFL and what he needs now is a chance to show it.

The Jets may have said that they wanted to give Tebow every chance to succeed, bait their actions during the season said otherwise and now they basically wasted $4.1 million dollars bringing him to the roster to help boost jersey sales and take headlines away from the New York Giant after winning the Super Bowl two years ago. Sources said that Tebow impressed the Jets with his work this offseason with Chris Weinke and Vinny Testaverde, but it wasn’t enough to keep him after the team picked Geno Smith in the second round of the NFL draft after taking Dee Milliner and Sheldon Richardson in the first round.

Tebow has been successful at every level of football he has played and despite that fact that some teams do not want to give him a chance, he has done something a number of other starting quarterbacks in the league have never done in taking his team to a division title and the playoffs and leading them to a postseason win, which he did while with the Broncos. Tebow was supposed to get a chance in the Wildcat last season, but the Jets were busy with butt fumbles instead. He rushed for just 102 yards and passed for 39 and he was scapegoated for most of the season by people in the press, although him not getting on the field was not his fault.

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  1. Thrawn says:

    I guess I don’t understand why people are outraged over this. I don’t get why people are up in arms about Obama giving Collins a call or why it is exactly that people think Tim Tebow warrants a call from the President as well. I’ve got no great love for the President myself, but this just seems like people looking for a reason to complain.

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