The Crowded Rooms( Buzzy Says: Another great write from Brandi)

For thousands of years, Sports have been a reflection of the larger world around us. The first Games were often used as training for battle. A hundred and fifteen years ago Teddy Rooseveldt went to Football to field his team of Rough Riders. Fitting that it was Teddy who saved Football in its 1st major crisis that threatened its existence. In its 2nd major crisis, no Rooseveldt has stepped up…yet.

At this time when a majority of those who’ve looked closely have concluded the National Football League won’t exist in a decade or so…certainly not in its present make-up…several new Leagues are trying to form. Needless to say, it’s no simple feat to capitalize an expansion of the professional level of a Sport that has so many forces working to put an end to its very existence. While the storyline is, Who would be dumb enough to take on the NFL…the actual story is, who would fund a League for a Sport that might have reached the expiration on its shelf life.

Well, the simplest answer to that is…the Fans who love the Game and want to see it continue, want to watch their kids have the opportunity to Play. Certainly no serious Investor is going to put much money into a Sport their Bankers are telling them is a bad risk on a whole host of fronts. It takes someone with a passion for the Game, someone who isn’t looking at it likes just another Investment. Let’s be serious…all of that money is going abroad. For good reasons…like milking a growing Global Middle Class. Y’All remember that term don’t you? Middle Class. We used to have one in this Country. Well those Bankers and Investors can do basic math. 300 Million in a declining economy that has a hundred billion years of debt built up already…4 Billion emerging consumers. Hum…where do I put my money?

The NFL is in the same position. Nobody in their right fiduciary mind is going to throw their money there. They need to be..a Fan.

Fans don’t think right. Fans think well, like Fans. Fans have to believe in the unbelievable. That’s one of the core concerns I’ve had for years about Fantasy Gaming. Not the original thinking behind Fantasy League development. That it would be another way for Fans to dream. But the Spreadsheet Gamers who are so utterly lost in the numbers they can’t see the majesty. They can’t see the magic. They can’t feel the tug at the heartstrings. Fans believe that one day the Browns will once again be Champions and the Cubs will Win that World Series that will go down as one of the greatest moments in Chicago History. The moment that never dies in the hearts of Chicagoans.

That’s what separates Lovers of the Games from Lovers of the Numbers. For Lovers of the Games a Championship becomes a part of their soul that lives on forever. For Lovers of the Numbers it’s simply the start of another Season.

There’s a big debate going on right now between those who are looking for ways to bring the Fans deeper into the Game of Football and those who deride it as “Crowd Funding”…spitting out the words with a sneer and a superior posture. Besides missing the most basic element that Fans SHOULD play a larger Role in these Leagues, they’re also missing the key financial component. That’s the ONLY way Professional Football is going to survive. If Football continues to be seen as “Rich Guys” entertaining us, Pro Football is already through. Kids aren’t Playing any more. Not in the numbers they were just 3 years ago. In 2 years there will be fewer than half as many kids trying out for Football that there were 3 years ago. If the Front Page News out of the Player Suits gets ugly enough, a real possibility, there could be fewer than a third. Ex NFL Players are calling the NFL “Big Tobacco” and are determined to “bring down” the NFL in the same way the Tobacco Companies have been ground down. The Tobacco Companies turned to International Markets. The NFL has already burned those for itself. The efforts in London are more desperation than anything else.

Outside the US, there is a Market for “American-Style” Football. Just not for the NFL. As the League tries to re-establish some sort of International Footing, now those already annoyed by it are saying “Look. They’re own Players are suing them for being deceitful and arrogant and not caring about anyone else.” That’s part of what’s made the NFL’s alienating Fans here even more odd. The League cannot survive, let alone thrive, without the die-hard support of the Fans here. Yet they seem intent of turning their own Customer-Base into enemies…Frenemies at best. That’s going to be of no value whatsoever when the domestic fight over the survival of Football itself turns into trench warfare in every City, County and State across the Country…and it will turn into that. It’s simply question of how soon.

I realize that Fans don’t want to talk about it. But we’re at a serious crossroads in this Country with Football. Those who sluff it off with a hand wave and a “Oh, nothing’s going to change. It’s Football. Everybody loves it.” are starting to sound like the people who said those goofy looking noisy machines were never going to replace the horse, living, iron or otherwise. Look at those idiots with their goggles. What do they call it? Driving? Automobile? It’ll never be anything serious.

Americans don’t want to admit that the World is rapidly changing around them. But they don’t have any problem acting helpless about it all.

Well they might not be able to do much about the “Globalization” that’s taking place whether they like it or not. But they CAN take control of their Games. In fact they likely will have to if they want to see them survive. Particularly Football.

Call it “Crowd Funding” or make up any derisive terms you want. It doesn’t matter. For Football, particularly Professional Football, either the Fans will step in and take over OR they’ll grumble and complain about watching it evaporate before their very eyes. Don’t count on the “Rich Guys”. They can watch their Investment slowly disappear as they throw more bad money after good at it. Or they can move their stakes where they already know it’ll come back ten-fold…or more.

Like it or not Football Fans. That’s where we’re at. Make something good out of it. Take back your Game. Or start the Extinction Countdown Clock.
..SportsBabe Brandi

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2 Responses to “The Crowded Rooms( Buzzy Says: Another great write from Brandi)”

  1. Lynn says:

    Brandi: Your writing is very dramatic.

    But don’t forget that “Crowd Funding” is nothing more than a means to generate revenue. It does not give fans a true voice unless they own a majority/controlling interest and the last I heard that was not part of the A-11 plan.

  2. Bob Segrett says:

    The product is no longer there . Paying these players a gross amount of money is not the answer . eight out of ten don’t improve their game , even if they are still on the same team in three to four years . but , everything else continues rise in price . nothing for the fans . that said , the product is destroying itself .

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