Report: Tim Tebow ‘Struggled Badly’ With ‘Mental’ Parts of Playing Football, Has NFL Thinking He Can’t Pick Up Game( Buzzy Says: I dont know about this if true or not.)

by Jen Slothower

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21 Responses to “Report: Tim Tebow ‘Struggled Badly’ With ‘Mental’ Parts of Playing Football, Has NFL Thinking He Can’t Pick Up Game( Buzzy Says: I dont know about this if true or not.)”

  1. tawk2 says:

    Well I guess this is the newest attack on Tebow, I guess since people like Steve Young and others are saying Tim has fixed his mechanics now the haters will have to find a way to find something else wrong. I wonder how Tim led the Gator’s and his high school to championships and won them as well? Also wasn’t Denver one of the teams that was so amazed with Tebow before the draft and how he tackled the NFL boards? I guess since being drafted Tim suddenly became dumb? Wow how many more stories will be written to demean Tebow? So tired of them all!

    The hits just keep coming, and Tim has not been able to prove any of the haters or naysayers wrong. I am praying so hard that a GM/Coach will stand up and do the right thing and take a chance on Tebow, they will not be sorry.

    Go TEBOW we believe!

  2. Sage says:

    Like Brandi says, the losers are the fans. Every era has its mega-hype about the top two or three quarterbacks. Color me bored with Manning and Brady. Rodgers? Okay, but still bored.

    Soon we’ll be treated to Luck and RG3 and a few other passing princes, Kaepernick or whoever has just had a big season. Everyone be sure to speak with awe and hyperbole and cliche.

    Tebow has something new and different to bring, but many would prefer to see it stillborn.

    This may be why the A-11 thing is actually a good idea. Maybe what would satisfy is a league driven by play rather than by the words, words, words of the perennial football “pundits.”

    Hopefully I’m not offending with too many of my own words, words, words. But my favorite sport is ski racing. You don’t get to see much of it on American TV, but when you do, you’re sure to hear an American or Canadian commentator who is chattering away and away while offering *very little* insight. It’s so refreshing to see a European production in which an English commentator provides minimal talk and just allows the graceful athletic action to speak for itself. Phil Liggett lends similar grace to Tour de France broadcasts.

    So anyway, I’m thinking more football, less blab. Maybe possibly the A-11 could bring that.

  3. Brandi says:

    The Broncos were telling people at the Combines that the Jets had messed up by not giving Tim Tebow the ball and letting him have at as QB….that they would have Won Games if they had.

    That’s ballsy even by Elway standards. For the only NFL Team in a position to make a decent assessment to say that type of thing…dissing another Organization in that way…seems to say all that needs to be said about the REAL feelings among NFL “Executives”.

  4. tisa says:

    Okay, I am furious now!!! This is the biggest load of bologna that anyone has written about Tebow. I am a teacher and I have had many dyslexic students in my classes. By the time they get to me in high school these students have learned to get around their disability to the point that it is usually not even apparent to me and I teach honors classes. This effects their ability to see words on a page, not plays on a field. Tebow says in his own book that he stopped using the accommodations given to him according to the Americans with Disabilities Act early in his time at UF. He graduated with a 3.7 GPA. There are many famous people that have been very successful in spite of the fact that they had dyslexia. Among them: Albert Einstein, Thomas Jefferson, Tom Cruise, Whoopi Goldberg. George Patton, one of America’s most accomplished military strategists was dyslexic. According to this article, he would not be able to read another armies battle plans in order to counter them, yet he did it brilliantly. The coach that we love to hate- Rex Ryan- who is supposed to be a great defensive coach is dyslexic. How did he manage to call plays if he couldn’t see the offensive plays developing on the field? This really makes me angry. Timmy’s family shares their story about this disability in order to encourage other families. Mr. Tebow is dyslexic and both Timmy and Robby are dyslexic. All three have university degrees. So, some despicable media person takes this personal information and turns it around to condemn Timmy. As I said, I am furious!!!! Labels- how many more are they going to give Timmy? God love him- I hope he knows nothing of this.

    • Lynn says:

      I have seen other authors play the “dyslexia” card, I challenged one personally in an exchange of several emails. Sadly, in that case, I believe the writer knew she was being deceptive, but it worked for her agenda that was to discredit Tim. The general public is clueless and tends to believe the suggestion that dyslexia is mentally debilitating. My understanding is that initially Tim did not want to include disclosure about the dyslexia in his book but Nathan Whitaker suggested it would be opportunity to encourage another group of people, so Tim Tebow being Tim Tebow agreed. I can’t help but wonder if Tim regrets that decision. I wonder if at some point Tim might address this issue head-on.

      • tisa says:

        Mrs. Tebow talks about it as well when she speaks. That is one of the things that really infuriates me about this. The family is trying to be encouraging to other families and several people have taken that information and used it to demean Timmy’s intelligence. GRRRR!!!!

      • tisa says:

        I am glad you were able to get to one of these people. It would be nice if they would do a little research before they start writing.


  6. Bigfan says:

    I concur with what all of you have written. As I recall NFL coaches were very impressed with Tim’s mental ability. These writers like Jen are just selling copy to keep their jobs! They really have nothing new or original to say however “I” have a “Deep Throat” in the NFL that knows the truth about Tim.

    If I were them they had better back off…Tim’s heavenly Father above all else doesn’t like his children maligned!!

  7. The Mascot Army says:

    If tebow cant hang mentally with the folks in the NFL, why was he the one teaching fox and mccoy the option? ANd why was he sitting in the coaches meetings at florida?
    weak. Slim pickings on the tebow hate side.

    • tawk2 says:

      Amen, I guess the fact that others who have seen Tim this off season say he has made great strides and has corrected his mechanics, the haters have to make up lies to try to demean Tim further!

      So tired of the media all trying to get their minute of fame from even writing lies about Tebow! I seen an article today that McCoy said he altered the offense around Tebow no where in the article did McCoy admit to Tebow teaching him the option, but of course he would not admit that now he wants all the credit.

      Just another hater trying to demean Tim even more.

  8. Lynn says:

    “No prayer – How the mania made Tim Tebow too toxic to talk about — or to hire”

    The above is the article referenced in the one we are discussing. There is also a video at the link. Now of course, it is all over the web with different titles including:

    “Tebow’s Camp Privately Admitting He’s Done”

    I got to thinking about that and wondering who would say such a thing… and then I wondered if possibly Jimmy Sexton put that word out as a decoy in hopes of getting the media hype to die down. It’s impossible to know, but I would hate to think that one to Tim’s people are actually saying such things anonymously to the media.

    One other thought, this interview likely is what prompted Tony Dungy to put out his video encouragement to Tim in advance of this hitting the press, and that at first thought made me sad, but actually, if we put the two things together… Dungy saying to ESPN a team has to hand Tim the keys and then in turn saying to Tim to be patient there is a place for him… I guess it is a vote of confidence for Tebow.

    • Lynn says:

      Sorry, I see this was already posted… I had not read down the page yet.

    • lalalala says:

      Lynn, I didn’t take the quote that supposedly came from Tebow’s camp seriously. I doubt it was anybody in Tim’s inner circle (Sexton, Robby, Angel). If the quote came from Sexton, ESPN would have written an entire article on it with SCREAMING BREAKING NEWS headlines. But it was only mentioned almost as an afterthought in one sentence. For all we know, it could be someone he trained with recently.

      Also it’s possible the quote was taken out of context. This is ESPN and they sensationalize stories all the time and cherry pick quotes that would fit into their story.

      • tisa says:

        Speaking of Angel, does anyone know what his relationship is now with Timmy? He occasionally tweets comments on Timmy’s games or whatever but I have not seen anything that looked officially Tebow since Timmy went to NJ. I know they are still friends and he was at Timmy’s golf tournament. I am thinking maybe he went into some other business since he and Alexis moved to Miami. Just wondering, he’s such a nice guy.

  9. tawk2 says:

    I think this is a new article based on information from Tim Tebow’s camp here is the link.

  10. tawk2 says:

    I see it all across MSN that Tebow has given up, well I see they have not put the USA today’s story there and it was just released at 4:44 pm today! My hubby said Tim could sue for slander for this person saying that Tim gave up when in reality he did not.

    What BS!

    • Lynn says:

      It is nearly impossible for a public figure to sue for slander and win the case. Plus there is the problem of identifying the unnamed “source” and the not so minor fact of it not being Tebow’s style to sue or even to defend himself (smile)… but I’m sure it made your hubby feel a bit better to suggest it all the same.

      • tawk2 says:

        I know Tim would never sue anyone, but it makes me so angry the lies that some will tell just to make headlines!

  11. Bob Segrett says:

    I think Tim has a lot of ways to go with slander lawsuits . This is not a one time thing with Tim it’s been seen by many people . analyst day after day on ESPN making fun degrading him 24-7 . I don’t know about you , that would drive me nuts , bonkers etc .

    • tawk2 says:

      Bob it would drive me bonkers as well, I would have told them all off by now. Tim is such a better person than I am. I just hate seeing the media and some sports analyst constantly bashed and demean and lie about Tebow!

      I have never seen anything like this in my whole life, such a shame. I pray Tim gets a shot and shows all these naysayer/ haters wrong!

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