Tim Tebow Receives Praise from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

By John Rozum

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Tim Tebow Receives Praise from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell By John Rozum(Featured Columnist) on May 12, 2013 24,188 reads
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Next Tim Tebow has been through some tough times recently, but NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is providing him with some support.

In an interview with Steve Wyche of NFL Network, Goodell was asked about Tebow’s future in the NFL:

Well, he’s a great young man. And I try to stay out of the decisions about who should be playing in the NFL and on what team. But as a young man, he’s just a super young guy, and I sure hope he’s part of the NFL going forward. He’s just a terrific young man and represents all of the values that I think all of our players do. I’m very proud of our players. I think, as a group, they’re extraordinary young men, and I love to see the things they’re doing in the community. They’re obviously great athletes on the field, but these are great young men, and Tim’s a good example of that.
Will Tim Tebow play for an NFL team in 2013?
Yes68.3% No31.7% Total votes: 6,735

While this is a nice sentiment, will these words help land Tebow a job with another NFL team?

That all depends on the teams that may become interested in this polarizing player. Obviously, Tebow’s skill set doesn’t fit everywhere, and his lack of development under center remains a concern.

Regardless of Tebow’s numbers since suiting up for the Denver Broncos, however, he has been good for the NFL. His marketability alone is easily among the best in the league, and along with his improvisation on the field, he is a very unpredictable player.

Furthermore, no one will question his undying work ethic.

What occurred with the New York Jets was simply unfortunate, as Gang Green was already in dire straits before Tebow came aboard. Mixing him into the drama only inflated the Jets’ messy situation, but having Tebow at the heart of it kept both the Jets and the NFL in the headlines.

For as popular as the sport already is, Tebow’s presence has taken things to another level.

Forbes’ list of the most influential athletes has Tebow ranked No. 1, and he’s a backup quarterback. That simply speaks to his popularity, which enhances the NFL’s brand and keeps the sport among America’s most popular.

Not many NFL teams seem interested in Tebow at the moment, but there is no doubt that he has the full support of Roger Goodell.

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23 Responses to “Tim Tebow Receives Praise from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell”

  1. BuzzyBuzzard says:

    OK Roger break out the hammer

  2. Thrawn says:

    That’s nice, but Goodell does not have the power to force a team to take Tebow.

    They know there is money to be made by having him in the league, and every team knows his popularity is good for the league as a whole. They just don’t want him on their team.

    Basically the same NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) approach I’ve been talking about.

    Everyone city needs a power plant or sewage treatment plant (depending on how you view Tebow.) Nobody wants it in their yard, especially Jacksonville now that a couple of petitions were filed to try and force them to put it right in their front lawn.

    He’s been getting a lot of offers outside the league though. Seems pretty quiet on what he wasnts to do going from here.

    Buzzy Says : no he cant But he can make them wish they did.

  3. Sage says:

    Calling Tim Tebow a “great young man” is the most trite and banal thing a person can say. Vaughn Miller did the equivalent a few days ago.

    That’s like saying, ‘Yes, I eat food.’ Duh.

  4. jason says:

    if Goodell forced a team to take a player it’d be beyond bad for that player. I mean guys don’t block this play and let the LB break the QB’s knee bad. Players very much view it as you earn your way onto THIS team and would treat brady through sanchez the same if they didn’t get picked by a team and win the job by being better in camp and practise than the other guy.
    You absolutely would never ever want tebow or any player forced on a team for their on safety because don’t think in even preseason that the blind side wouldn’t “fall down” and then tebow would need knee surgery.
    What you really want is for tebow to go to camp and preseason and out perform all the QBs on the teamm. His issue is he hasn’t come close to that at all.
    Really for how the NFL his best bet would’ve been to say he wouldn’t play when devner put him in because in the eyes of the only people that matter towards him getting a starting job it was a complete failure.

  5. jason says:

    The last thing as a player you ever want is to be forced on a team. NEVER will that be good for that player. NEVER!

    • Lynn says:

      Jason: I only hope many Tebow fans read what you have written and take note… the fans have and are hurting Tim… and I fear that many of us are not learning a thing from past mistakes.

      • Thrawn says:

        Agreed. Those that think he should be forced on to a team are hurting Tebow.

        What I don’t get is why they are so adamant about forcing him on to the Jags. They said they didn’t want him, he doesn’t figure into their plans. Why would Tebow fans want to force Tebow on to a team that doesn’t believe in him and doesn’t want to rebuild to Tebow’s strengths. (Or avoiding his weaknesses.) That scenario won’t end well.

        Gonna have to go out there and beat people out in camp… like pretty much everyone else. Enough trying to gravy train off his college career, that is 4 years back in the rear view mirror now.

        First thing’s first. Gotta find a team that will at least give him a look to see if all these “improvments” he supposedly made the last few months are real.

  6. Lynn says:

    Dear Friends: I just copied this from one of the sports sites discussing Tim. This person is a stranger to me, and relatively new to our discussion on that site, but his opinion is that of many. I wanted you to see that I am not making this stuff up; this is only one of the charges against us… You tell me, are we guilty?

    I quote: The thing that drives me nuts is the fact that Tebow fans won’t embrace Tebow’s team in full capacity. They go in with the mentality that they should have a voice in team affairs but won’t accept the team as their own, painting themselves still as Tebow fans first.

    That doesn’t fly with those who have made that sports team a part of their being. They’re like that kid fresh out of college who takes a new job and then tells the upper management how they should run their company.

    It’s obvious they want to be taken seriously, but they just don’t understand the overall damage they cause. If a person isn’t willing to take on the full mantle of being a fan of that team, you do not help your favorite player or the team and makes the other, true fans despise that person.

    • Sage says:

      Lynn, I embraced Tebow’s team, the Broncos, fully and zealously, long before Tim was even born.

      For 35 years I followed them closely and passionately. It was the period between 2009 and 2012, and ultimately Elway’s ascension to GM, that drove me away. There were others like me, I believe.

      The irony was too cruel. I watched Elway as a cub NFL QB, and he wobbled but his game was truly exciting. Tim was the very same, albeit with different strengths and weaknesses. To watch Elway throw away (in slow motion) the man who could rival and exceed what Elway himself accomplished is what I–as a loyal Broncos fan–could not bear.

      I never rooted for the Broncos because of the color of their jerseys or their place on the map, but because I admired their organization. It is the Broncos who’ve changed, not me.

      • Portia11 says:

        The fans chanting Tebow from the stands at Mile High (in 2011) did NOT all fly in from Florida every Sunday.

        Tim is not in charge of his ‘unruly’ fans. Overzealous/crazy, whatever. Cheering for him inappropriately and deliberately making trouble by their actions = a new height of ugly.

        Sage, I thought the Broncos were the greatest. Never followed the NFL. Tim seemed to fit the lifestyle and the team. I cheered for every player on that team, loved some of them.

        Forever grateful to Champ and BDawk for setting the tone in that locker room so Tim had a chance, and that’s all he needs. Still amazed how easily Elway kicked him to the curb.

        The Broncos haven’t won another Lombardi. They now have to pay PM 2 more years whether he takes a snap or not. I’d suggest they ease off on the self back patting until they actually win the big one.

        • Thrawn says:

          Buzzy… Tebow had the benefit of being on a team with a much improved defense. If Tebow started two years earlier when the defense was allowing 30 and often 40 points per game, his record would be dismal at best too.

          Let’s stop pretending that wins and losses only come down to one guy and realize there are 53 guys on the roster. It is a team sport with ELEVEN guys on at a time.

          • tisa says:

            Thrawn, what you say is true but it can be said of any Hall of Fame QBs I have ever seen. HofF QBs are associated with a team that has other quality players, if not other Hall of Famers (Montana/Rice,Marino and his Marks,etc.). Look at the teams Manning and Brady play for- they’ve both played with great players. Football is a team effort. No one denies that. Evidently you hold Tebow to a standard that says he needs to win by himself or it doesn’t matter.

          • Thrawn says:

            Yes, but for every hall of famer that struggled early on, there are a hundred of those that we never heard of that never panned out. didn’t impress the coaches, and didn’t get a lot of playoff time, and were out of the league before we ever knew of them.

            What people are struggling with, is what makes people think Tebow is closer to the hall of famer types going through his early struggles, and NOT someone who is just another scrub that couldn’t make the grade to get enough playing time to do anything. Some think the only difference between Tebow and those guys was all the publicity surrounding him. That, and a stellar college career, but let’s be honest. That isn’t a good indication of potential NFL success since there are college legends who have been nothing but NFL busts.

            It isn’t really a double standard if people get away from this tunnel vision that Tebow is something special and there is no way in hell he could be one of those scrubs. I’m just open to the possibility that Tebow is just another college standout that washes out of the NFL because they couldn’t make the transition. It is only a double standard if I believed Tebow really was another Steve Young that isn’t getting a chance. Think anyone shed a tear that Bradlee Van Pelt never really got a shot or Jarious Jackson never really got a shot? Both of them have been projects in Denver as well.

      • Thrawn says:

        I find it amazing that with all the crap the Broncos have dealt with over their existence, that there are actually people out there that see this Tebow thing as the final straw and are jumping ship.

        I don’t know what it is about Tebow that has people so worked up, and I don’t understand the power he seems to have over people.

        Yet in the last couple years, the Broncos have gone from the second overall pick after a terrible 4-12 season, to 13-3. The 13-3 season may not have ended up the way we wanted, but this teams is still far superior to what it was, almost since the Superbowl years.

        It baffles me to no end. We have people saying they have followed the team for the last X number of decades but are now fed up with Elway after restoring our team to contenders in 2 years. I don’t get it. If Tebow had NEVER come to this team, I doubt we’d be seeing comments like that. I have no idea how Tebow got that kind of dedication, but really, Elway isn’t the bad guy here. He made a move many in his position with the salary room and a team in transition would probably make. Gave Tebow the option to go to a choice of one of two teams. it was the Jets that fed Tebow a bill of goods telling him he’d have a chance, and never gave it to him. It is THEY who destroyed his career. They, and a media who loved him a bit too much, fueled by a lot of fans who loved him a bit too much.

        A couple weeks back, I had posted on another site about how the media pretty much squeezed the life out of Tebow’s career. Compared them to that abominable snowman on the old Bugs Bunny cartoon. The abominable snowman was pretty much a rip off of Lenny from “Of Mice and Men.” The way he’d grab Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck. “Just what I always wanted, my own bunny rab-bit. I will love him, and hug him and hold him and squeezed him….” …and he’d end up crushing every bone in their bodies. That is essentially what the media did with Tebow’s career. Squeezed the life out of it until it was broken and every team out there was sick of it.

    • tisa says:

      Wow, Lynn, I don’t know how much more gullible you can be. I can’t believe you buy this clap trap about Tebow’s fans. If the NFL or the media can convince people not to be zealous fans then they will be able to put anything they want on the field and charge outrageous prices for it. When I look at some of the fans around this country, I don’t think Tebow’s devoted fans come close to the vulgarity heaped on teams and players by their own fans. I watched as Sanchez left the field one Sunday as fans threw things at him and called him horrible names- the year before Tebow showed up. What about the Saints and their bags on their heads? How would you like to play in that atmosphere? Look at the fans of the Oakland Raiders, just look at them! Philadelphia’s fans are very demonstrative. Spider condemns ALL Tebow fans for whatever he read in the DP in 2011. By the way, Spider, if I thought all Bronco fans were like you, hateful revenge seekers, I would have a decidedly negative view of the Broncos fan base. I guess Urban Meyer is way better at managing a team than NFL coaches and GMs because he managed to get through a whole year- used Timmy when he saw fit- and never gave into anything said by fans. Timmy came with an awesome fan base and has added to it everywhere he has gone. If Tebow gets on another team, I will cheer him on and catch on to the team as I do so. If he goes to New England, I will already be a fan becaue I followed Gators there and really enjoy watching them and Brady play. The only place I say anything about Tebow is here and to my Tweeps. I don’t write in newspapers and I don’t tweet or email coaches or GMs. I don’t start or sign rediculous petitions. Few fans are doing that for Tebow and most teams have a few over the top fans- like Spider. Also- who is going to tell the anti-Tebow faction to be quiet? When they are quiet maybe the more vocal Tebow fans will also be quiet.

      • tisa says:

        I am more than tired of Spider’s comments about Mrs. Tebow. I don’t know of her doing anything other than raising her children to be great people.

        • ck says:

          Tisa: Agree and it was totally uncalled for imo! Ratings or not, let spidey go elsewhere and spew. If anything, the Tebow’s are to be commended for all they do and their courage in having higher standards despite obstacles!

  7. tisa says:

    “A stellar college career isn’t an indication of potential NFL success.” Then, what is, when one does not have NFL experience? It doesn’t aways end as a wash out. I did not say Tebow was a Hall of Famer. I think he is a person with potential that needs to be given a chance. We don’t know because he has not had a chance to mature. You don’t listen to what people on this site say and you keep hashing the same ideas over and over. You seem to think that a player can not learn new things or improve. The problem here is that you don’t want Tebow to succeed and we do. Until Tebow is given a chance to participate in a team program-not start, but be part of a team-I will always believe he was never given a chance. By the way, you have never seen me hold ill will towards the Broncos. I do think they were bumbling around with their own issues before Tebow ever got there and he got sucked in. If I were Elway and I were given the chance to sign Manning, I would have done so. I do hold the Jets and their complete ineptitude responsible Tebow’s current situation but I am not going to a Jet site pointing out to Jets’ fans how bad their team is and how stupid they are to support them. I also think they may have ruined Snachez’s career but that remains to be seen. Why you waste your time trying to discourage people who just want to see someone they support succeed is beyond me. Why not be talking with other like minded people and having a positive day? I would sure rather hear from the other people on this site that believe in Tebow than you. I am sure the Bronco fans are looking forward to a great season next year. I guess you want to hang around long enough to revel in our disappointment if Tebow is never given a chance for an NFL career.

    • ck says:

      tisa: “Just b/c someone says something does not make it the truth” (btw one of my favorite sayings) and this guy just wants to spew like spidey since they lost the playoffs with a $96 million dollar
      B-U-S-T!!! Guess they want to make someone else’s day when they thought they had the winning ticket and found out they are still losers and, worse yet, are without the winning NFL QB that actually WON IN THE PLAYOFFS FOR THE DENVER BRONCOS…TEBOW!!!
      But, you are right about a lot of things and we can support T2 all we want on this site since it is not going to be the ANTI-TEBOW ZONE which is what they would like to see happen! Hope T2 gets to be the QB that puts to rest any thought of the Bronco’s ever going to the SB with the $96 million dollar bust!!!
      They could have been a “contender” imho if they would have kept T2!!!

  8. ck says:

    Definition of Thrawn: Recalcitrant, mishappen, crooked…lacking in pleasing qualities; i.e., according to Merriam Webster. Very telling!

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