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Lynn says:
May 18, 2013 at 7:00 am  (Edit)
I have never met Angie Gregory, but I thought she said this very well, so I share it with you.

Angie Gregory Online
Friday, May 17, 2013

Certain people in the NFL are blaming Tim Tebow’s fans for hurting his chances at ever being a starting QB for a NFL team. I had no idea who Tim Tebow was when he entered the intensive-care hospital room of my 4-year-old terminally ill nephew in 2009. He was a college hero but I wasn’t a sports fan so I didn’t care that the nursing staff treated him like he was a rock star. IT WAS HIS HUMILITY THAT IMPRESSED ME, ALMOST INSTANTLY. I LIKED HIS CHARACTER, HIS CHARM. HE HAS A LIGHT ABOUT HIM, A GENUINE LOVE FOR OTHERS THAT IS EASY TO ADMIRE. His uplifting visit brought joy to my nephew on a very rough day, one of the last days of his young life. That is what being a sports hero is about. At the end of the day, it’s not about mechanics or magazine covers or sports politics. It’s about inspiring someone so much that they can get behind you enough to put on a football jersey with your number on it. And Tim Tebow is better at that than anyone.

SOME PEOPLE ARE ENVIOUS OF THE TYPE OF DEVOTION TEBOW FANS HAVE FOR HIM. It makes them uncomfortable and rather than being honest with themselves about their envy, they shift the blame to us, the fans. They know that many of us became Tim Tebow fans for what he does off the field, rather than on it. Sure, we cheer him on from the stands and in front of our televisions. We are happy when he gets those wins. And no, we don’t care about his form, we’re more focused on his drive. But most importantly, WE LOVE THAT HE LIVES THE LIFE HE BELIEVES. Regardless if we personally agree with his beliefs or even share his faith at all, IT’S MORE ABOUT ROOTING FOR SOMEONE GENUINE, AUTHENTIC, A LEADER, A GUIDING LIGHT. Someone with class that is dedicated to his sport and his team, as well as to the values for which he stands. Someone who makes time for children fighting serious illnesses, orphans, and underprivileged kids from around the world. AND NONE OF IT IS AN ACT, OR SOMETHING HE IS FORCED TO DO; HE IS A GENUINE HUMAN BEING AND THAT IS REFRESHING AND INSPIRING. HE REMINDS US WHAT TRUE LEADERSHIP AND SPORTSMANSHIP IS ALL ABOUT.

So, yes, he brings people to the stands that might never watch a football game otherwise. We buy his jerseys, hashtag him on our social media, and even “Tebow” for photos. WE KNOW HE’S NOT PERFECT, HE IS ONLY HUMAN BUT HE’S OUR HERO. HE’S SOMEONE THAT WE CAN RALLY BEHIND BECAUSE OF HIS STRONG CHARACTER. We know he is criticized for his throwing motion but we also know that he is a talented athlete with a long list of wins, trophies, awards. He is a capable quarterback with a relentless drive to succeed that just happens to have millions of “crazed” fans that cheer him on.

MOST ANY LEGEND HAS A DIE-HARD FOLLOWING. WE BELIEVE THAT TEBOW IS THE STUFF THAT LEGENDS ARE MADE of and if given a fair shake, he can become all that we know he can be. He already is a legend off the field, he deserves to expand beyond his amazing collegiate career and brief run in the NFL to become a full-time starting QB. His short-lived time with the Denver Broncos was only glimpse at his ability to win and the NY Jets never let him shine.


See Angie’s original post here with pictures of Tim visiting her four-year-old dying nephew in ICU.

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  1. SB says:

    This was very enjoyable to read and I never get tired of reading these stories! It’s a big part of why I’m an intense Tebow fan. He is a Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hide. On the field, he is a fierce, menacing competitor who was even quoted the night before his first NFL start against Oakland as saying he would do anything to win a game, including a fist fight if necessary (he said this because of the talk of the Raiders trying to hurt him and their fans bragging about it). And remember the bible verse he used for that game?? It was perfect. And then off the field, he is the most compassionate, caring and loving individual there is and is truly dedicated to helping others. Complete opposites and both are completely genuine.

    However, as a football junkie, and unlike Angie, I do care about his form and mechanics and am very encouraged when he does the things people say he can’t. I will debate his football ability and his character with anyone! 🙂

    Since it is somewhat related to this story, I’ll share a personal story of how I met Tim with an interesting note. My wife’s cousin lives in Nashville and got married in Sept 2011. We knew the wedding was being planned and once we got the invitation, I immediately checked the schedule to see if it was the same weekend in Sept that the Broncos were playing the Titans. It was. The morning of the wedding we were eating breakfast with the wedding party at some fancy, well known place in downtown Nashville – don’t remember the name of it. The groom’s father was mentioning that the Broncos players were staying in his hotel about a 2 blocks away. We had just finished eating so I told my wife and my just turned 3 year old daughter we had to leave to try and meet him. We walked to the hotel and when we got inside it was just a huge lobby. I looked around realizing there was no chance of seeing him. So I asked the concierge if he had seen any of the Broncos players. He said he hadn’t but confirmed they were staying there. I told my wife that we should just leave because the only chance to see him would be to sit in the lobby the entire day, which we couldn’t do. As we started to leave, my daughter noticed a big escalator, which she had recently become fascinated with. She asked me could we ride it and I said yes. When we got to the top of the 2nd floor, I noticed it looked like a floor that mainly had conference rooms and a fairly big lobby type area. I also noticed several Broncos players hanging around. I grabbed my daughter and went back down and told my wife. I said I was going to ask one of the players (several of whom I recognized) if they could tell me where Tebow was. The three of us rode back up the escalator and when we got to the top, I chickened out of asking someone to help me find him. Just thought it would seem rude and they would get annoyed by another Tebow fan. We were about to go back down and leave when my daughter saw another escalator going up to another floor and asked to ride it. At the bottom of the escalator was a huge round pillar type of support. When we got a few steps up the escalator and past the view of the pillar, I noticed four Broncos players playing chess. One of them was Tebow! I picked my daughter up and said, “look Charlotte, there’s Tebow”! He easily heard me since we were very close to him and he looked up and waved. When we got to the top, I told my daughter we had to go back down right away to try and meet Tebow. When we got near the bottom, I called his name and asked if we could take a picture. Here’s the interesting part…he clearly DID NOT want to do it! He responded by saying, “sure, really quickly”, but his tone and bodily language indicated he really didn’t want to be bothered (don’t blame him at all). However, he still talked to my wife and I both and took a pic. Even though I could have talked to him for hours, I made sure we kept it brief and I think it was no more than 3-4 mins. He was extremely nice (as advertised) and seems to genuinely appreciate the support. Another interesting note, is the last thing I said to him…I shook his hand and thanked him for his time and said, “I believe in you man. You WILL start for the Broncos this year, I promise”. He just smiled and said thanks. This was week 3 of the 2011 season. I made that statement based on Orton’s play from the previous year and surprising declining play that he was showing from the very beginning of that season. I knew it was only a matter of time. And of course, the rest is history.

    Sorry to make this so long, but I really enjoy hearing personal accounts of people meeting Tebow, like the one from Angie, so I thought people might enjoy reading it. Thanks.

  2. ck says:

    Would like to add that I also met T2 in person at the University of Florida when he was doing Pro-Day and shook his hand plus told him “You’re the best!” He will always be THE BEST IN MY BOOK NO MATTER AND, YES, I AM A FANATIC FOR THE ABOVE REASONS TOO!!! THESE POSTS DESERVE AN A+++++++!!!:D

  3. Sage says:

    On Tim’s mechanics, what I recall is detractors initially saying he would be strip-sacked again and again, due to his long wind-up. Of course, he pretty much was strip-sacked in the first preseason game against Cincinnati. And of course Tim, as a competitor, made adjustments and it wasn’t a problem afterwards.

    But the detractors always move the goal posts for him. Then it became footwork and release and staying in the pocket.

    People wonder why we like Tebow so much. With me, it’s not actually just Tebow that enthuses me. I am likewise motivated by disdain for “experts.” You can successfully coach a thousand kids to throw with the form of Greek gods that is praised by experts. Of these, only a precious few have enough game to get the ball into the endzone when it matters most. Tebow is an exceptionally fine person, which I admire. But he is also an anathema to conventional wisdom, which I probably relish even more.

    • SB says:

      I agree with you completely with an additional note. I’ll listen to the “experts” in regards to Tebow as long as it’s clear they don’t have a personal bias with him. I can even listen to Stephen A. Smith, even though he’s not an expert at evaluating QBs. But people like Trent Dilfer, Steve Young, Ron Jaworski, etc, I actually seek out their opinions about Tim. And they praise him when he earns it and rightfully criticize him when deserves it. But they do it without personal bias and resentment like some of the others.

      And you’re right on about the strip sack due to his motion. It hardly ever happened to him.

  4. BuzzyBuzzard says:

    i have seen T2 7 times But never met him Once i went to get my grandson from the high school Parking lot He was the JV center sometimes he would snap to T2 He got in my car and there were somw kids siting on the steps and he said there is Tim Tebow would you like to meet him i said NO i am in a hurry to get back to Jax maybe some other time.
    So I almost Met Him

    • Sage says:

      Pretty cool about your kid. Did he have any opinions about Tebow?

      Buzzy Says : No He was a JV freshman and T2 was a rock star even then He just said he was a nice guy

  5. tisa says:

    My grandson had a poster one Saturday when we were standing on the side of the Gator Walk before a game in Gainesville. It read:
    I want to be like Tim:
    Witness For Christ!
    Go Gators!
    Timmy stopped introduced himself to Jaxon as “Timmy” and took quite a bit of time to talk to Jaxon, even with the team’s escorts urging him to move on. The conversation was all about his and Jaxon’s faith, not about football. There were tears in both their eyes. Jaxon looks up to him as a Christian role model and desperately wants to see him live his goal as an NFL QB. I fell in love with Timmy Tebow that day and no one will ever persuade me that he is not the real deal.

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