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By: Jason Gay

I know what you are thinking. Please: not another Tim Tebow story. Maybe you admire the guy. Maybe you never cared. But you’ve probably had enough with the Tebow manifestos. You’d prefer a Tebow-free zone. Tebowignorance is bliss. You don’t need to hear another maddening debate over Tebow’s playing ability, debates that were often as compelling as watching people thump each other over the head with rubber hammers. Tebow-mania? It’s not even a mild fever. Especially now. Tebow’s not playing football. He’s been rudely dumped. Again. He doesn’t even have a team. Besides, it’s May! There are basketball and hockey playoffs and the Kentucky Derby and there is laundry and weeding to be done and ice-cream sandwiches in the freezer. Need to prioritize. Need to move on. No more Tebow. Anything but Tebow. Oof, Tebow. Help.

.The short life of Tebow-mania is another sign of the strangely accelerated and disposable culture we now inhabit, even in the world of sports. In less than a year and a half, Tebow has gone from the biggest thing in football, a genuine sensation, to yesterday’s news—Monday morning’s, specifically, until the buzz of Tebow’s release by the New York Jets was vaporized by Jason Collins’s coming out to Sports Illustrated. By the Warhol fame index, Tebow is believed to be somewhere past 14 minutes, or maybe even 14:50. No longer is there an appetite for Tebow superlatives or endless iterations of Tebow arguing (an appetite that was probably grossly overstated to begin with). Nobody’s really asking if Tebow is better or worse than Joe Flacco or a Brady Quinn or a pickup truck or the cast of Nashville or a really smart dinosaur. Could Tebow beat the Dolphins? Could Tebow stop the Martians? Is Tebow simply too good for the NHL? These feel like absurdist questions of a previous generation, crazy reels of a forgotten 8-track tape.

You can already feel the pre-fatigue for any story that suggests where Tebow will wind up next. Tebow to the Patriots? The 49ers? Canadian Football League? Indoor Thunder Football? Sitting in a room staring at a blank wall? There are questions if Tebow will convert to another position. Or will he insist on staying a QB? The intrigue is less intriguing. We have been here before. Do you want to endure this again? At this point I assume you’d prefer if I came to your front door and thumped you over the head with a rubber hammer. I bet Tebow’s pretty bored of it himself.

Consider where we were not so long ago, in January of 2012—Tebow was being celebrated not just as a football winner, but as some kind of transcendent celebrity, on par not with plebes like Tom Brady or Eli Manning, but Lady Gaga or Beyoncé. Tebow was a quarterback who won despite passes that resembled frozen turkeys tossed into the back of a van. He helped revive a listless Denver club, guiding his team to the postseason, and even a thrilling playoff game on the first play from scrimmage. Through winning Tebow became positioned as a movement—a blend of pluck and wholesomeness and faith, whipped into a frenzy by that string of improbable late victories. Non-football fans swooned. Networks executives danced like network executives. Bronco games were like Movies of the Week and After-School Specials, smushed into one.

And then it disappeared. The Broncos maneuvered to sign the veteran Peyton Manning and Tebow was abruptly traded to the New York Jets, where he never truly got a chance. Tebow became the best backup quarterback to appear on the cover of GQ. The Jets were uncharacteristically stubborn. So what if Tebow wasn’t performing well in practice? The Jets were going no place; why was a headline-seeking team losing its sense of showbiz? There was something utterly un-New York about it. Every night on Broadway, the great acts of stage are sometimes mangled, sometimes elevated by boldfaced TV and film actors hired because audiences enjoy seeing stars. The team should have given people what they wanted. The Jets aren’t Shakespeare in the Park; They’re “The Cannonball Run.”

Now Tebow will be someone else’s project, the muscular quarterback with the iffy arm and the big heart. He is only 25 years old. Everything you liked about Tebow as a Bronco appears to still be there: the determination and the willingness and the refusal to abandon hope. I don’t necessarily think those things make him a great quarterback, or even a mediocre one. I am not sure where Tebow will play football next season. I am not sure if the mania will rise again. All I know is that I wouldn’t bet against Tim Tebow. I’ve heard and seen enough.

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20 Responses to “No, Not Another Tebow Story – The wall street journal”

  1. ck says:

    No, I wouldn’t ever prefer a Tebow-Free Zone, EVER!!!!

  2. andrea says:

    I definitely would support a Jason Collins free-zone.

    • Thrawn says:

      Wow… What for?

      Was he a cancer in the locker room? Was he getting busted for a DUI all the time? Being a jerk on and off the court?

      Dude had a pretty good college career, and played a big role in the Nets getting to the finals. Sounds like he was a pretty good Teammate. By most accounts, he’s a pretty nice guy and fairly well liked. Kinda like another guy talked about around here who can’t seem to catch a break.

      Kinda baffled over that comment. errr… no I’m not.

      Why is it people get on their high horse complaining that Tebow is being persecuted because of who he is and what he believes in? (They even might have a point.) But then they go and say something like this about a guy who really hasn’t done anything wrong.

      I can only shake my head about that statement.

      • andrea says:

        You are right Thrawn – Jason Collins has never done anything.
        Last Sunday I had never heard of this dude in my life.Since Monday afternoon it has been non-stop Gay Jason Collins everytime I turn on the T.V.

        Seems like you have a double standard Thrawn(just like the mainstream media.You have posted constantly on this blog about what you say are Tebow’s bad statistics.Yet you fail to mention Jason Collin’s stats – averaged three points a game and one rebound.This old lady could do better than Collins.
        Now Thrawn if you were not a Tebow bashing fool you would have acknowleged Collins should be out of the N.B.A. with those lousy statistics.He only came out as gay because he didn’t want his basketball career to end.If he doesn’t get a contract next year from the N.B.A. he will say it is because he’s a homosexual instead of him being a lousy basketball player.

        Thrawn – since you think Collins is such a great guy – how come you didn’t mention he dated a woman for eight years and then cancelled the wedding.
        How come this virtuous athlete,who knew he was gay,would treat a woman this way.He had no business doing this to that woman.That woman wasted 8 years of her life when she could have met someone else to marry and have children

        Sorry,Thrawn – Jason Collins is scum.

        • Thrawn says:

          What double standard? Nobody is propping up Jason Collins with stat sheets being examined at strange angles to prove he’s actually pretty good.

          The reason I called you out on the Jason Collins thing was because I have seen you complain that Tebow isn’t getting a fair shake, and many blamed it on him being an unapologetic open to the world Christian.

          Then you blasted Jason Collins for no apparent reason as far as I can tell other than… he came out of the closet as a gay person. A Jason Collins free zone? There are FAR FAR FAR worse people in sports. Even Tom Brady dumped his pregnant girlfriend for a model. With so many easy targets, I don’t get why Jason Collins got singled out by you. Well, other than him being gay. Coming from someone complaing about alleged biases agains Christians keeping Tebow from getting a shot on another team, that’s pretty rich.

          • andrea says:

            As usual Thrawn you don’t get it.

            The Collin’s free zone comment was meant by the media’s constant talking about him.
            If you would take the time to read my past comments you will notice I never said a word about Collins until very recently -I never had heard of him.
            Jason constantly posts about how Ray Lewis is a great Christian – I always post back that Ray Lewis found “God” only after he left two dead bodies in the parking lot.
            Tom Brady? Yes, I consider him a bum for leaving his pregnant girlfriend for the supermodel.
            Thrawn you follow the mainstream media line .You write in your first post how swell Jason Collins is.Then when I write back what I think of Collin’s despicable treatment of his girlfriend,you do not write back in his defense of his treatment.What is your opinion of how Collins treated his girlfriend,Thrawn?

            Give me the names of any football player or any type of sports player you want Thrawn and I will tell you what I think of them.

            The truth of the matter is if Tebow came into the N.F.L. and instead of saying he was a Christian – he said he was gay the media would be swooning over him.

            I also noticed that Chris Kluwe the outspoken gay activist has said the reason the Vikings drafted a punter was because he was outspoken for gay rights.The fact that he is over 30,shanked punts left and right last year and is making over a million dollars a year has nothing to do with his impending retirement.Nope just his outspoken views(the same position the 36 year old Ravens activist also whines).

            Double standard? When it comes to Tim Tebow you betcha.

          • Thrawn says:

            Collins had only had a couple of weeks.

            Tebow has had his days in the media since his college days and perhaps longer.

            I think we can tolerate a few weeks of Collins, don’t you?

          • Thrawn says:

            and how he treated his girlfriend… not what I would have done.

            But his personal life and relationships are no more my business than Tebow and his relationships are. Dig deep enough, I bet we could find something questionable about Tebow too.

            Took a lot of balls to come out of the closet like that knowing full well people were going to hate him for that. I respect that. Tebow gets respect for standing up for what he believes in. Nothing wrong with that.

  3. tawk2 says:

    Buzzy or anyone have you heard anything encouraging about a team signing Tim? Seems quiet, maybe that’s a good sign. Steve Young said Tim should go around to the teams quietly and try to show them what he’s got. Hopefully that is what is going on.

    • Sage says:

      I’d like to have more confidence in his advisers, such as Jimmy Sexton. But ever since the draft several years ago, Sexton has been quiet as a church mouse. Maybe that’s good, but we’d have to take that on faith.

      I think another agent could do more.

    • Thrawn says:

      About the most encouraging news I have heard was from Drew Rosenhaus saying there was a team out there that hasn’t said, “no” yet. Don’t know if it is good or bad news, but that was probably the most “encouraging” thing I have heard.

      I did hear John Elway interviewed yesterday and he was asked point blank if Tebow would be signed by another team. He said, “hard to say. Depends on the direction a team wants to go and if he fits in with that. But I can tell you that WE will not.”

      So I guess Denver is off the list.

  4. tawk2 says:

    Why doesn’t the sports media just go ahead and say all 32 teams have no interest in Tebow, instead of leaking a couple of teams a day? So tired of this and all the attempts to ruin Tebow’s career.

    Dolphins now are the latest ones saying no, but at the end of the article the source from the Dolphins says Tim cannot be ruled out because he says team has not discussed him! But before the end of the day you can bet there will be another article stating that the Dolphins don’t want him.

    There have been so many players cut and I don’t hear the media telling us every team that is or isn’t interested in that player. All about getting the reads and negative comments. Something has to give.

    • ck says:

      tawk2: Know what they say…”Don’t believe everything you hear and half of what you see!” As we all know, they say one thing and do another!!! And why do we want to know what ELROT HAS TO SAY ANYWAY!!!
      GO TEBOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • tawk2 says:

        Thanks ck, and yes it only takes one coach who believes in Tim and we all know Tim will lead the team he is on to the Super Bowl and win! I too cannot wait for all the naysayers to finally have to eat their many insults.

        Thanks again.

        And Yes GO TEBOW!!!!

      • tawk2 says:

        Spider we know you want Tim to fail! I cannot wait for Tim to prove you and all the naysayers wrong!

        • ck says:


          P.S. You are more than welcome tawk2 for the “PEP” talk and we know the big picture is T2 having overcome all the obstacles b/c of the prayers said on his behalf and overwhelming support from ALL HIS FANS!!!

        • Thrawn says:

          Any day now…

  5. andrea says:

    Of course Thrawn when it comes to the basketball player the statistics don’t count – just through them out the window.Yet in Tebow’s case the statistics are all we hear in determining whether he should play in the N.F.L. or not.
    Kinda wish you would be consistent – if tebow is a bad player because of the stats then the basketball player with the bad stats must go also.
    Sorry you incorrectly assume I’m a hater (sound like the mainstream media on that one Thrawn).As previously mentioned I think Brady is a bum,The QB for the steelers is a Bum for how he treated that girl in a bathroom and Jason Collins is a bum for how he treated his girlfriend.

    Looks like I’m consistent Thrawn – 2 hetro’s and 1 gay I consider to be bums.
    Gay has nothing to do with it – just how the media has a double standard on how they treat certain players.

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