Real NFL Fans Hate Poor Kids( Great Write From Brandi )

Let’s clear something up. There are no jaguars in Florida. There’s not much Jaguar Football either. The few remaining jaguars in the US are in Arizona…where there also isn’t much Professional Football. Perhaps the Jaguars of Jacksonville and the Cardinals of Arizona can switch cities. Keeping on the move has kept a Cardinals Franchise that’s rarely won much alive and barely twitching. Chances are learning this survival technique might be how the Jaguars continue to barely breathe as a Franchise.

It’s not that Northeast Florida can’t support a Professional Football Team. The USFL Jacksonville Bulls topped 70,000 in Attendance twice in its two-year long existence. That was back in the days when tarps were used for camping. The Jaguars have had an Attendance spike the last two years. But it’s not at all unfair to think that may be short-lived.

Communities MUST feel a connection with a Professional Sports Franchise. Those who say it’s about “Winning” are spouting a glib, inaccurate view of things. The connection must be deep within the heart and soul of a Community. The quick bandwagon burst of interest brought about by Winning is hollow and short-lived. At best, it’s akin to the novelty of a New Stadium. A novelty that has come with an ever-shortening shelf life.

Jacksonville and the Region’s Football Fans shook off their anger over the shocking announcement by Franchise Founder Wayne Weaver that he had lied two weeks earlier when he said he wasn’t even talking to anyone about selling the Team. Fans decided to reserve their resentment for Weaver and give new owner Shahid Khan a chance. That chance may have run hard into the wall when new General manager David Caldwell capriciously threw in the infamous “not even if he’s released” comment when asked about Tim Tebow. The JagsDangerfields instantly latched onto the expression as a form of rallying cry.

New onlookers…and let’s face it; with the Jaguars that’s just about all there are…might actually believe the Dangerfields issue actually IS about Tebow. But that would only be because they never paid any attention to Jacksonville’s NFL addition other than to mock its very existence. And therein lies the REAL issue that has driven the Dangerfields since long before Tim Tebow entered the National Football League.
The Anti-Tebow faction among Jaguars Fans seem to most to be a 5th Column of some Group who wants to see the Franchised moved to some other City. The only thing they have going for them is there doesn’t seem to be any City that wants them. The Trojans are through being Bush-Whacked and are now Playing Real Games. So Angelenos are back on their StayOut! Posture on the NFL. And London certainly isn’t at all interested. This could be a test run. Florida’s 20 Million people with a 40-some thousand die-hard JagNation?? (isolated island?) among a much larger group which now despises it could be an exercise. Custer had a loyal bunch as well.

I believe it was Alexander the great who said their are 4 types of soldiers. The intelligent and motivated; the intelligent and unmotivated; the unintelligent and unmotivated; and the unintelligent and motivated. The 1st type would be his Commanders. The 2nd his non-commissioned officers. The 3rd his foot soldiers. “But may the gods protect from the 4th type; for they will be the death of my armies.”

Are the Dangerfields, groups like the Bold City Brigade & such members of that 4th type? From a distance it would certainly appear so.

Tim Tebow in some ways represents everything that has dogged at the Dangerfields for years. He is absolutely beloved. The Jacksonville Jaguars are not. Nothing that is taking place in Jacksonville right now has ANYTHING to do with whether or not the Jaguars would be a better Football Team with Tebow at the helm. Most believe they would and most of the remaining believe there’s no way they could possibly be any worse. The Dangerfields portray the notion that they would be. But I simply don’t believe them. I don’t believe they mean that. I truly don’t. I think they are similar to those Broncos Fans who said the issue with Tebow was the Broncs would Win the AFC West with him…possibly fairly consistently. But the “issue is Championships”. They ignored at the time the fact that Peyton Manning has a gawdaful Playoff Record. One & Done isn’t necessarily a pejorative for Peyton. It’s simply the majority o his Playoff Record. So many of those same Broncos Fans who screamed “Championships” now say Winning Divisions is enough for them. This is the Dangerfields. They would rather lose without Tim Tebow than Win with him.

Because Winning with Tebow would be the Tebow Jaguars Winning. Loose translation…NOT the Jacksonville Jaguars Winning. At least that’s how I see their underlying issue. The rest of the World sees Tebow with the Jaguars as guaranteeing the Jaguars will remain the Jacksonville Jaguars for the foreseeable future.

Dave Caldwell may simply be an ego-driven fool. Gene Smith certainly was. Shad Khan may be a fool as well. Or he may simply have his back up. OR, he could be very shrewd. THAT is what the Dangerfields need to look real close and make sure Khan is their friend. Because if he is, he’s cutting off his nose to spite the Franchise in Jacksonville’s face.

If this is all an Exit Strategy, it’s shaping up to be one of the more interesting ones in recent Pro Sports History.

John Morgan, Orlando Lawyer, has stepped up his activities.

John Morgan @JohnMorganESQ 
I will pay $25/seat & take down the tarp so all kids who can’t afford it see an @NFL game. #Jaguars #Tebow3:38 PM – 10 May 2013
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No word yet on Shad Khan’s response. Morgan is getting hammered as “wanting to spend $2 Million to get Tebow in Jacksonville”. Usually you have to go to a 3rd World Country to see the poor orphans used as a soccer ball in the fights of heavy-weights. But Jacksonville has been the 3rd World Franchise of the NFL for years. So maybe this it’s appropriate.
..SportsBabe Brandi



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15 Responses to “Real NFL Fans Hate Poor Kids( Great Write From Brandi )”

  1. The Mascot Army says:

    Fun read. I kept hoping it kept going. Unintelligent and motivated…good stuff…I see that as the likely downfall of a lot of things besides just NFL franchises.

    • Brandi says:

      That’s only Part One of the Story. I debated going on with it and decided to stop there and continue with this strange Odyssey in stages as it all unveils. 🙂

  2. Brian says:

    I was amazed to see the byline on this article, “..SportsBabe Brandi.”

    I have encountered her elsewhere and I question both her wisdom and her agenda. The later of which I believe is hurting Tim Tebow’s chances of playing in the NFL.

    This from another post on your site, “Why is it not obvious to everyone that if Tim does not earn his own way in the traditional way, many team members, coaches, and fans alike will hate him?”

    Buzzy Sats : I dont know or agree with that statement

    • Brandi says:

      Whatever quote you’ve got certainly isn’t from me. And i absolutely DO have an agenda and I’ve stated it numerous times…including here.

      That Sports Leagues & Franchises become responsive to their Fans and stop being dismissive of them as though they should simply be good little FanBots who come when they’re told, leave when they’re told, clap when the Applause Sign is turned on and otherwise keep quiet and know their place.

      Tim Tebow went to New York as the Most Popular Athlete in the World. I’ve said numerous times, including here…No Pro Sports League has EVER run it’s Most Popular Player off. It simply isn’t done. It’s such bad business, no league would ever even consider it…for obvious reasons. Those “Experts” are Over-Head. Not one of them makes a dime for the Organization. It is the fans who put them in Business and keep them in Business.

      But this fight between Sports Leagues/Owners and Fans has gone on for over 100 years. Albert Spalding said Pro Baseball COULD never survive because Players are selfish & greedy and Fans are fickle, never satisfied, self-centered. Bud Selig said the same thing to Congress in 2001…Under Oath. The Commissioner of a pro Sports league, while testifying as to why MLB needed to keep its Anti-Trust Exemption first said baseball had “No Steroids problem”…then told Congress the owners were losing $Billion and blamed it on the Fans.

      There has been an axiom first attributed to Baseball that “Baseball Owners are the only Businessmen in the World who are convinced the easiest path to Profitability is to abuse their Customers.” It’s clear other leagues, most notably the NFL very much feel the same way.

      If the National Football league will run off the Most popular Player it has ever had, one who only record on the Field has been success, because they are more concerned with losing Control to the fans, they have taken a step that No Pro League has ever had the stupidity and arrogance to do…Declared a War of Control on the Fans.

      If they are able to “Win” that War, ever pro Sports fan of every league should watch out. If they manage to get that massive Army of Tebow Fans to simply lay down their arms and surrender and say “OK, You Win. We’ll do EVERYTHING You want”, the NFL will have established that the desires of Fans means absolutely NOTHING and that THEY, the League are the Only ones who count.

      My “Agenda” is quite simple. Fans must not only matter, they must be the ONLY ones who do. If that is not the case, then truly the Leagues have become dictatorships that push the buttons of Fan passions when it so suits them and for their purposes only and push other buttons when they want the Fans to lay down their passions.

      They will have established that total manipulation of the fans is the order of the day. But THAT will not be what makes it such an abysmal state of affairs. It will be that the fans have said they are right.

      I have one simple premise…The Wisdom of the Masses MUST trump the supposed Expertise of the “learned class” unless and until that supposed Expert Class has made the compelling case as to why they are right and the masses are wrong. The NFL has said. “We don’t need to make any case. It is because we say it is and we don’t need to explain ourselves.”

      If Sports Fans bow down to that, the Leagues have the mindless obedient FanBots they seek.

      • Thrawn says:

        “No Pro Sports League has EVER run it’s Most Popular Player off.” – Brandi.

        I still think you overstate things when you use that line.

        From just about every indication I have seen, the NFL as a league WANTS Tebow in it. Goodell wants him in the league too.

        His popularity is only seen as problematic because it is widely believed (outside of Tebowmaniacs of course) that he just isn’t very good, and no team wants all the talk being about their backup or third stringer.

        Usually a player is one of the most popular players in the league because he is also one of the best players in said league. But few outside Tebowmania view Tebow as such.

        I couldn’t disagree with you more that it should be more about giving fans dotted all over the map, who couldn’t possibly have cared less about Jacksonville Jaguars yesterday what they want by forcing a side show on to their team. These teams may be here to generate revenue, but winning is and should be the goal here.

        If you want Timmy to get a job and have things rigged in his favor simply because people like the dude and he’s a nice guy, I recommend giving Tebow a shot at the WWE. There, everything is rigged in favor of the most popular guys and the sideshows are just as important if not more so than the main event. Just wondering if Vince McMahon would have tried that with Tebow had he tried to launch the XFL nearly a decade and a half later than when he tried it.

      • Thrawn says:

        It’s that whole NIMBY thing again, Brandi. I don’t think anyone is “running him off.” I truly think just about everyone running teams think he has a place in the NFL… but to them, that place seems to be “somewhere else” in the league.

      • Lynn says:

        Brandi: It’s called free enterprise and it is a dictatorship. The consumer is not on the Board of Directors, sorry dear lady. The consumer has a voice only in whether they purchase the product or not.

        You have suggested moving your loyalties to a new and upcoming league, and more power to you. However, you are also trying to tie Tim Tebow’s future to that new league and in that, I would say you are meddling and trying to manipulate Tim’s future. I am fairly confident Tim’s goal is the NFL. In the process, your propaganda can only hurt Tim Tebow and his reputation and alienate NFL GMs and HCs to him.

        Please consider the possibility that you are being more self-serving than a Tebow supporter.

        • Brandi says:

          Actually Lynn…You’re wrong. The Consumer has a Voice in whatever manner the Consumer chooses to have a Voice. One way is to quietly just go away; which seems to be what you’re advocating. Another is to not be quiet about what they want.

          I’ve ticked some Tebow Fans off by saying the NFL doesn’t know what’s at stake. It doesn’t know the value of having Tim in the League or the cost of not. And only Tim’s Fans can tell them that.

  3. Brian says:

    Please see the full posts that Lynn Burgess made on this article, “Jaguars fans don’t want Tim Tebow, Seriously? (500K No way),” they are applicable here as well.

  4. john says:

    The Tebow situation has always been about ownership and compliant sports press against fans that want a good and exciting product. It has never been about Tebow’s skills or lack of skills. The Owners want stadiums and high
    ticket prices and the right to put out a poor or mediocre product. If the fans don’t like it we will pick up and leave and find other suckers. Elway
    and Fox were enraged that the fans demanded a better product and had the gall to make them uncomfortable. Khan and Caldwell demand the right to 4 and 12 or 5 and 11 for three or more years no matter how much the fans suffer. The Raiders demand to hire a failure like Sparano and go 3 and 13
    even though the fans know that Tebow could win at least twice as many games. What else could be the reason that three Florida Teams that can’t sell out their stadiums won’t take Tebow even as a third quarterback.
    Listening to Jacksonville Sports Radio is an exercise in the bizarre. To hear these Lackeys spout their garbage about Khan and Caldwell’s solid new plan is unbelievable.
    Finally as an aside I think Ryan and Sparano buried Tebow to get even for the humiliation he inflicted on both of them.
    Thanks for your great columns Brandi

    John from Chicago

    • tawk2 says:

      John I agree that Rex and company wanted to punish Tim for tearing them up on national television. It is sad that they would do this to a young upcoming talented quarterback.

      • Lynn says:

        Please, that line of thinking is just too “out there.” There are many reasons Rex did not play Tim, the first of which is likely that he feared losing his job if he did not make good on the $8.25 million guaranteed Sanchez contract.

        The word in some circles was that Marty Mornhinweg is a Tebow fan and that Tim would have a real shot at the QB completion going into the new season. Yet John Idzik cut Tim. Idzik was nowhere around when Tim and the Broncos beat the Jets, so he cut Tim because ????

    • Lynn says:

      It’s called free enterprise John, and the consumers do not have a seat on the Board of Directors. I guess you and Brandi are advocating for some variation of Sports Communism.

      • john says:

        Well Lynn I’m happy to talk to a free enterprise capitalist since I trade stocks every day.
        If Ryan didn’t play Tebow because of Sanchez contract he is even worse then I thought. The fact of the matter is that Ryan kept doubling down on Sanchez like some pension funds doubled down on Enron. He then went to Mcllroy which is like investing into Solyndra. To top it off he went back to Sanchez and missed a chance to make the playoffs. Why? Tebow a proven winner humiliated Ryan’s vaunted defense on national tv. If Tebow started winning like he did in Denver he would own the Big Apple and Ryan would be a no watched side show. Fox and Elway became a side show in Denver. Manning insisted Tebow had to go because he wants it nice and quiet when he blows playoff games. You are right fans are not on the board. The professionals like Fox and Ryan should make the decisions and select players like Orton and Sanchez and McCllroy to win games and make the playoffs. Finally I love free enterprise model that goes to the commune to build the giant colosseums.

        • ck says:

          John: Well said and very true…these teams are playing the taxpayer for anything they can get and it is not “FREE ENTERPRISE” B/C IT IS CORPORATE WELFARE AT THE VERY LEAST!!!

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