Shad Racking My Brain

Jacksonville Jaguars Owner Shahid Khan has definitely stepped into the fire. Will he come out un-scorched? Well, it may depend on how everything plays out.

Khan can say what the Jaguars do is not about wanting Tebow or not wanting Tebow till his mustache wax dries. Nobody believes him. The only relatively easy way out of this for Shad is if another NFL Owner steps up and says Tim’s his Guy. Then the only thing Khan will have to deal with is the many Tebow Fans who will never forgive him. How bad will it get?

Well, Wayne Weaver was the consummate benevolent Owner. He brought the Jaguars to Jacksonville in the 1st place. He and his wife were pillars of the Philanthropic Community in the Region for decades. It’s hard to even count all of the people they helped….all the lives they’ve touched for the better. Weaver bought up thousands of tickets, weekly. For years. Both to give away to those who couldn’t afford them and simply to keep Jaguars games on Televsion.

And in one fell swoop…selling the team to Shad Khan, Weaver became the Enemy…hated. A Name that cannot be said out loud.

Shad…You have ZERO of the Goodwill Weaver spent decades building up and they burned him in effigy in a day. These are the people you wanna screw with?

Shad Khan is a self-made billionaire. But he didn’t make it in Retail. So I’m going to shoplift a little bit of business advice from Sam Walton. NEVER try to think that you’re smarter than your own customers.

Dave Caldwell not only doesn’t know that basic rule. He doesn’t believe in it. He believes he’s smarter than all of those millions saying Bring Tim Tebow to Jacksonville.

Dave…I’m going to give you a piece of advice as well. Your predecessor thought he was smarter than the Fans also. Continue to believe you are and you will not be in your current job very long.
..SportsBabe Brandi

Buzzy says : Get em Brandi

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  1. Sage says:

    Love the Sam Walton reference. He knew some things.

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