Tebow returns to Jacksonville, but not that way

 by Mike Florio

At a time when the Jaguars aren’t interested in bringing Tim Tebow home to Jacksonville, he went there anyway.

Via the Florida Times-Union, Tebow was in town Friday night to speak at New Life Christian Fellowship.  As he did earlier this month in Michigan, he said nothing about his NFL future.

Tebow did offer one funny, self-deprecating jab at his NFL past.

“One of my favorite stories, ironically, was against the New York Jets,” Tebow said, referring to the game-winning touchdown run for the Broncos, in a 2011 Thursday night game.  “And probably my greatest Jets highlight, I guess.”

The Jaguars remain uninterested in allowing Tebow to create similar highlights for them, even though in 2012 the Jags tried to trade for Tebow.  Jaguars legend Tony Boselli recently suggested that Tebow possibly could be a “franchise quarterback,” but Boselli agreed with the Jaguars’ decision to steer clear of Tebowmania.

“What team wants to bring a guy who’s a developing player onto their roster when he’s going to be a complete distraction — through no fault of his own — and become a disruption in the locker room?” Boselli said.  “It becomes all about that — whether he is going to play, whether it’s going to work — and the rest of the team is saying, ‘We’re trying to win ballgames.’  I feel bad for Tim because I don’t think it’s all his fault.  It’s outside circumstances and people who are making it tough on him.”

Still, Tebow’s image feels partially scripted and contrived.  Though he seems to be a good person, there’s a too-good-to-be-completely-true element that Tebow and/or those close to him possibly have helped perpetuate.  Many casual fans have bought it completely, prompting them to skew their view of his football abilities.

Unless a team is willing to embrace Tebow and Tebowmania, making him the starting quarterback no matter how bad he is in practice or the first 3.75 quarters of a close game, it won’t work.  With no team willing to do that for 2013, the question becomes whether a team that stinks this season will decide that, for 2014, it can stink again without Tebow — or it can stink with him.


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9 Responses to “Tebow returns to Jacksonville, but not that way”

  1. Sage says:

    Florio is a hollow soul.

  2. Thrawn says:

    I was thinking last week that perhaps part of the lack of interrest of teams signing Tebow and getting a look was due to most rosters being content with where they were. A lot of teams filled most of the spots before Tebow was even released.

    However, I’m thinking I was wrong as teams are still looking at QBs.


    Apparently Off-The-Marcus Russell is actually generating some interrest.

  3. SB says:

    I will entertain and debate Tebow’s football ability with anyone and listen open-mindedly as long as it’s not someone who has a personal bias against him. Mike Floria is exactly one of those people. He clearly dislikes him and it’s personal.

    However, when people start questioning his character and integrity, that’s where I get really indignant. I’ve had this argument before…the proof that Tebow is real and genuine can be proven by Elliot Spitzer – the NY gov who was caught in a scandal with an escort while still in office. He was a middle aged, married politician who was caught in an extra marital affair. The girl he was seeing was paid, I believe, 7 figures for her story. What story? Escort caught with middle aged, married politician. No surprise, happens all too often.

    Tebow, on the other hand, is a young, good looking, wealthy, elite, most famous athlete in the world. He is also on record stating he’s saving himself for marriage. He is human and has desires like all of us. Thousands and thousands of beautiful women want him and would do anything to be with him, even one night stands. That is very difficult to resist no matter who you are and again, he’s human. I was even told of one of these stories by a FL student at a S.C/FL game during Tim’s sr year….a girl he knew was determined to get him and was at a gathering where he was and she cornered him, got on top of him and tried removing his clothes. He told her to stop, she wouldn’t, so he picked her up and removed her from his lap. The guy telling me this knew the girl and said Tebow knew the girl prior and never spoke to her again after that.

    So my point is, if he is even slightly, somewhat, possibly fake, contrived, dis-in genuine, etc, etc, what’s the one thing he’d probably indulge in to any degree? The one thing that is offered to him more than anything else – women.

    And I’ve heard people say that he definitely has and you just haven’t heard about it. And that’s my point. If the escort caught with a married politician, got paid 7 figures for her non-story, what’s the girl or girls or whoever going to get for Tebow? Would be the biggest story of the year, bar none. And if two people know, it’s not a secret, so it would definitely come out. No one would be able to keep that quiet.

    I’m obviously a huge Tebow fan and I do not believe that he is done in the NFL. He has things that he definitely needed to improve on and it sounds like this offseason, he may have actually done that. I’m very excited about watching him play again. I’ve been watching and playing football all my life and I never had as much excitement as when I watched him play. He does give room for criticism for his play on the field, but he has not done a single thing to date for anyone to question his character or integrity!

    • SB says:

      Oh, and this is my own personal view on this matter, but feel free to use it anytime you come across someone who questions his integrity and thinks he’s fake! 🙂

    • The Mascot Army says:

      The only people who question his character are people who don’t know him.

  4. lalalala says:

    At least he acknowledges that the media or people like himself are responsible for Tebow not getting signed, even though he won’t mention “media” by name. But that’s who he’s basically referring to. It’s a step I suppose. Unlike Mike Silver who blames everything on Tebow’s crazy fans.

  5. susie b says:

    Florio is a scumbag, desperate for internet-HITS on his writing like everyone in the media these days. This is why they keep writing about Tebow, even when they never covered him before or there’s no new news, they KNOW that an article about Timmy will generate interest/hits.

    As for Tebow’s image being scripted & contrived? Florio is a desperate, envious ass. I may not like every single thing Tebow does or says but he seems the MOST GENUINE good person I’ve ever come across. In my life. If you haven’t read much about him, I can see why you might think NO ONE can be that squeaky clean. So caring of others. Especially a PRO ATHLETE in today’s society. But this guy is. ANYone who has ever come into personal contact with him, just beams &/or gushes.

    A couple years ago, in some book about college football, I read a personal Tebow-interaction blurb by a fellow Gator student & this one anecdote convinced me he IS the genuine, solid-gold-hearted man. The guy student was walking across campus & ran into Tebow, who was with several of his friends. The guy was excited & wanted to take a photo but his camera/phone was in the car about 10 minutes away & he asked if Tebow would wait til he ran to get it. The guy comes back & there is Tebow, alone, waiting for him while his friends went on without him. WHAT OTHER big-shot college athlete would have done that?! Heck, I don’t know if nobody-me would have done it, even if the guy wanted to pay me for the photo! It’s a small anecdote but to me it represents EVERYthing about the kind of man Tebow is.


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