Jags not wavering on Tebow

By: Alex Marvez

For the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tim Tebow is old news.

Even with a segment of Jaguars fans pushing for the franchise to sign Tebow now that the Jacksonville-area native and former University of Florida star is a free agent. Even with the Jaguars having an unsettled situation at quarterback with Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne.

New general manager David Caldwell hasn’t changed his stance from the day he was hired in January. Tebow isn’t coming to the Jaguars under his watch.

“For us, it was always about a fresh start,” Caldwell told me and SiriusXM NFL Radio co-host Bill Polian on Tuesday night. “It was about new energy here with coach (Gus) Bradley, with Shad Khan being our new owner, myself as a first-time general manager and a coaching staff that has a lot of first-time coaches there, too.

“We just wanted a fresh start. We didn’t want the same recurring themes coming up.”

Among those “themes” would be fan and media pressure to play Tebow, who Forbes Magazine ranked earlier this week as the most influential American athlete despite his throwing struggles at the professional level. The New York Jets experienced that distraction in 2012 after acquiring Tebow in a trade with Denver.

When asked by Broncos management where he preferred to get traded, Tebow chose New York over Jacksonville because he believed there was a better chance for him to receive quarterbacking snaps. Tebow, though, barely played last year even as starter Mark Sanchez struggled. Tebow was waived following last month’s draft when the Jets couldn’t find a trade partner and went unclaimed.

This still hasn’t kept some Tebow supporters from pushing for his signing in Jacksonville. There was even an online petition posted that asked fans to urge President Obama to call Caldwell and “tell him to stop ignoring the Jaguars fans and sign Tim Tebow!” The petition was removed Monday on the White House web site.

Tebow backers point to the fact he was 7-4 as a starter in 2011 while leading Denver to the playoffs and a first-round victory over Pittsburgh. Tebow was able to compensate for a 46.5 completion percentage with his mobility and penchant for leading late comebacks.
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Tebow has continued to work this offseason with outside coaches and trainers to try and improve his throwing mechanics. But there also is a feeling among some NFL executives that he has no more upside as an NFL passer and it’s better to invest in developing a younger quarterback, especially with Tebow having become a lightning rod for controversy with the Jets and Broncos.

Asked whether he felt the same based upon his Tebow comments, Caldwell said, “You can read into that however you would like.”

Polian believes an NFL team shouldn’t consider signing Tebow unless he was willing to publicly denounce playing the quarterback position and instead try to stick as a jack-of-all-trades contributor. Tebow, who did appear on special teams for the Jets, has reiterated this offseason that he wants to remain at quarterback.

Another strike against a Tebow signing in Jacksonville: The Jaguars already have a former college quarterback who could fill a niche short-yardage or red-zone role at the position if desired. Denard Robinson, a 2013 fifth-round pick from the University of Michigan, impressed the Jaguars during their rookie minicamp last weekend as he is converted to running back.

Caldwell said he envisions Robinson receiving “10 to 15 snaps” per game as a rusher or receiver. Robinson also is the frontrunner to return kickoffs.

Polian, who had Caldwell on his personnel staff when serving as Indianapolis Colts president and general manager, said eschewing a Tebow signing is wise for the Jaguars. Polian pointed to Caldwell’s employment with the Colts and Atlanta Falcons as they fielded Peyton Manning and Matt Ryan respectively under center.

“David has been around a lot of really good quarterbacks,” Polian said. “He knows what a really good quarterback looks like. He’s able to judge quarterbacks.

“My opinion is he’s made the right judgment. It’s time to stop beating that (Tebow) drum.”

Based on history and his enduring popularity, the beat still will go on until Tebow lands somewhere


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17 Responses to “Jags not wavering on Tebow”

  1. tawk2 says:

    The Jags are stupid, but they don’t deserve Tim, all the bashing and not wanting Tim. If Tim went there he would only be sabotaged and not played like before.

    The Jags will be moving probably to London or LA sooner rather than later. I feel that is what Kahn has wanted all along. Pollian giving advice to the team only hurts Tim’s chances as well, he hates Tim and all he stands for.

    Thanks for posting Buzzy. Oh the ad by that Lawyer Morgan is really good, but I don’t want the Jags being pressured into signing Tim either. Everything in the video is true though.

  2. Thrawn says:

    The problem is… just about every one of his talking points have already been hammered home well over a year ago now. They weren’t persuasive enough the first 900 times, I doubt they will be this time around.

    Morgan and Morgan… This has “publicity stunt” written all over it.

    These calls and petitions to the President and the Jaguars need to stop. It is NOT helping Tebow’s case and is burning whatever bridges Tebow has left in the NFL. You think the other 31 teams aren’t taking notice?

    Yeah, keep pestering teams like that. Pissing teams off is a REALLY good way to salvage a career for someone. NOT.

    Sad part is, I don’t think Tebow himself would have endorsed any of the recent drama. Wish he’d come out and tell people to knock it off and let him try and salvage his career. This ain’t helping him, guys.

    • The Mascot Army says:

      That’s actually a great point. He should have included the stuff the haters don’t already know, like the cold hard football facts real qb analysis and other stuff that isn’t well known. maybe have a coach breakdown some tape showing that the play calling was not conducive to high competition percentage because it lacked the dinks and dunks that other qbs get. we should email that lawyer and see if he’ll do a round two.

    • jason says:

      I don’t get why tim doesn’t come out and ask these people to please stop what they’re doing. I would. I wouldn’t let people that like me do my career harm. I’m sure his fans will understand.
      Unless its that tim thinks this is gonna help him somehow.
      Tim should just come out and ask everyone doing or thinking up something else to please just stop because its only going to hurt his chances now that its gotten to this.
      The way his skill set is viewed in the NFL right now with all this stuff added on top is getting close to a coffin nail for his chances. Just ask people to stop tim. If it bothers some that you did well they didn’t have your best interests at heart so its really no lose if those few leave your fanbase.

      • Sage says:

        IMO, you don’t fully understand what’s behind either Tebow or his detractors. Tebow walks a path in which one does not feign contrition or seek to appease those who demand appeasement.

        The need among NFL potentates for appeasement, even in the form of hollow gestures, is a weakness that Tebow will not feed, even for his own benefit.

        Not only is Tebow unwilling to demean himself by making appeasing gestures to those who demand them; he also realizes that those demanding such gestures ultimately would never be appeased.

    • jason says:

      Thrawn your right that every team sees this and those that are thinking about giving him a chance really notice this stuff. Just seems like he’d have a “heart to heart” with some of his supporters and ask them to quot what they’re doing.

      • tawk2 says:

        You never know maybe Tim already has spoken to some of these people and they are so passionate and upset about how Tim is being treated that they are doing what they think is helping.

        Then again maybe Tim respects others points of view, he as never come back and attacked any of the haters or naysayers. I cannot say what Tim is doing or thinking, I am not Tim.

        I really think in my opinion that the petition was started by a hater to only draw more crazy media attention to Tim.

        I know that teams put up with media that surrounds players who continually get into trouble with the law. Or those who are accused and seem to get away with it. Teams never seem to shy away from those players.

        • tisa says:

          Your point is well taken Tawk, that owners and GMs tend to have no problem with the negative publicity that many players constantly generate. I think any reasonable person is just going to shake their head at the petition nonsense-if they are even aware of it. I read about Tebow because I am interested in him and some people spend a lot time reading about him and commenting because they hate him-which I don’t get- but it is what it is. I doubt owners or GMs are reading a lot of what gets written. There is a lot of positive stuff being said by former coaches and players about Tebow now as well as the negative stuff. Since Tim says he stays away from this type of media, he may not be aware of what is going on. Maybe Jimmy Sexton should talk to him and put out a press release. On the other hand, who is going to tell the Thrawns and Spiders of the internet to shut up? No one seems to think they need to be quiet. I would like to think that the owners and GMS are professionals that are going to judge Timmy for what he is and make a decision based on their professional observations. None of us know where Timmy is in his development at this point because we have not had a chance to see him play or practice in a very long time-thanks to the Jets. If we are going to ask people to stop their efforts regarding Tebow it needs to be on both sides of the issue. I wish the fanatics on both sides of the issue would just shut up!!!!!

          • tawk2 says:

            Thanks tisa so many great points in your comments. Yes both sides need to back off, both negative and positive. I am one of the biggest Tebow supporters you will ever see, but I want Tim on a team that wants and believes in him, not one who does not want him.

            I keep praying that this team is still out there and Tim given the chance will prove all the naysayers and haters wrong. Go TEBOW!!!

        • Thrawn says:

          Yes, but Tebow is really the one that has to deal with the consequences of their actions. I get it. people are frustrated. But when they start lashing out in anger, then they aren’t thinking clearly about consequences.

          It is like someone having a pack of angry Pitt Bulls protecting them. Someone gives their owner a hard time, or the dogs think the owner is being given a hard time, they charge off after that someone without any consideration of consequences and tear into the offender. They just can’t think things through. A couple of lawsuits later and the dogs likely destroyed, the owner is in worse shape than had he just dealt with the issue another way.

          It is admirable that Tebow has the charisma that inspires people to take a proactive approach on his behalf. He really has people willing to step in front of a bus for him. But these people haven’t thought it through. The Jags have hardened their stance to where there is pretty much zero chance he will end up there now, if there was any chance. Other teams are taking note, and I think you are foolish if you don’t think the CFL and even maybe the AFL haven’t taken note.

          These people acting on Tebow’s behalf thinking they are doing him a big favor, and thinking they might get him signed somewhere with those methods very well could be helping pound that last nail into the coffin of his career.

          Put a stop to it Tebow. It isn’t gonna work.

        • jason says:

          I don’t think haters did that. They’re all happy as can be right now. Plus most of the haters just want him gone from the media spotlight not have more of it.

          The petition is right in line with billboards and other ads to urge the jags to take him.

          Tisa you’re right though that both sides need to stop. I come hear to post and read because I don’t wanna give play to the media sites about tebow. The “haters” aren’t gonna cause teams to not pick tebow up because they aren’t trying to force tebow on teams.

        • tawk2 says:

          And by the way what better way to get a team to not want Tim than to start a petition pushing for a team to sign him. That would only enforce the fans always pushing Tim on teams and to play.

          • Thrawn says:

            how about a lawyer who is a Gator Alumni and focused on only the postitives from Tebow… the same talking points Tebow fans have been shouting from the mountaintops for the last few years?

            I doubt he is actually an anti-Tebow guy who just wanted Tebow fanatics to look bad.

            Tebow was already on his last leg and unlikely to find a suitor that wanted him at QB. The antis really don’t have much to gain from pulling a stunt like that.

            Tebow fans though, are a really passionate fanbase about their guy. I don’t think it is a stretch to say a few are willing to go overboard out of frustration for a guy they believe in. I just don’t see it. It’s like a final plea, and even Brandi has been encouraging a more proactive approach by encoraging Tebow fans to speak up and make the NFL give the “fans” what they want. Tebow.
            Buzzy says John Morgan is a great guy and a Gator I say go for all u can get if the jags are that dumb or they must want to move

          • jason says:

            Buzzy remember that they can have tebow and still move to LA. The fans can’t stop them the owner from moving the team if he really wants to.

      • Thrawn says:

        Can’t these people screaming about petitions and boycotts see they are helping kill his career?

        I get people see their hero getting dissed an want to take a proactive approach. They’re getting frustrated and angry. Even a lot of Tebow supporters are saying this is getting out of hand. But really, anyone supporting these moves is going about it the wrong way. Who knows, even teams in the CFLor the other leagues might be taking note too. Ever think of that?

        You just can’t force a team to take a player they don’t want. I get that having him in the league is good for PR. Now the Jags keep having to have to reiterate they don’t want the guy when Caldwell should have made that abundantly clear 3 months ago. “Even if released”

        A couple of posters here thought the petition to the White House was “funny.”

        I wouldn’t be laughing if I was a Tebow supporter. The ONLY thing that was going to accomplish was giving the detractors more ammo.

        i doubt this lawyer guy really cares anyway. Just another 15 minutes of fame for that firm.

        It really needs to stop, and Tebow may be the only one to stop that. It’s his career though.

        • Tebowette says:

          I do not support the petition because I do not want a king who hands down edicts. I do strongly support Gator Law School Grad John Morgan’s radio ads. I would like to see us launch billboards with the same message. It worked for the Bronco fans when they wanted Tebow to start at quarterback. Maybe, the billboards and radio ads calling for TEBOW, TEBOW could work for us. I phoned the Jags ticket office…told them we would buy season tickets once Tebow arrived. The guy I spoke with said hundreds of people were phoning every day saying the same thing. He said they were keeping tallies of the calls and passing the info on to the “powers that be”.

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