Sports Fans may not realize it; but Tim Tebow’s Fans are fighting for you. Tebow went to the New York Jets as the Most Popular Athlete in the World. This is something Professional Sports Leagues drool over. For the National Football League, it had never happened before. And it will almost certainly never happen again. Unless that Player’s name is Tim Tebow.

Don’t bother trying to put a finger on the Tebow Phenomenon. I’ve been following it from here in Florida since it began and I’m no closer to understanding it. Except for one thing. He is quite possibly the most genuine person you’ll ever meet. In a World that thrives on lies, that’s something whose worth is nearly impossible to measure.

Tebow Tuesday has been a small tribute that’s been used in Social Media Circles for a couple years. But for this Tuesday there has been a huge push for the entire Galaxy of Tebow to Stand Up. No Nation or Galaxy has been nearly large enough to contain the Tebow Following. Neither is the National Football League, which has been apoplectic over the idea that a single Player is more Popular than it. If we’ve misjudged the size of anything, it has been the size of the egos of NFL Head Coaches and General Managers. Their renowned egomania has met its match with TebowMania. And they’re waving the white flag.

But one Football League has wholeheartedly embraced Tim Tebow, “cult-like” Following and all. The A-11 Football League. The more I’ve looked at the League, the more it is clearly what the NFL should be but doesn’t have the courage to be. There’s one tiny problem. It only exists in the mind right now. It’s a vision for a League that is becoming a reality of one as quickly as it can. And its vision includes Tim Tebow leading its newly selected Florida Team…as a Quarterback, no less. Wow! Whoda thunk it!? That a League would think a young man who has led a Team to a State Championship, on a broken leg even, led a Team to a BCS Championship and was a key component of another, Won a Heisman and led a Team with cumulatively the worst record in the NFL over nearly 2 years when he took the reigns to a Division Title and one of the biggest Home Playoff Wins for a Franchise that’s seen some great ones all as a Quarterback…could actually BE a Quarterback.

To be clear, the reason NFL Teams want Tim Tebow to change positions is because it would pull him back from the podium. It’s a desperate attempt to curb his Popularity to something the NFL Franchises think they can manage and maybe even control. Because control…NOT Winning…is everything in the NFL.

The A-11 obviously isn’t afraid of Tebow being more Popular than it. But nobody should think it’s a publicity thing. What it is is a recognition that he is the type of Player and Person they want to be seen as. And they’re not going to allow themselves to be driven by Fear, which has been the watchword of motivation within the NFL for years. Brian Billick calls the NFL paranoid. And he’s absolutely right. NFL GMs and Head Coaches are paranoid about EVERYTHING. TebowMania has been mainlining performance enhancers to that paranoia.

The A-11 is leaping on-board with this coming #TebowTuesday. I don’t know yet what they plan. But they appear to be looking to kick their push to sign Tim Tebow into the next gear. Football Fans should get on-board with this. Because it’s time for there to be some excitement restored to Professional Football. And this should be exciting. Not just on the Field.

The A-11 has been clear they plan on some form of Fan Equity Participation. I’ve tossed out a number of Football Fans directly Owning 30% or more of the League and the A-11 hasn’t pushed back on that. I didn’t just pull this number out of the air. For several years, I’ve advocated that the NFL and Major League Baseball restructure themselves and launch IPOs of roughly a third. The Owners would get their investments back and still maintain controlling interests. But what they could not do is hold their monopolies over the Fans heads. Threaten to move Teams if they don’t get what they want. Among other things. Like new Stadiums. But control means everything to these guys. Absolute control.

The A-11 does not share this fear of the Fans. This is turning around over 100 years of how Professional Sports in this country operates…over-night. Because it instantly eliminates the contentious relationship between Owners and Customers. The Customers ARE the Owners. In fact, Fans can create Affinity Groups and pool their resources together to be Majority Owners of Franchises. Or at least that appears to be a possibility. And, if it is, the nature of Professional Sports Ownership in the US will change in a way that will never turn back. Fans will forever be Shot-Callers in the Leagues they love. The dominoes will fall because Fans will insist on it. Once they get a taste of no longer being 2nd Class Citizens, at best, in Pro Sports, they simply won’t ever tolerate any League that treats them that way.

This can all begin on Tuesday. #TebowTuesday.

Go Big or Stay Home.
Y’All have heard me say this before. But this Century-Plus long wrestling match between Fans and Leagues/Owners has certainly not been limited to the NFL. The two most blatant statements of Fan enmity were actually made by Baseball. First by Albert Spalding around 90 years ago saying Professional Baseball had no chance of survival because of the demands of the Fans. And then by Bud Selig testifying this very thing to Congress. Leagues that don’t exist without Athletes or Fans often trust neither and view them as adversaries. And we as Fans let them. Up to a point. Usually Leagues & the owners can’t sense those lines they cannot cross and try to at least appear not to. But there have been times when they have stepped over those lines. The Leagues have survived because they always knew enough to jump in and try to repair their damaged relationship with the Fans.

But the NFL has become a League of nothing more than lip-service. Roger Goodell says he wants Tim Tebow in the NFL; that it’s good for the League. That’s a Big fat DUH! and a Big WooptieDo. So Roger wants Tim. Roger wants Tim’s Fans. But it’s nothing but weak PR. So busy fighting off Lawsuits from that other essential group they need, Players…or, more appropriately Ex-Players…the Owners have failed to step in and slap their Functionaries around. This is how it’s often played out in Sports. Fans begin to get tired of feeling de-valued and the Owners try to step in to make them feel wanted. That is when it’s not the Owners themselves creating the problems. The only reason Shahid Khan isn’t the Most hated Sports Owner in Florida is because Jeffrey Loria is here as well. But both are under the heat lamps not for what they’ve done so much as how they’ve done it.

Loria has a decent argument that the Marlins were lousy when they were loaded with what may well be seriously over-paid and over-hyped Players. But the way he went about the Housecleaning and his subsequent haughty attitude simply enrages Fans. The Jacksonville Jaguars don’t need to sign Tim Tebow. It’s the smart thing to do. But if NFL Franchises were crushed by the Fans for being dumb, there’d only be three or four of them left. It is specifically because of the capricious manner in which the Jaguars sought to humiliate Tim Tebow that has Floridians and all Tebow Fans incensed and in an unforgiving mood. Shad Khan has handled the Tim Tebow situation with the grace & tact of Woody Johnson telling outraged Jets PSL Owners to call his Lawyers.

It is this attitude that has been allowed by the Fans to reach a boiling over point.

Tebow Fans can begin to set things right. For ALL Pro Sports Fans. Fans can’t just matter. They must be paramount. When Leagues forget that they have to be reminded by the Fans that they’re nothing without them. Fans have always put up with alot. But sooner or later they have to say it’s become too much.

We’re there now with the NFL. The NFL Owners need to be reminded that surviving the Lawsuits means nothing if they’ve ignored the Fans so much getting there, that they’ve moved on.

For all Professional Sports Fans… #TebowTuesday.
..SportsBabe Brandi

Buzzy Says : great write But Dont over sell T2 and the A-11 as the NFL has a Head start and as most people the A-11 may forget how the got a hold on the game of football and in the end act just as the NFL has.

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  1. The Mascot Army says:

    Fun read. The best point was about jax’s over the top rejection of Tebow… not smart. They’re going to need more tarps this year for sure. I’m on the fence of what I’d like to see happen. I guess I favour backup of a top nfl franchise first, then Canada if he’d start, then a11, then arena league.

    • Brandi says:

      Thanks. I’ve said all along that I have an agenda. It’s the same one it’s been since long before Tim arrived in the NFL. That the Fans MUST matter. If the NFL can marginalize the single biggest bloc of Fans they’ve ever seen, then they will grin from ear to ear knowing they’ve completely whipped the Fans. That nothing they ever do will chase the Fans away…something Pro Leagues have wanted for 100 years.

      I’ve advocated repeatedly that some NFL Franchise should hand Tim the Starting job…make him the Franchise QB and his job to lose. Particularly a small market team in a Rebuilding Mode anyway. If in the 2 or 3 years it takes them to restock the shelves he hasn’t established that he’s earned that, they won’t have to deal with hordes of Fans screaming “We don’t care. We want Tim anyway.” THAT, IMO, is what has gotten completely lost in all of this. Somehow the notion has been allowed to quietly fester that Tebow Fans don’t care how badly he plays. How awful the Team is. How much they lose. They’ll demand him to Play anyway. As though they’d rather see him humiliated on the Field than not see him at all. That is essentially the back-bone of the Anti-Tebow argument…one that’s never been voiced and, therefore, never refuted.

      But I think the truth is that Tebow Fans simply believe he’ll succeed and if that doesn’t happen, they’d much rather see him doing something else than showcase for more ridicule.

      If NFL GMs read some Tebow “Fan” sites, they have to be grinning thinking…”We’ve already begun to tame them.” There are only a couple teams he could legitimately be a “Back-Up”. And even those, they’d have to find a way to make use of his Talents as well. Pittsburgh would probably top that list. New England 2nd. But other than that, I think, as it relates to the NFL, it’s Start or leave.

      If the A-11 actually implements their Fan Equity, I’d prefer it’s leave and go help build something. If they don’t, I’ll be the biggest A-11 trasher there is…and they already are aware of that. We’ve talked about that very point several times.

      • The Mascot Army says:

        That is a great point. Tebow fans have seen him win, and have seen his critics proved wrong consistently. If anybody is grasping at straws to hold onto their preconceived notions, it is the haters. They have all their eggs in the compl% basket, which is a paper basket when you consider that he runs instead of using a checkdown (aka the comp% booster).

        His fans would keep quiet if he ever was the failure his critics keep predicting…it just hasnt happened yet. And they demand he plays until he actually does stop winning.

  2. tisa says:

    Please be wary of this. Do not allow the Tebow fan base to be used to promote something. If T2 ever joins this, then you can show your support, but right now he is trying to make an NFL team. This pushing the A11 is just for their benefit, not his.

    • Brandi says:

      I’m the one who has been pushing the A-11. And it’s not for their benefit. It’s because A) I think (hope) they’re doing it right. B) The NFL has quite simply, gone too far. Tim Tebow Fans are by far the biggest single bloc the NFL has ever seen. THAT is what has scared them off. Capitulate if you want to Tisa. But all that will happen is they will become even more arrogant than they already are. More dismissive of the Fans.

      I have been saying this over & over…Tim’s Fans should not run away from his popularity. And repeatedly I’ve been told by some Fans that Tebow Fans should sit down and shut up. Told that by those who had been dismissive of Tim all along SPECIFICALLY because they have one view of a Tebow Fan…summed up as a “TeaBagger”. This image has driven much of the Anti-Tebow Media. But what has driven NFL GMs & Head Coaches is their constant demand to be the sole voice.

      This attitude about Fans has nothing to do with Tim OR his Fans. It pre-dated all of that. It rears its ugly head in things like Chaz Schilens, a #4 WR fresh off the Practice Squad, calling out Jets Fans, cursing them, calling them Losers”, because they cheered for and called for Tim Tebow. And all his stream of hate-filled comments about the very Fans who afford him a job, was the pro-forma “We love our Fans” from Rex.

      Play the Game the way those who never liked Tim…or YOU, in the first place. See where it gets you. See where it’s gotten you already.

    • Lynn says:

      Tisa: I so agree with you; so long as Tim’s goal is to quarterback in the NFL it seems logical that his fans are pro-NFL. So far as I know Tim Tebow has not authorized Brandi to use his name and his likeness to promote the A11 league and it does not help his NFL cause and has the potential to cause him considerable harm.

      Buzzy Says Brandi is just pro T2 I dont think she is out of line of course I am pro Brandi

      • Sage says:

        Tebow needs to keep his options open. The NFL has turned a very cold shoulder toward him. For several years I’ve been wanting to believe things weren’t as they appeared, but again and again appearances have proved accurate.

        Right now, it appears that Tebow won’t have an NFL slot until fans are about to run one of the HCs or GMs out on rails.

        • The Mascot Army says:

          Yes. And last year was miserable, even with his being on an NFL team-more of the saem is in nobody’s interests. I want to see him play. His going to the A11, would not diminish his chances at playing in the NFL in the few years his detractors claim he needs anyway. The few years left of his career are being wasted. And being pro-A11 wouldnt require being anti-NFL, their seasons dont overlap. And when that small time league gets millions watching…watching tebow play well, somebody in the NFl will want Tebow…or the A11 can take off as superior sports entertainment.

          • kim says:

            that’s is the only I think tim tebow can get back in the nfl is to go and play in the a11 league and then the namesayers,presidents,gms,coaches can actually see all of tims improvements and the nfl will fighting to get tim back in the nfl where he belongs.

          • Brain says:

            Sage, Mascot Army, Kim: Do you know what percentage of players who go to other leagues return to the NFL? Almost none, you can name one or two from various leagues, but can you name a dozen? They are not a proving ground for NFL players, but a concession that you cannot play at the NFL level.

            The A-11 is appealing to Tebow fans that have no voice in his decisions. Why? Do they even presently have financing to launch their non-existent league? They offer Tebow opportunity to prove himself to the NFL in two years? Pleazzze. Is their concern Tim Tebow or is it their own financial gain? Is the A-11 goal for Tebow to play long-term in the NFL or to be the face of their league?

            As for the idea of fan ownership of A-11, remember that you don’t really have a voice until you have controlling/majority ownership.

            Are you up on the history of the failures of alternate leagues such as the USFL and the New USFL, also slated to launch in 2014 and now their website is down. Do you know how much the USFL paid players and that they did not provide health insurance for them? Yea, playing football is fun, but it also puts one’s long-term health at risk.

            Most significantly, have you ever heard Tim Tebow express a desire to play in an alternate league? Tebow fans seem to have a propensity for doing him harm by trying to control his destiny. I’m sorry, that is not the place of fans. Tim has agents and advisors and fans do not have a seat at the decision making table.

          • Brandi says:

            Sorry Brain…But Fans have the ONLY seat at the “decision making table”. If they choose to use it.

  3. Lynn says:

    Dear Brandi: “Woody Johnson told outraged Jets PSL Owners to call his Lawyers…” Brandi, I have been hoping that Tim Tebow’s lawyers would be sending you a cease and desist notice. I don’t believe that you speak for Tebow or that you have been authorized to use his name and likeness to promote the A-11 football league. I also do not believe that you speak for anywhere near the majority of Tim’s fans and those who are following you are likely doing so blindly not really understanding the consequences.

    Brandi, are you aware that TIM HAS BEEN TRYING TO STAY OUT OF THE MEDIA AND AVOID CONTROVERSY, while you are trying to whip up this big fan revolt against the NFL presumably as Tebow’s defender?

    Brandi, did you know that TIM TEBOW VERY MUCH WANTS TO PLAY QUARTERBACK IN THE NFL even while you are declaring war on that organization using his name and likeness?

    Brandi, you open your monologue with, “Sports Fans may not realize it; but Tim Tebow’s Fans are fighting for you…” But the truth is that FANS WHO TRULY LOVE TIM ARE TRYING VERY HARD TO SUPPORT HIM IN PART BY BEING CAREFUL NOT TO OFFEND THOSE WHO HOLD THE KEY TO NFL OPPORTUNITY FOR HIM.

    Brandi, you say, “this Tuesday there has been a huge push for the entire Galaxy of Tebow to Stand Up…” and then you go on to talk about the ego of the NFL. What about the ego of one who purports to speak for all of Tim Tebow’s millions of fans and uses Tim’s name and likeness for her own agenda, an agenda that Tim Tebow clearly has not endorsed?

    Brandi, you may be correct that, “(The A-11) vision includes Tim Tebow leading its newly selected Florida Team.” THE ONLY PROBLEM IS THAT THE A-11 LEAGUE IS NOT TIM TEBOW’S VISION; HE WANTS TO BE AN NFL QUARTERBACK.

    It does not matter why NFL teams want Tim to change positions; he is not changing positions and reportedly he has turned down more than one offer to play TE.

    You think, “NFL GMs and Head Coaches are paranoid about EVERYTHING.” Actually, what they fear is losing their job and I for one cannot blame them.

    “Football Fans should get on-board with this,” well I don’t know about that, but I would say that TEBOW FANS ON-BOARD WITH THIS ARE TRAITORS TO THE MAN THEY CLAIM TO SUPPORT.

    Finally, you write, “It is specifically because of the capricious manner in which the Jaguars sought to humiliate Tim Tebow that has Floridians and all Tebow Fans incensed and in an unforgiving mood.” Again, Brandi, you do not represent Tebow fans except in your mind and your accusations against the Jaguars are really over the top.

    If I were in an unforgiving mood, it would be against you Brandi, but that would be so un-Tebow like that I really cannot go that route and be his fan and defender. But I will say this one last thing Brandi, did it ever even for one moment occur to you that playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars at this time is not what is best for Tim Tebow’s long-term NFL career? Like Tim, I very much believe that GOD HAS A PURPOSE FOR TIM’S GOOD AND FOR HIS GLORY, FOR ALL THAT HAS TRANSPIRED AND FOR ALL THAT HAS NOT TRANSPIRED IN TIM’S NFL CAREER AND THAT INCLUDES HIS NOT BEING SIGNED BY THE JAGUARS AT THIS TIME.

    Brandi, I would like to say to you please sit down and shut up, but on this particular blog, I would likely be censored… So I will say only this… Tim Tebow has a host of agents, advisors, and family to help him make career decisions, and this may be disturbing to you I suppose, but TIM’S FANS DO NOT HAVE A VOTE IN WHERE HE PLAYS just as they do not have a vote in NFL management.

    • Brandi says:

      His Lawyers wouldn’t have to do anything. Robby follows me on Twitter and sees all that I post. I’ve DM’d him directly a couple times on this and gotten nothing negative back. But if I did, I’d drop it.

      • Lynn says:

        Brandi: Robby Tebow is following 132 Twitter accounts, many of which have multiple tweets each day. I would dare to guess that he does not read them all. I would say it is a stretch to interpret no response as endorsement.

        • Brandi says:

          That’s why I DM’d him…twice. As well as copying him on certain Tweets. I also know who has been the Intermediary between them and Tim. The only way to get closer to Tim’s Family would be to be a member of it.

          I don’t know if it is or not. But I know they think they are trying to do things in a most respectful manner to Tim. The two Founders are both Football Coaches and long-time Fans of Tim. One was calling Tim his absolute favorite QB long before they talked about forming a League.

          • Lynn says:

            Brandi: I am not nearly so concerned about what the A-11 league is doing as I am what you are doing in the name of Tim’s fans. I see A-11 parroting you, reporting your assertion that Tebow fans support his going to their league, and publishing Tim’s pictures modified to support A-11 that you created and tweeted.

            Again, as for your interpretation of Robby not responding to your tweets… Have you noticed that the several venues who have made formal offers for Tim’s services or made offers in the media also did not receive a response from Tebow’s people… and they did not assume that gave them permission to proceed. I would encourage you to either take it upon yourself to get an affirmative vote of support from Robby or Jimmy Sexton or temper your voice to your personal support of A-11.

    • tisa says:

      I absolutely agree with every word you have written, Lynn.

    • The Mascot Army says:

      Too harsh. There is NO bigger Tebow fan than I am, and my wanting to see him play and taking the optimistic position that if he cant play in the NFL, that the A11 is as good an option as canada and better than the arena league does not make me a traitor-and you have some nuts to say so. He may not play in the NFL this year, and that would be a huge waste. And A11 play wouldnt preclude his returnign to the NFL (as a starter)
      YOU are the one who is giving tebow a hard time. Let him keep his options open, show him that you’ll support and watch wherever he chooses to play. I’d rather see him play in another league than be stuck as a third stringer gimmick guy on a crummy franchise.
      And Brandi is completely correct about the Jaguars treatment of tebow. “Even if he’s released” was a slam so obvious that people thought it could be a ploy to get him cheap…it wasnt a ploy, it was the slam. And it likely had an effect on the rest of the job security paranoid cowards in the NFL who might have initially considered taking Tebow. Caldwell should have kept his fat inexperienced overconfident mouth shut like the tampering rules require. It amazes me that you can defend them while on your high horse.

      • Lynn says:

        Mascot Army: I can see why you would be offended at my calling you a traitor and I apologize; that was not my intention. My hope was that I would persuade you and others to see the potential pitfalls of what Brandi is doing and not support the effort. If I could edit my post I would soften the tone a bit, but I stand by my message 100%.

        Consider with me why the Jets did not play Tim more. There are two parts to the equation. First, why didn’t they roll out the promised “wildcat” or “Tebow Package” as promised? Mike Westhoff has said on the record he does not know the reason why that did not happen, but he said it had nothing whatsoever to do with Tim playing poorly in practice. If Westhoff does not know, likely nobody knows the reason it didn’t happen. Maybe it was simply an idea that didn’t work. Some think it hinged on Tony Sparano, but whatever the reason, it was something internal to the Jets.

        Second, why didn’t the Jets play Tim at QB when Mark was playing so poorly and yet they did play McElroy? Brian Costello reported that they feared “Tebowmania” would create a quarterback controversy. Does that make sense? It does to me. We know the Sanchez contract guaranteed him $8.25 million this year, so it stands to reason Mike Tannenbaum and Rex Ryan both feared they would lose their job if Mark failed completely. They could play McElroy, give Mark a bit of a jolt, and then go back to Sanchez with not too much controversy. But could they do that same thing with Tim? No, because of “Tebowmania” to play Tim was to continue playing him so long as his play was superior to Mark’s in even a small way – and then it was sure unemployment for both Tannenbaum and Rex. What would you do if you were wearing their shoes? It’s easy to say it should only be about winning, but when your job is on the line… maybe not so much.

        So… let’s consider if there was no “Tebowmania” and Tim had played even the last two games of the season and done well… what would that have done to his trade value and the demand for him now? But that did not happen… do you think it likely that Tim’s fans played a role in that not happening and his present unemployment?

        I would say there are at least three major reasons Tim does not have a job:
        –he is thought to play the option only and not as a drop-back QB (and some of his fans on other sites support this idea). Personally, I have followed the lead of Steve Young and I expect that Tim can and will do both well.
        –there is concern about Tim’s passing game, and again I follow Steve Young’s lead and agree that Tim needed to improve some things, which I am very hopeful has happened.
        –there are over bearing fans who have not allowed Tim time to develop and his team to manage the team and the game as they think best, so they simply opt to say, “no thank you.”

        It is not entirely true that the fans have no voice in NFL management; their voice is to buy the ticket or not buy the ticket, to watch the televised broadcast or to watch a competing program, etc. That is how free enterprise works; the consumer is seldom if ever ignored, but they do not have a direct vote on the Board of Directors.

        I have considered why the NFL rewrote their bylaws to disallow the community/fans to buy a franchise as Green Bay did with the Packers. At first blush it seems like that would be win-win, but it really is not unless all the teams are not-for-profit. I think you can see how the not-for-profit teams would have a clear advantage over teams owned by investors who expect a return on their investment. How do you earn a living? Do you want your employer’s competition to be a not-for-profit entity and if they are what does that do to your wages and benefits and working conditions? It has to be all one way or the other and presently 31 teams are profit-making entities and generally, that is the American way.

        • Valerie says:

          What are you suggesting? Should we not attend games, buy jerseys, cheer, or talk about Tim on social media? Isn’t that what all sports fans do? I would like to know what fan rules were broken? Last time I checked no stadiums were vandalized by the so-called Tebowmaniacs. There is a prejudice against Tim that no one wants to own up to so they blame his fans. I want Tim to be happy and hope it works out for him in the NFL. However I share the frustration with the NFL. They want to dictate to all who to like and basically tell us when to sit down and shutup after taking our hard earned money doesn’t sit well.

      • Lynn says:

        Mascot Army: I want to respond further to some specific things you wrote… I am going to use CAPS to separate my thoughts from yours, but try to read it as italics, which is not an option for me, and not as me shouting at you (smile).

        Your wanting to see Tim play and taking the optimistic position that if he can’t play in the NFL, that the A11 is as good an option as Canada and better than the arena league… I WOULD SUGGEST THAT THE OPTIMISTIC POSITION IS THAT TIM CAN AND WILL PLAY QB IN THE NFL.

        He may not play in the NFL this year, and that would be a huge waste… A11 play wouldn’t preclude his returning to the NFL (as a starter)… I’d rather see him play in another league than be stuck as a third stringer gimmick guy on a crummy franchise… FIRST, THE A11 IS NOT EVEN IN BUSINESS. SECOND, A FEW PLAYERS HAVE GONE TO THE CFL AND/OR AFL AND RETURNED TO THE NFL, BUT THAT IS ACTUALLY VERY RARE. TIM’S BEST HOPE OF REACHING HIS GOAL IS TO STAY IN THE NFL AND PAY HIS DUES. MUCH OF NFL “GREATDOM” IS BEING IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME.

        I am the one who is giving Tebow a hard time. Let him keep his options open, show him that you’ll support and watch wherever he chooses to play… I AM LEAVING ALL HIS OPTIONS OPEN WITHOUT TRYING TO INFLUENCE THEM, AND I AM SUPPORTING HIS DECISIONS, WHICH AT THE MOMENT IS TO TRY TO STAY UNDER THE RADAR AND GET SIGNED WITH AN NFL TEAM.



        • The Mascot Army says:

          I understand your telling brandi to slow down on the a11 thing, and that it may not be in tims interests, but i also believe that right now things look bleak. He should at least consider a11, or even usfl if nothing pans out ove th next however many months. I think the arena eague is more f a 1 wa trip than anything else.

          I do not buy this new line of blamin his fans for his not playing. Ryan didnt not play tebow because his fans would make it hard to bnch him, he ddn play tebow because he feared success wiuld make it hard to bench him. Ryan is in love with sanchez…thats th problem, not fans who are on the right side of reason.. This blaming the fans nonsense is just the lates of excuses because th statistical argumenrs ( both of them…that’s what theyre down to now) have fallen so short.

          I dont think good fits like the browns wont sign tebow because of his fans, its because they are afraid to buck conventional wisdom. They are going to not play him either way, they just dont want to hear about it when their plan inevitably flops.

          Anyway, we want the same thing, and thanks for being so civil. I like how pro tebow brandi is even if im not as anti nfl as she is.

    • Thrawn says:

      Completely agree. I think Tebow is realizing all this attention has turned into a negative for him. He’s having a hard enough time finding a job in the NFL without some of his fans appearing to go to crazy lengths, such as Gator alumni lawyers making a commercial or petitions to the White House. (Or complaining about Obama giving a gay basketball player a phone call for coming out, but not calling Tebow for being a swell guy.)

      He has been keeping a low profile and people keep trying to use his name to sell a product he’s not even a part of at the moment.

      I get that his fans are frustrated, and want to take a proactive approach on Timmy’s behalf, but I have a feeling some of you are overestimating just how powerful the pro-Tebow movment really is. This really could backfire for him.

      Tebow already has advisors working for him, and I think they are taking the right approach. Keep a lower profile, work on his weaknesses, and try to find a way to market his new and improved skillset down the road. It just ain’t gonna happen with his fans taking the mob mentality banging people’s doors down in an effort to force him on to a roster. Even if by some fluke that actually gets him on to a team, it ain’t gonna end well. It will create division in the locker room for those that actually had to earn a spot and didn’t have people forcing them on to a roster due to politics.

      Let him and his advisors figure out the problem. His fans want to deny they play a role in him seemingly getting every door slammed in his face. It gets easier to believe the case when a petition goes to the White House to force him on the Jags though. From where I am sitting, it really does appear to be a major factor in him not playing for another team right now. I may not have thought much of him as a quarterback, but I don’t believe he’s worse than all of the third and 4th string QBs in this league either, but he’s sure getting treated like it. When I ask myself what is different about Tebow and those other guys who get to at least hold a clip board, I can only come to that circus being the difference. That might be media driven, but riddle me this….. What fuels the media circus? Why is it there to begin with?

      Personally, I think Tebow will be better off a year or two from now if rather than staging some rebellion against the NFL, the more “activist” Tebow fans should probably cool it for awhile.

      • The Mascot Army says:

        It’s simpler tan you know- the media circus is fueled by coaches benching Tebow for Orton and Sanchez…for weeks and weeks of losing. That is completely justifiable. I agree with you on the lawyer and the petition and the rest of the nonsense, and on his keeping a low profile. But internet talk about his considering the theoretical A11 if the NFL CONTINUES to give him the cold shoulder is not detrimental to his chances at starting at some point in the NFL.
        These are separate things.

        • Lynn says:

          “Internet talk,” that at any time can be picked up and reported in the mainstream media all over America… I can see the headlines now, “Tebow fans want him out of the NFL.”

        • Thrawn says:

          It isn’t just that though. Few things generated more clicks and ratings than stories about Tebow. It isn’t just a fanatical following either, cuz guys that don’t like him seem to tune in as well. The networks love the debate. There is some word out there that even Skip Bayless was asked to be more controversial with his comments to keep that going. Basically asked to turn his support for Tebow a step further almost to the point of trolling.

          But I tend to think that if A-11 wants to capitalize on Tebow’s name to generate some buzz…. shouldn’t he actually be on board that boat to begin with? i get why some of his fans would encourage the move, but it is as if A-11 is planning the wedding already before he even accepted their proposal. That just seems wrong IMO.

          • The Mascot Army says:

            To be honest, i havent read or seen anything about the a11 except on here and when i googled it.

          • Larry says:

            “i get why some of his fans would encourage the move, but it is as if A-11 is planning the wedding already before he even accepted their proposal.”

            Perfect analogy.

            TMA: As I pointed out below, A11FL talk is mostly on twitter.

    • Larry says:

      I agree with Lynn, too.

  4. Sage says:

    Lynn, that’s a pretty crabbed view about speech on the Internet. I’m glad we don’t all have to take marching orders from you on what we can say and not say.

    • Lynn says:

      Sage: I think I have answered your response to me elsewhere and there is nothing more to say, so I won’t repeat myself. But know that I hear you and I hope you will consider my response to others as addressed to you also. I would only add that the internet is a very public forum, and this is not the first place I have heard Brandi’s support of Tebow to A11 and I am genuinely concerned. Blessings!

      • Jon says:

        The simple fact is this. Peyton,Tom,Ben,Drew and other top tier QBs,get rusty after not playing for an extended period of time.Tim needs playing time and it is obvious that he isnt going to get it in the NFL.The A11FL is the logical place for him to land and re-energize his career.You keep focusing on Brandi using Tim’s name or likeness to promote the new league butwhat I see is someone showing Tim,what could be.Tom,Peyton and the others have been the faces of the NFL for years. Tim could be just the face to lift a new league. Brandi is doing nothing wrong. She, like many other Tebow fans,wants to see a more aggressive Tim when it comes to his career.I am not purporting to speak for all Tebow fans butthere are many of us who would have liked to see him be more vocal in NYC.I personally believe that the A11FL is the right place and the right time for him.He and his fans could help launch a legitimate league. We dont want Tim to play for playing sake. We want him in the best position for his talents. Putting him in the No Fun League as a backup or an option specialist,is just dumb.I want him to start and show the NFL just how weak Brady and the others are,with the empty accomplishment of completion percentage artificially inflated by the check down pass. Take that from those guys and guess what? Tebow is elite with RG3 and Kaepernick while those who cant run,Brady and Manning among others will be the second tier.Stop baggin on Brandi and refocus your efforts on what we all want:Success for Tim.

  5. tisa says:

    The problem here is not Timmy ” keeping his options open”. No one knows if he even considers this an option. A “Tebow Tuesday” rebellion against the NFL could very well take away his options. Until he says so, I want nothing to do with it. We support him in what he says he wants to do, not what someone else says he should do. I am not making decisions based on what someone other than Tebow has to say about his future. If he has a work out scheduled, as rumored, this may get it cancelled.

    • Larry says:

      “No one knows if he even considers this an option.”

      That’s exactly it. The A11FL isn’t showing Tim respect. Showing Tim respect would be contacting him personally, privately, & trying to persuade him to come over to their league. And, yes, I realize we don’t know whether or not A11FL have done that. But we do know they’ve made this all very public, making appeals to Tebow fans, & it just smacks of using Tim’s popularity for PR to me. As I said before, until they started throwing around Tim’s name, I’d never heard of the A11FL. And I bet I’m not the only one here who can say that.

      Also, as I’ve mentioned previously, it’s my understanding the A11FL isn’t even starting until 2015. I can’t see Tim going in this direction unless he has no other alternatives. And maybe not even then.

    • Larry says:

      Something else just occurred to me about the A11FL’s tactics in this. They seem to be trying to use Tebow’s fans to persuade Tim to join their league. Does anyone doubt that that person that was posting here about the A11FL earlier called “graduate” wasn’t from the A11FL? That person was going to a Tebow site to get support for Tebow being in the A11FL. That’s not respect, that’s manipulation. I have to wonder if this league HAS contacted Tim, tried to get him to come over to their league, & he turned them down. And using his fans to get him to change his mind might be Plan B.

      Everything A11FL’s doing reminds me of when the Jets got Tebow. They “showed him respect” by having him do the presser, then do that stupid video of him seeing his locker & uniform for the first time, and even had him do multiple interviews w/their interview guy as though Tim was an important member of the team. But when the season finally rolled around, did they show him any respect then? Of course not. Because they were just using him.

      I’d love for another football league to come along & be a success. I can’t stand most of the people I’ve seen running the NFL. But this is not the way to do this. A league that has to resort to promoting their league on twitter by using Tebow’s name & has to even get someone to post on Tebow fansites pushing the A11FL is strictly amateur hour. And it’s at Tim’s expense.

      • Lynn says:

        Larry, you are very insightful. All too often we are followers and let our emotions lead us and we are not critical thinkers. That is not a slam on anyone, but it is a reminder to be wise.

      • Larry says:

        “Does anyone doubt that that person that was posting here about the A11FL earlier called “graduate” wasn’t from the A11FL?”

        Sorry-I meant *was* from the A11FL.

    • Lynn says:

      Tisa: How did you say that so well with so few words and it took me so many paragraphs? You hit the nail right on the head. I salute you and I agree with you completely!

  6. BuzzyBuzzard says:

    Come on G&G lets stick togather
    Brandi not selling tickets to A-11 she is just writing about what she thinks She has always been Pro Tim Tebow
    Sorry Brandi

  7. tawk2 says:

    I will back Tim no matter where he choose to go. But I want to hear it from him, not from the media or rumors.

    I truly believe Tim has not given up on the NFL it is his childhood dream to play as a starting quarterback in the NFL. I really don’t think hurdles in his way will make him give up on his dream. Tim will only learn from it and work even harder to fulfill his dream.

    We all need to band together in support of Tim, and wait until we hear it from him that he wants to go to another league or pursue another avenue in his life.

    Go TEBOW we believe in you!

  8. Lynn says:

    tawk2: EXACTLY! Fans by definition are followers.

    • Thrawn says:

      Agreed, which is why I find this new trend of fans being more proactive in trying to force the issue of putting Tebow on a team somewhere kind of disturbing. The tail is trying to wag the dog.

      I can see what Brandi is trying to do, which is bigger than Tebow. But if you are going to try to rile fans up and get them to beat down the door of the NFL headquarters to be more about the fans, it has to come from a lot more than Tebow fans. Right now it looks more like an attempt to lobby for a job for Tebow, and that is only going to hurt Tebow. He and the way the league has treated him might have been the catalyst behind that, but it will be an art keeping Tebow separate from that sort of movment. Othwerwise, it becomes Exhibit A for the critics on how crazy Tebowmania can be.

      Good luck on that, and I’ll be watching. (Can’t help it, I’m an observer.) But my prediction is that if this becomes about Tebow and getting the league to do something about bringing a popular player back (trying to force the issue with one team) with a questionable skillset… it can onlt end in failure. It would be best to keep Tebow COMPLETELY out of that fight.

      • Valerie says:

        I truly don’t think that most of his fans are trying to push him towards the A-11. They just want him to be employed and not disappear like the NFL wants. We also want him to know that we will support him if he chooses an alternative.

  9. The Mascot Army says:

    Is there really some huge a11 push going on? Seems pretty insignificant t me. The steakhouse ( or whatve it was)offer got more press. Id like to see him start this year in the nfl, or back up an older nfl stud qb, but if those dont work out, id like to see him play somewhere before he loses too many years of his career.

    • Larry says:

      Although it hasn’t gotten press yet (which is a surprise), it’s not insignificant on twitter. Both the founder of the league & the official A11FL twitter feed have mentioned Tim numerous times, tweeted higher profile Tebow fans about getting Tebow into the league, & even declared tomorrow #TebowTuesday.



    • Sage says:

      Ya, when so much of Tebow’s game has been based on strength and speed, it’s a shame that he’s sat on the bench for 2 of the first 3 years.

      It may be more important that he play than that he play in the NFL. I still wish he’d go for MLB, but obviously that’s not going to happen.

      • The Mascot Army says:

        Exactly. Tebow’s strength and speed and perseverance are what makes him so fun to watch , and it would be a huge waste if he didn’t play until he was older only to turn into an old joe flacco pocket passer type. those guys are a dime a dozen. boring.

    • Thrawn says:

      Asked several people, and the only people I normally talk to that even heard of the A-11… were also Tebow fans. I honestly hadn’t even heard of it until I saw a mention of it from Brandi somewhere. When I googled it, there is very little talk about it, except among Tebow fans. in fact, and it seemed almost every Tebow fan I know is aware of the A-11. Most people outside of that still hadn’t even heard of it. You’d think with the marriage proposal from them to Tebow and his fanbase seemingly the only ones that know about the A-11, that the league was created for him.

      • The Mascot Army says:

        haha, it might be. I wonder if the all powerful nfl has told the networks to keep their mouths shut about the a11 the same way they had espn can the show playmakers. it really is suspicious that the networks dont mention the a11 while mentioning the arena league offers daily.

        • Thrawn says:

          It is also probably because few of the networks think the A-11 will amount to anything. We have new leagues, shows, and new sporting events trying to pop up all the time and flop within a year or two. XFL? American Gladiators? WNBA? USFL 2.0?

          • The Mascot Army says:

            xfl had a lot of press and attention at the time. i still remember the race to the ball in the beginning, which I thought was pretty cool. and “he hate me”

            I think if espn didnt have monday night, they might be boosting it a bit because it would give their biggest rival a hard time.

            probably not, but fun to consider.

            people like watching football and an offseason league with tebow would definitley be something watched, at least as much as most of the reality junk on nowadays.

          • Thrawn says:

            No doubt on the reality shows. Wife watches one called “dance moms.” A generation or two ago, the people on there would have been beaten down in the street with a tack hammer. Those women take their daughter’s status ten times more seriously than THEY do. It is like a pack of Patsy Ramsey’s there. Now they get a show. Got a bunch of idiots doing just about anything for a show. Had a family just north of Denver try to get one by staging a hoax of having their kid allegedly taking off in a balloon that was shaped like a flying saucer. Tied up emergency services and everything.

            Think we should just flush the toilet on some of these networks and start over. can’t believe people watch that crap.

          • The Mascot Army says:

            I agree completely.

  10. jason says:

    With this story I don’t get being upset about the NFL.
    I guess if tebow does get picked up by a team we’ll get a story about how the NFL had a tea pick tebow up because the NFL was affraid of the mighty a11.

    • Brandi says:

      This has been brewing with the NFL for years. It came close to boiling over when the League threatened to sue Churches for holding Super Bowl Parties.

      • jason says:

        The NFL isn’t going anywhere even if tim goes to the a11. I know plenty of tebow fans that as much as they lov tim still love the NFL and will the a11 try to compete with timme slots against the NFL….nope they won’t.
        Which means they’ll add to football fans to enjoy not take on the NFL.
        I’ll take any bet you want that the a11 won’t beat out the NFL even if tim is their poster child…he does have to have other teams worth watching to play and all the best NFL QBs aren’t going to the a11.
        If you do know the business of football you should clearly know such things.

    • tisa says:

      Jason, don’t put this A11 thing off on Tebow fans. You can see who it is originating with. Most of us think Tebow is patiently waiting for a call from the NFL, not seeking to start a revolution.

      • jason says:

        Tisa I don’t put it on tebow fans at all. I se that brandi writes great articles. My point is just like with when geno got picked brandi just knew that it would be tebow, geno and garrard with I think tebow as starter. She goes with what sales which I don’t knock really at all on a business level. On a personal level i’ about what is not how its claimed.
        I’m not knocking tebow fans at all just cutting into what the next piece or sale will be coming from brandi. I like brandi and her views but what will come with tim making it or not in the NFL I was just saying what I think will come from brandi. That’s all it is.

        • tisa says:

          Jason, I followed Brandi for a while until I got a sense of what she or he, we don’t know, was up to. She made a lot of predictions several months ago that never panned out and I unfollowed her. I don’t see where any of their efforts have been successful. I have been checking several fan sites and I haven’t seen anyone seriously pushing this and it isn’t really out on the internet other than twitter and here. Buzzy may have the biggest Troll of all on his hands. All of this is Anti-NFL not Pro-Tebow. I don’t think a true Tebow fan would support Tebow’s name and reputation being used this way. We wait for him to decide.

  11. Larry says:

    OK, this is NOT respect. Now they’re even using Tim’s image-a copyrighted image, too, I believe-as their cover picture on their Facebook page:


    And most of the people I see over there I recognize as Tebow fans from twitter. This would be fine if Tim’s signed to the A11FL, but I haven’t heard that he has.

    Also, they’re now saying the league’s supposed to start in Spring of 2014. Up until today, the motto was “#15 in 2015”. Tim’s lawyer should be calling these people immediately.

    • Thrawn says:

      His lawyer sure was making a lot of noise a year ago when that guy made the Jesus shirts with the word “Jesus” made like the Jets logo, and his name was merely IMPLIED with all that. I’m wondering if there isn’t indeed something in the works already, or else I would have expected Tebow to flatline the use of his name to promote a league that won’t exist for a couple more years.

      • Larry says:

        I think it’s like you said: having the possibility that Tebow would become the face of a football league that would be a rival of the NFL isn’t a bad thing to have out there. Theoretically, it could prompt the NFL to say “Somebody sign him before this becomes reality”. But this is taking it way too far. Also, I think Tim objected to those shirts due to the faith angle. That’s more important to him than simply using his own image.

        • Thrawn says:

          Yeah, but on the flipside, one could argue that the A11FL courting Tebow this way pretty much makes them a non-threat. I mean, a 46% passer. league leader in three and outs, and overall offensive rankings near the bottom even when some games were won… and THAT guy is the face of their league?

          A league that doesn’t seem to have a lot of respect for Tebow may not exactly be shaking in their boots if he is the star of that league. They didn’t think much of him to begin with as a QB, or he’d be on a roster, circus or not. (Part of why the circus is such a problem is because he’s not seen as a good QB.)

        • Lynn says:

          Larry: Do you honestly believe that the NFL might be threatened by the A-11? Not a chance. I have no way to know if the media is privy to this A-11 thing or not, but I do know they sometimes sit on things until what they perceive to be an “opportune time” and I promise you the NFL and the media will only use this to mock Tim Tebow and further hurt his chances in the NFL.

          • Larry says:

            Lynn: No, especially now that I know more about them. However, their use of Tim’s image hadn’t gotten so blatant until “Tebow Tuesday”, so there was no real reason for him to be calling his lawyer. We’ll see what he does from here, if anything.

  12. Larry says:

    And they’ve got a bunch of mock football cards w/Tebow:


    As I said before, they seem to be trying to use Tim’s fans to convince him to join the A11FL.

  13. Thrawn says:

    Wow… either they are desperate to get this thing off the ground and are using Tebow’s base to do it, or maybe there really is something going on behind the scenes with Tebow.


    That league could get buried before it starts if it gets off on the wrong foot and is slammed with a lawsuit from Tebow Inc. before it ever launches. If THAT happens, they will already have a reputation for shady practices.

    Not sure Tim Tebow’s handlers would have a problem with it though. they could be thinking that being courted like this is actually a good and useful thing in getting an NFL team to jump.

    • Larry says:

      I agree w/you, Thrawn. As of about 7 hours ago, according to the official twitter feed of the A11FL, Tim was not signed to their league.

  14. Larry says:

    Yeah, as I said before, this is all about A11FL using Tebow’s fans to get him to join their league:


    “Some fans of Tim Tebow have designated tomorrow #TebowTuesday on Twitter. The idea is to light up the social media sphere with support for Tim Tebow joining the A11FL. We asked Scott McKibben, CEO and League Commissioner, what he thought since he’s one of the main people here who’s trying to make this happen. Here’s his response:

    ‘We appreciate all of the interest by Tim Tebow’s fans in bringing him to the A11FL. We’d like nothing more than to find a way to make that happen. We’re working collectively to find a way to do so that benefits everyone concerned.’

    Of course, all of us at A11FL will be more than happy to share details with Tebow’s fans and our A11 followers of any news related to trying to bring him to our League once we are able. Who knows what #TebowTuesday will lead to, but we’re excited to see how tomorrow plays out. In the meantime, below is our way of supporting the effort to make this happen. Also, check out our Facebook page tomorrow and add to your comments at http://www.facebook.com/allfl

    They say here that “some fans” have designated today as Tebow Tuesday, when the A11FL official twitter page has been promoting today as Tebow Tuesday for over a week. And they “appreciate” Tebow’s fans’ interest, which they’ve been trolling for on twitter & even this site every day for weeks. smh…

    Obviously, Tim wouldn’t take their calls or just flat-out said “NO”, so they’re trying to use US to get him to change his mind. Sleazy, manipulative, amateurish.

    • Lynn says:

      Larry: Does this smack of some “Tebow Fans” not believing that he can or will make it in the NFL since they seem to be the only ones driving the All machine at the moment? It will surely be easy enough for the mainstream press to read it that way if/when they pick up the story.

      • tisa says:

        Very good point, Lynn!

      • Larry says:

        Lynn: I think there are multiple reasons for it, including being fed up w/the NFL. But as you said, it would be easy for the media to interpret it as not believing in Tim.

        • Valerie says:

          Not true and the media has proven that they will spin a story to suit their agenda. We always believe in Tim but for some reason his fans aren’t allowed an opinion without being mislabeled. FB players only have a short time to play and it doesn’t serve him well to be inactive too long. Not an endorsement for the A-11 but ihe needs to play soon.

    • Thrawn says:

      “Yeah, as I said before, this is all about A11FL using Tebow’s fans to get him to join their league”

      Agreed, and it does seem shady and manipulative… and Brandi seems to be trying to lead the charge. I believe she is doing it for the right reasons and the A11 is pretty smart to try and do this by establishing a huge fanbase before it ever opens up. But it is still a shady practice without Tebow ACTUALLY being involved with the league on any level. Something just ain’t adding up here.

      The A11FL is kidding themselves if they think they are going to be on equal ground with the NFL. I read an article that said they had no intention of being a “minor league” but more of a peer with the NFL. Sounds a lot like what the XFL was saying. Good luck luring NFL stars over to that league though to be competetive.

      Might be able to start a league on the other side of the planet if enough interrest can be generated. For a long time, in the hockey world, the NHL really had no rival league. Sure, we had some euro leagues and the Swedish Elite among others. But it wasn’t until the KHL came out in Russia where they were able to offer contracts competetive enough with the NHL to lure many stars over there. Jaromir Jagr was once one of the better players in the NHL and he spent 3 years in the KHL when still more or less in his prime.

  15. The Mascot Army says:

    That’s all pretty interesting stuff. It still beats ” so and so gm from some garbage organization has said they have no interest in signing Tebow”
    I just want to watch him play non arena league games, I almost don’t care where.

  16. Larry says:

    (I posted this before w/the links, but that’s going to be under comment moderation forever, so I’m reposting this & modifying the links.)

    Yeah, as I said before, this is all about A11FL using Tebow’s fans to get him to join their league:

    a11fl(dot)com / blog(dot)h t m l

    “Some fans of Tim Tebow have designated tomorrow #TebowTuesday on Twitter. The idea is to light up the social media sphere with support for Tim Tebow joining the A11FL. We asked Scott McKibben, CEO and League Commissioner, what he thought since he’s one of the main people here who’s trying to make this happen. Here’s his response:

    ‘We appreciate all of the interest by Tim Tebow’s fans in bringing him to the A11FL. We’d like nothing more than to find a way to make that happen. We’re working collectively to find a way to do so that benefits everyone concerned.’

    Of course, all of us at A11FL will be more than happy to share details with Tebow’s fans and our A11 followers of any news related to trying to bring him to our League once we are able. Who knows what #TebowTuesday will lead to, but we’re excited to see how tomorrow plays out. In the meantime, below is our way of supporting the effort to make this happen. Also, check out our Facebook page tomorrow and add to your comments at (removed)”

    They say here that “some fans” have designated today as Tebow Tuesday, when the A11FL official twitter page has been promoting today as Tebow Tuesday for over a week. And they “appreciate” Tebow’s fans’ interest, which they’ve been trolling for on twitter & even this site every day for weeks. smh…

    Obviously, Tim wouldn’t take their calls or just flat-out said “NO”, so they’re trying to use US to get him to change his mind. Sleazy, manipulative, amateurish.

  17. andrea says:

    Speaking of dumb shows – this upcoming Jesse James/Eric Decker reality shows sounds like a loser.

  18. lalalala says:

    Sorry Buzzy, I know you love Brandi, but she misrepresents herself. 99% of her followers on twitter are FAKE, she buys them to boost her standing and clout. I have proof. 🙂

    And Brandi’s real name is probably Brandon or Bradley or some guy name. lol. You don’t find it odd that RBL’s website is embedded with Kate Upton videos and photos of half naked women?

    Buzzy Says : Hey take it easy with the Bashing and i am not in love with anyone I dont agree with every thing either also no sex slurs

  19. tisa says:

    I just binged and googled and found nothing about Tebow Tuesday or him going to A11. Ron Jaworski’s offer is there but the legitimate media isn’t covering this at all. The only place I see it is here and Twitter. On Twitter it is coming from Brandi and Tebow Fan Club and one other person. And there is the bogus trading card. I am with Lynn, the Tebows need to get a cease and desist order.

  20. andrea says:

    I think Tebow has played it well this offseason.Losing weight,getting in top-notch shape and for the most part not talking to reporters.It is becoming quite apparent that the “Tebow Circus” is being caused by the mainstream media.
    I hope the owners are taking notice that Tebow is not causing the media frenzy and they will take that into account.
    For my money – the less Tebow appears in the media the better his chances are in getting picked by a team.

    This is just my humble opinion.

  21. BuzzyBuzzard says:

    well you people may not like this post But it sure lit up the comments

  22. Lynn says:

    Here is the answer to all your NFL concerns! When Tim Tebow is finished with his NFL playing career, 10-15 years from now… he can become the NFL Commissioner (smile)!


  23. Richard says:

    The A11FL is based on the A11 Offense that was started years ago by a couple of high school coaches. One of them Kurt Bryan. They are trying to make it into a professional springtime league. They even bought the rights to old USFL team names to try and give them a boost in popularity. How many fans would follow a league that is not the USFL but the A11FL with original USFL team names. Not many, like I said they did this for attention also. The A11FL is also basing some of their funding on “crowdfunding”, wanting the fans to own part of the teams and give them somewhat of a say so in how the league is run. They use the “Green Bay” scenario as a premise. They also are trying to use EB-5 green card visa funding to bring foreign investors into the league, This would allow a foreign investor who invests $1 million in an American business a green card to come to this country as long as it also resulted in 10 American jobs being created not including the foreign investor or their family. They are going to have four exhibition games in 2014 to showcase their brand of football and to garner investors for their league, they do not have the funding yet to even start the league much less try and sign Tim to be the face of it. It is their ploy to use Tim to make them viable, do not be fooled. I tried to warn Tim’s Fans of this several weeks ago on one of his Fan Clubs on Facebook. “Caveat Emptor”.

    Buzzy Says Let the Buyer beware

    • Larry says:

      Thank you for the info, Richard. I thought this seemed suspicious & it clearly is.

      • Marc says:

        It is true that this new league is using “Crowdfunding” and the EB-5 visa program. Their CTO (Chief Technology Officer)is Chris Schuring. If you check out his file on LinkedIn, or Zoominfo you will find that his job description, raising money for the league includes using “Crowdfunding” and the EB-5 visa program. This is something the league denied they were using when questioned about it. There has also been independent verification that someone has bought Facebook likes to make the A11FL seem more popular than it really is. Some of the likes may be legit Tim fans but to go from 300 likes on a page to over 4500 over night is quite unusual to say the least. Through sources I have, the reason for the 2014 showcase games by the A11FL is to gain attention and investors for their league. They had 2 individuals gain the rights to many old USFL team names also. Why would a new league want to have other league team names, right down to the cities they played in if it was not to gain interest in their league. Can they not come up with their own team names to accompany their A11FL brand? Now the ride on Tim’s coattails, all to promote their league, for their interests not Tim’s. As far as I know this A11FL is not even on Tim’s radar, and should stay that way.

    • Jason says:

      I have to agree Richard. I have looked into the A11FL as well, they do not impress me at all.

  24. Paul Cunningham says:

    Hi Everyone. The Poster “Richard” is Richard Cotton from the USFL Nation fan club on Facebook. He will say whatever he can to try and sabotage the A11FL and has zero inside information about what is going on with the A11FL. He has no connection to any of the executive team whatsoever and is in no position to say what the A11FL will or won’t do because he has no knowledge. He is a speculator. Anyone who disputes anything he says, please be prepared for nasty rebuttals and outright insults.

    • Jason says:

      This A11FL should have showed up with everything in place from A to Z. If a business entity shows up purporting to be a “Major” football league like this one, engages in the practices that I am seeing for myself reeks of mid level minor league football, it reminds me of the UFL. I see nothing here but a fancy website and a Facebook page. I will use a line from Jerry McGuire, Show us the money. Where are the teams? Cities? Surely they have big name coaches? Does anyone realize how many so called pro football league wannabees are on Facebook? They are like the stars in the sky. Tim’s agent and advisors will not let a league like this even come close to him.

  25. t-bow phan says:

    Go A11FL go for it with Tebow!

  26. Billy says:

    Tebow’s fans need to continue to stand up and defend what is right for him. I find it appalling that this league that no one has heard of before has the gall to even try and use his fame to promote themselves. I would hope Tebow’s atty’s have been notified of this rude attempt.

  27. Ann says:

    Why would anyone do this to Timmy!!!!!!! Go home A11FL.

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