How is Tim Tebow not on an NFL team’s roster

By Josh Folck | The Express-Times
Matt Scott. Thaddeus Lewis. Caleb TerBush. Brad Sorensen. Aaron Corp.

Who are these names listed above? Well, apparently they are better quarterbacks than Tim Tebow.

All of these obscure players are currently listed as quarterbacks on NFL rosters. But the Heisman Trophy winner who has a playoff win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on his resume is not.


View full sizeQuarterback Tim Tebow speaks to the Economic Club of Southwest Michigan on May 9 at the Mendel Center at Lake Michigan College near Benton Harbor, Mich.
AP/South Bend Tribune | JAMES BROSHER
How is this possible? Just over a year ago Tebow was turning around the Broncos and leading them to a playoff win. Now he can’t even find a job in the NFL?

He played only 73 offensive plays for the New York Jets last season so that really shouldn’t be a factor. So what is it then? Are teams afraid he will cause too much of a media circus? Are his strong religious beliefs hurting his chances of catching on with another NFL team?

I’m not sure. But I’m positive Tebow should be ahead of the likes of Scott, Lewis, TerBush, Sorensen and Corp. And even if some talent evaluators say he is not, then I’m sure a competitor and a guy who has proven to be a winner like Tebow could be a valuable asset in a team’s locker room, even if he isn’t playing quarterback.

It’s really nice of teams like the Philadelphia Soul and Omaha Beef to have interest in Tebow. But honestly, he deserves better than that. The letters sewn on his jersey should be NFL, not AFL or CPIFL.


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9 Responses to “How is Tim Tebow not on an NFL team’s roster”

  1. andrea says:

    I agree with this column.

  2. Thrawn says:

    Why is it that people talk about having a playoff win under his belt and questioning his not being in the league as if that was the ONLY thing there was to look at.

    Winning a playoff game was nice. Really nice.

    However, every GM in the league is looking at the WHOLE picture and they also see a guy who led the league in three and outs, ran an offense near the bottom in scoring and overall production. They also see a career 46% completion percentage. Only starter to finish below 50% over a seasons worth of game since 1992.

    It is good to focus on the positieves. Beating Pittsburgh was a great resume enhancer, and SHOULD NOT be ignored. But the bad stuff isn’t going to get ignored either, as if all that happened in a vacuum. (Especially since nobody sees that playoff win as something Tebow did all by himself.) So there is a good place to start.

    • The Mascot Army says:

      And that is all there is on the con side (and people who watched it happen know Fox is as likely a suspect as anybody – “every possession should end with a kick”). Unfortunately, those decision makers are all too busy to have watched anything more than a small sample of all of Tebow’s games, and so they simply use the dimwitted crutch of compl%, 3 and outs, and equally busy and uninformed pundits to arrive at the most convenient conclusion.
      A playoff win on a formerly bottom tier team, is a huge deal, as are multiple 4th quarter comebacks…a lot more important and telling than that Tebow runs when other QBs throw check downs.

      • Thrawn says:

        …and yet, that is ALSO what people are looking at. If they see an offense struggling to stay on the field, and aren’t scoring a lot of points, and punting the ball away all day to guys like Brady, they’re gonna give a lot of the blame to the QB, not just the coach. The completion percentage is PART of why they had so many really short drives. I passes keep floating off into the stands or hitting the dirt, or going behind receivers, coaches aren’t going to keep calling a lot of pass plays. That was what was happening in his first 2 games in 2011, when Fox said “enough of this crap.” (Seriously, he actually said that.) That was when we started seeing a lot more read option which worked for awhile. But then we had that 1-4 stretch when the playoffs were in doubt, lost horribly to a bad Buffalo team, and lost the KC game 7 to 3 to Kyle Orton of all people.

        You’d have to be an idiot to at least not weigh that part in and not at least put some blame on Tebow’s play.

        You can’t just give Tebow credit for all the good things, and then point fingers at everyone but Tebow when things go wrong. That is the same kind of bias many Tebow fans complain about with critics only pointing to bad stats.

        His accuracy issues and mechanics weren’t a myth. It had been the #1 knock on him since he came to the NFL. But he has also worked on improving those, though it may be too little too late since he can’t even get an invite to a workout.

        You are asking teams to invest millions on him and overhauling an offense to fit his skillset based on a few good hilights. Sorry, a team looking for a direction to go in isn’t just going to look at the hilights you liked. They are going to look at the whole thing, and at the end of the day, Tebow seems to be coming up short. He has a lot of cons working against those pros, and they can’t be ignored any more than the good stuff can.

        Sorry, they’re gonna look at the whole picture of Tebow, not just the parts you want to hilight for them.

        • tawk2 says:

          Just as they do with any NFL player out their especially those just starting out. And by the way Tim never was able to get comfortable with the team before being thrown into the fire but he still found a way to win. There are many quarterbacks out there right now with flaws but the coaches build teams around their strengths. As for Tim’s completion percentage in 2011 John Fox has something to do with that as well as dropped good passes by wide receivers! Yes Tim could be better as well, but from what I have seen in this league that all other quarterbacks are allowed to make mistakes and grow, but not Tim! That is what makes us fans so upset, so many double standards and excuses made for other quarterbacks who are not doing very well.

          Any other quarterback who had done what Tim accomplished in 2011 would’ve had a starting quarterback job! So yes we as Tebow fans are upset about the unfair treatment.

          Tim works probably harder than most and never gives up, he takes criticism well and never lashes out at anyone for the at times hateful things being said.

          All I heard this morning about Sanchez and Smith was they are in a new offense and it will take time to learn, and about Geno oh he is young he will learn and grow. So I ask you where was Tebow’s time to learn and grow? Any team he has been on has not wanted him, Elway and company did not want him and Rex did not either, so how can a young quarterback learn and grow when others are not even trying to help? Tim has worked with others all the time and has gotten better, but do you think anyone will give him a chance? No because those who don’t want him in the league continually say demeaning things about him and always have his name in the news headlines. Tim has been out of the spotlight for quite a while now, but still his name remains in the headlines.

          So I guess if you want to say Tim does not need to play on an NFL team because he needs to work on somethings then you need to send the other quarterbacks who are not doing that well either out to pasture as well.

        • The Mascot Army says:

          He missed some short passes, but players were dropping balls and running wrong routes too. That doesnt mean you stop throwing and become 1 dimensional. Fox is the worst. It is no coincidence that denver fans are the most pro tebow fans in the nfl, they are the fans who have seen him the most.
          And Tebow had zero bad passes last year. Sparano is also a moron.

  3. Gary says:

    Hello! Tim

    My brother in Christ. I would like to ask you to try and play for the San Diego Charges football team please thank you.


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