How much do you know about Tim Tebow? A quiz

According to a January ESPN poll, Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is now the most popular athlete in America. But how much do you really know about Tim Tebow? Take our quiz to see if you are a true Tebow-maniac.

– Mark Sappenfield, Staff

Buzzy Says : I scored around 60% it is Hard

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4 Responses to “How much do you know about Tim Tebow? A quiz”

  1. SB says:

    I got 76%. Some questions were not so much about him, like the one about the tv ratings. I missed that one among a few others, like the one about the state with the Tebow Bill.

  2. tisa says:

    I got 88%. I missed 2.

  3. andrea says:

    I also received 60%.
    I find it hard to believe(me of all people)that I got question #9 correct – the tweet from a worthless celebrity.

    Cheer up Buzzy – just imagine what score Kate Upton would receive – um – if she can read or count up to 17 that is.

    Buzzy Says I am sure she will get a 100%

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