Four more NFL turn downs

Report: ‘No chance’ Tim Tebow joins Pats

By James Walker |

Former New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow has been free to sign with any NFL team for two weeks. However, it’s been mostly crickets in terms of interest.

The New England Patriots were one team linked to acquiring Tebow at a discounted rate in free agency. Former Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels drafted Tebow in the first round in 2010 and is now the offensive coordinator in New England. The Patriots also like versatile players who can handle multiple positions.

But Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports reports, via a source, that there is “no chance” Tebow lands in New England. Although McDaniels may be open to the possibility, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick reportedly does not like Tebow as a player. Belichick has final say in all personnel matters in New England. So if Tebow can’t pass the Belichick test, he won’t be on New England’s roster.

Options appear very thin for Tebow to return to the NFL this upcoming season. The Patriots and Jacksonville Jaguars were the two strongest possibilities. New England is now reportedly out and Jacksonville, which is Tebow’s hometown, does not appear willing to succumb to public pressure.

Are the Oakland Raiders an Option for Tim Tebow?

by Ryan Sakamoto Oakland Raiders

There is no surprise that the word circus is associated with current free-agent Tim Tebow. The controversial quarterback, who is hated by some and loved by many, is making his rounds around the NFL rumor mill. The latest and craziest news surrounding Tebow comes out of Jacksonville, where a guy by the name of John Morgan sent the following tweet:

I will pay $25/seat & take down the tarp so all kids who can’t afford it see an @nfl game. #Jaguars#Tebow

— John Morgan (@JohnMorganESQ) May 10, 2013

This is the type of media attention Tebow garners, whether he likes it or not. No NFL team in their right mind, will want this type of distraction, which is a big reason why he is still on the unemployment list. The media debate surrounding Tebow is that he wins, but wins ugly. Some NFL analysts suggest he is not a prototypical quarterback, but rather just a solid football player, able to run the wild-cat, as NFL analyst Eric Davis, said:

“I honestly think the Redskins would be a good fit for him. If there is a spot for Tebow to do what he does – be that Wildcat-type quarterback – the Redskins are a place where you have a coach in Mike Shanahan who’s in charge, that can say, ‘This is what’s going on,’ where he’s not really worried about what is happening.”

So with all this unwanted attention, should the Oakland Raiders take a chance on the controversial quarterback? The answer is simply no.

The Raiders already have Matt Flynn as the starter, and if he goes down, that would immediately stir up the controversy between QB Terrelle Pryor and QB Tim Tebow. Let’s face it, no matter who’s under center, if Tebow is on the roster, the Tebow talk will follow. If the Raiders do take a risk on Tebow, they will be in for some unwanted media attention, and we all know that new GM Reggie McKenzie does not want that.

So with Tebow on the free-agent market, do not be surprised if the Raiders, like so many other NFL teams have already done, pass up on the former Heisman Trophy winner.

Browns’ Lombardi: Tim Tebow ‘not the vision of where we’re headed’

By Will Brinson | CBSSports

Tim Tebow has all the time in the world to find a place to play football. The problem is finding someone who will take him. And the list of potential NFL teams is a little bit smaller today, with the Browns officially being taken off the list.

At least that’s the case based on Mike Lombardi’s comments to the media following a luncheon at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Club. The Browns GM was pretty harsh, pointing out that Tebow needs to go “somewhere where he can develop as a passer.”

“I think Tim Tebow’s a great kid. Unfortunately, I think Tim has to get somewhere where he can develop as a passer. It’s a passing league,” Lombardi said. “Last year there was only one team in the NFL that ran the ball in the first half more than it threw. One.”

Lombardi continued to (correctly) point out the importance of passing in the NFL and said that “Tim’s got to be able to develop that skill” before noting that the “style of play” involved with having Tebow on your roster is “not the vision” for that team.

“When you commit to Tim, like Denver did the last eight games of the 2011 season, you’re committing to that whole style of play,” Lombardi said. “It’s all or nothing. And that becomes very difficult.

“That’s kind of not the vision of where we’re headed.”

A vision involving Tebow is something that a lot of teams don’t seem interested in at the moment. Even a club like the Patriots or Packers, who would present a quality scenario for Tebow to sit and improve with a locked-in starter, probably won’t want to deal with the circus that comes along with Tebow. (Or maybe they “hate” him.)

Tebow’s former coordinator not interested in reunion

Lindsay H. Jones, USA TODAY Sports
SAN DIEGO – New San Diego Chargers head coach Mike McCoy has a more extensive – and successful – history with Tim Tebow than any other coach in the NFL.

McCoy was the Denver Broncos’ offensive coordinator and called plays for Tebow in the quarterback’s 16 starts in 2010 and 2011, including two playoff games.

WHAT’S NEXT?: Tebow mum on future

So as Tebow approaches his second week of unemployment since being released by the New York Jets, could a reunion with McCoy be possible in San Diego?

Not likely, McCoy told USA TODAY Sports on Friday after the first day of the Chargers rookie minicamp.

“We’re very happy with our roster we currently have,” McCoy said.

McCoy and the Broncos coaching staff reworked their entire offensive playbook to install a read-option offense for Tebow midway through the 2011 season. But that read-option will not be part of the Chargers scheme under quarterback Philip Rivers. McCoy said the Chargers are also happy with backup Charlie Whitehurst.

In saying he was satisfied with the overall roster, McCoy seemed to indicate the Chargers wouldn’t look at bringing Tebow to San Diego to play a different position. The only glaring hole on the Chargers’ roster now is at left tackle.

San Diego has have recently hosted veterans Bryant McKinnie and Max Starks on free agent visits. McKinnie re-signed with the Baltimore Ravens, but Starks remains a possibility. Until then, King Dunlap is expected to be with the first-team offense when the team holds its first full-team organized team activity practice on Monday.

“You’ll know if we make any changes,” McCoy said.

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31 Responses to “Four more NFL turn downs”

  1. Larry says:

    “No NFL team in their right mind, will want this type of distraction, which is a big reason why he is still on the unemployment list.”

    Duh. That’s exactly why I can’t envision Tim being hired as a backup. Whoever signs him will have to have at least some intention of giving him a chance to start. It’s also why these ridiculous “Tebow fan interventions” (the petition, radio ad/bribe offer, etc) need to stop. Tim will get on another team & it will be because he’s earned it, not because of pressure from Tebow fans.

    • Lynn says:

      Larry wrote, “It’s also why these ridiculous “Tebow fan interventions” (the petition, radio ad/bribe offer, etc.) need to stop.”

      That is really why I have joined your discussion… I love Tim to death, but I mostly find ongoing discussions about him only with fans to get boring. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours doesn’t seem real stimulating to me, but maybe it’s just me. I don’t mean to dog you on that point. For myself, I find the discussion with the detractors and even the haters much more challenging and I have even seen a few of them come around to being more open minded about Tim and a couple are now supporters.

      But I digress… I have learned from them a few things I think all Tebow fans need to know, which I have shared with you in part, and that’s why I have joined you the past few days. THE TEAMS DO NOT WANT A DIVIDED FAN BASE, WHICH IS REALLY THE BIG ISSUE. They don’t want the Tebow fans dictating to team management beyond what normally happens on any team from the fans in the stands… but the biggest issue is the divide… and some of the things Tebow fans have done in the past have not just been too much, they have offended, caused resentment, and thus divided both fans and players… and although WE MAY NOT BE INDIVIDUALLY GUILTY, WE EACH ONE HAVE A SPHERE OF INFLUENCE AND CERTAINLY YOU DO WITH THIS TEBOWZONE WEBSITE. Does that make sense? If not, please let me know and I will try to make it clearer.

      To be very blunt, Brandi makes me fear for Tim, her attitude and influence may be enough to keep Tim out of the NFL. I do not want to be overly dramatic, but nor do I want to understate the situation.

      One of the biggest things I have done to win respect of Broncos and Jets fans is simply to take the position of let’s let the past be the past and move forward, no dogging Elway, Rex Ryan, or the teams, etc. THEY ARE FANS OF THE TEAMS AND OF THOSE PEOPLE and are offended that Tebow fans say some pretty ugly things about them, even of conspiring together to run Tim out of the NFL. WE NEED TO FOLLOW TIM’S EXAMPLE IN HOW HE SPEAKS OF THEM AND/OR REMAINS SILENT. WE ALSO NEED TO REMEMBER THAT WE ARE CALLED TO LOVE OUR ENEMY IF WE SEE THEM IN THAT LIGHT.

      Tim is a great leader and people naturally follow him, but there are also players that have so resented things like the billboards that it has made tension and division in the locker room. That is what the NY Daily News “He is Terrible” article was really about, it was about a divided locker room and loyalty to Mark Sanchez. Now we have the petition to the president and the radio ads. If the Jags signed Tim, what chance does he have now in that locker room?

      Do you see the problem?

      But this is a problem not only of commission, but omission. How can we proactively show support for Tim’s next team AND HOW CAN WE ENCOURAGE OTHERS IN THAT EFFORT. I have some suggestions and I may share them another day. For today I want to encourage you to search your our own hearts and creative minds for ideas that are probably better than mine.

      • Larry says:

        I completely agree, Lynn. Except about Brandi having influence. First, many of her twitter followers are fake. They’re some of the fakest fakes I’ve ever seen. Second, I have to wonder if the few Tebow fans who are loving this idea of Tebow going to this new football league realize that if he did he wouldn’t be playing until 2015?

        Buzzy Says Dont Bash Other Users

      • Thrawn says:

        Lynn wrote: “. THEY ARE FANS OF THE TEAMS AND OF THOSE PEOPLE and are offended that Tebow fans say some pretty ugly things about them, even of conspiring together to run Tim out of the NFL.”

        Amen to that. It just seems all the bashing of Elway and trying to rub it in that the Broncos were ousted in the first round after that is simply bitter apples and sour grapes. It just reeks of “butt-hurt.” Broncos chose to move on. He’s hardly rhe only guy that snubbed Tebow. From the look of it, all 32 teams seem to be doing the same. All this complaining about Elway… aren’t there bigger problems facing Tebow right now? Cuz from the look of it, it seems just about every GM in the league is where Elway was a year ago on the Tebow subject.

        The Jets deserve far worse criticism, but that organization is in dire need of adult supervision. They are fast becoming my favorite reality show.

        It isn’t all about the circus either, or else teams wouldn’t want him as a Tight End either. Just having him on the roster invites that kind of circus when the QB of whoever that team is throws his first interception or hits a rut, you KNOW there will be legions of fans out there saying, “say, how about giving Tebow a try?” …and that seems to be about the last thing teams want to deal with at the moment.

        Gotta fix that perception that he isn’t good enough to match the hype/circus. That ain’t happening without game time, which ain’t happening in the NFL any time soon.

  2. Sage says:

    Pure speculation, of course, but it’s conceivable that Jay Cutler will flame out with the Bears. Like Tony Romo, he’s only won a single playoff game in his career. If he goes off track this season, I don’t know why the Bears would feel wedded to him.

    In such case, I can imagine Tim as a Chicago Bear. Sometimes Chicago fans seem a little childish, but they also seem a little more open-minded than the Jets-types.

    Seems bleak now, with even the Patriots unwilling to take Tebow even as a utility player. So, the detractors can get their way 32X, while those who want to see Tebow play can pound sand. You’d think the detractors could now be happy, but I doubt it.

    I’m already finding more time for woodworking projects in the garage, which is a plus.

    • ck says:

      Sage: Not to worry b/c it’s definitely not in his nature to quit and the fans certainly won’t!!! Just know he will find the RIGHT COACH WHO BELIEVES! “WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!” AND, YES, I BELIEVE THAT!!!!! GBPT2!!!

      • Sage says:

        You’re probably right, CK. But I wish Tim were already getting years of experience under his belt, rather than waiting for who knows how long. Let’s hope for the best.

    • Lynn says:

      Word is Tim declined some offers to play TE, so I don’t think he is going to sign to be an utility player… I don’t know… I know Steve Young advised Tim against that and said he needed to stay focused on QB. When Tim said the year with the Jets was a learning experience, I just kinda sorta thought maybe that was part of the lesson (that Steve was right).

      I agree, that Jay Cutler might flame out, so to speak, and leave an opening for Tim to become a Bear.

    • Lynn says:

      I would be surprised if Tim agrees to be a utility player again… and remember that there is more than one kind of experience.

  3. Bob Segrett says:

    JAMES WALKER , loves the negativety with the Tebow talk he can’t get a read outside of that .

  4. Larry says:

    “Pure speculation, of course, but it’s conceivable that Jay Cutler will flame out with the Bears.”


    “Jay Cutler reiterated Tuesday that he is not expecting a contract extension.
    Cutler is entering the final year of the five-year, $49.7M deal he signed back in 2009. He’s going to try to pull a Joe Flacco. “You’ve got to win games to earn those contracts. … So we’ll play it out and see how it goes,” he said. Cutler does have a better chance for success this season as new offensive-minded head coach Marc Trestman places a greater emphasis on pass protection. Cutler has taken a mind-blowing 148 sacks in 56 games as a Bear.”

    FWIW, I have the Bears on my list of teams next-most-likely to be interested in Tim midseason. (Sorry for not posting my lists of teams likely to be interested in Tim, Sage. I just think most people would find them pretty boring or far-fetched.)

    • Sage says:

      Well, space on the Internet is essentially free (except for Buzzy’s expenses), so I’ve never seen the need to economize space. I just say what I’m thinking. Hope you will too. It’s plenty quiet here, much of the time.

      • Larry says:

        The reason why I’m hesitant to post the list has to do w/the tons of important info I don’t know (things like the egos & personalities of the GMs, owners, HCs, etc). They will influence where Tim goes as much as anything else. But I guess maybe posting my lists & adding the questions I have afterwards would be one way of getting some of the answers.

  5. bubbaelvis says:

    These articles are mostly folks trying to get clicks by using Tebow’s name. I don’t put much stock in most of them. Unless a GM or Coach has stated ala Jacksonville that we don’t want Tim Tebow, I wouldn’t count them out. For example, Belichek has never said anything bad about Tebow but this “source” says he hates him as a player. Maybe that is true maybe not. We don’t know what is going on behind closed doors since Tim’s people are taking a silent approach. I would like to know if guys like Devin Gile have sent film on him throwing this off season to teams or if some of the guys that watched him like Vinny Testervede and Steve Young have attempted to vouch for his improvement. According to what I have read or heard it is quit remarkable. There is a place in the NFL for Tim Tebow. I say he is better then at least 10 of the current starters and that is without any improvement in throwing.

    • Lynn says:

      bubbleelvis, you wrote, ” I would like to know if guys like Devin Gile have sent film on him throwing this off season to teams or if some of the guys that watched him like Vinny Testaverde and Steve Young have attempted to vouch for his improvement…”

      It would be so not appropriate for Devin Gile or any of them to approach teams on their own. That would be as bad as a petition to the president, etc.

      We have to get it out of our heads that it is for us to fix this problem.

      It is for us to pray and for Jimmy Sexton and Tim to do unless they ask for assistance.

  6. The Mascot Army says:

    a11 would have me watching, usfl too, and Canada if he were starting. arena league maybe, and I would hope he wouldn’t go to Jaworski’s team.

    • Sage says:

      Without disagreeing about Jaworski, it might be that Tim’s only way back onto a big stage is to win a big supporter. Ben Franklin said the best way to win someone as a friend is to let them do you a favor.

      Lately, we’ve heard mostly from cowardly detractors. Mike Ditka and Steve Young and Vinny have spoken up, but Tim needs someone with serious clout. Not saying that’s Jaworski, but who knows.

      • Thrawn says:

        He needs to find some means of getting his “new and improved” throwing and other parts of his game on film. If he isn’t going to get a look trying out for a team, that is his next option. If that is a lesser league, then so be it.

        All the Steve Young types saying their jaw hit the floor with him isn’t going to do any good when teams are looking at tape on Tebow and they see his game in the first 55 minutes. The other 5 are great, but Tebow needs to demonstrate he can put together a complete game. That is what they are looking at, part of why teams aren’t looking at him now, and he’s only going to get a chance to demonstrate that outside the NFL. Otherwise, it is another year or two getting parked on a bench and maybe getting a few token wild-cat plays.

        • The Mascot Army says:

          I would be surprised if this isnt being done discreetly behind the scenes.

          • Lynn says:

            Correct! Chase was seen filming Tim at IMG a few weeks back. My hunch is that they have made a mini-documentary to send to GMs and I am confident that includes a few words from Vinny Testaverde, Steve Young, and maybe others as well… possibly some Broncos and Jets players and maybe Mike Westhoff.

        • Lynn says:

          Thrawn, you wrote, “he’s only going to get a chance to demonstrate that outside the NFL…”

          I think you are so wrong. The press may clamor now for Tim to go to the ALF or CFL, but the minute he did that they would report it was proof that Tim is not NFL quality. ALTHOUGH A SELECT FEW HAVE GONE THAT ROUTE AND RETURNED TO THE NFL, BY FAR THE MAJORITY NEVER RETURN.

          The same is true of the A11 league; that is not a route to NLF success and being an NFL QB is Tim’s goal. Brandi has made an A11 poster with Tim’s picture and I think she has no right and I suspect that Tim would not be pleased. It has been tweeted all over America. What happens if that falls into the hands of the media?

          • Thrawn says:

            He’s not going to get a shot to start in the NFL any time soon, and we all KNOW it. Word on the street is that he is “new and improved T2.0,” and yet… he can’t even get an invite for a measley WORKOUT. He’s not even getting a look, and doors keep slamming in his face publicly everywhere. Teams are actually making it a point to do this to keep the press out of their hair when it just isn’t normal for teams to line up and take a turn saying they don’t want a particular player.

            He’s not even getting a look as a potential backup. Not even to take a flier for future reference if someone’s QB or backup gets injured in preseason or something.

            So yeah, I think if he’s adamant about sticking with being a QB, then he will have to do it elsewhere for awhile. If he lights it up, he’ll get another look in the NFL down the road somewhere. If he doesn’t, then that book gets closed. But at least that way it will happen on some field somewhere without him being a Tight end or being buried on someone’s bench and forgotten.

  7. The Mascot Army says:

    As for Lombardi, I to have a pretty good vision of what is in their team’s future… mediocrity and high draft picks. Who do these teams think they are? They act like they shouldn’t mess around with the finely crafted machine their organization isn’t. Delusional.

    • Sage says:

      Ha. It’s disappointing because Lombardi was quite the McDaniels apologist. I somewhat liked McDaniels, though I’m not sure I still do.

      But it’s a laugh indeed to perennial losers standing pat. Lombardi does not strike me as being so cogent as his namesake.

      • The Mascot Army says:

        Yeah. I think McDaniels gets a bad rap. He still has the reputation as having drafted terribly without considering that the guys considered busts when mcdaniels was fired (like DT and Moreno) are not really considered busts anymore. I respect that he doesnt mind straying from the herd.

    • Larry says:

      Unlike most teams, w/the Browns the CEO is choosing personnel, not the GM. Lombardi always seemed rather pro-Tebow to me, but unless he can convince the guy who’s choosing the players to give Tebow a try, it doesn’t matter.

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