Finally Football For Floridians

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The boldest move in the History of Professional Sports in the US since the 1920 decision by Baseball Owners to remove the Gamblers from effective control of the Game and install a Commissioner, with sweeping powers over the League, has taken its first step. And it is taking it in Florida.

The A-11 Football League has secured its first Stadium location, here in Florida. Details are being kept close for the moment. But the unabashed interest the League has expressed to sign Tim Tebow and have him be essentially the poster boy for a transformation of the relationship between Fans and Professional Football is likely not a mere coincidence. Particularly since Florida wasn’t even on the initial target list of states just a month ago.

But the stars all appear to be aligning perfectly.
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3 Responses to “Finally Football For Floridians”

  1. The Mascot Army says:

    I’m actually excited about this. From what I have read, this could be a better brand of football, and Tebow would get eyes watching it. Wouldnt it be poetically just if this league does to the NFL what Netflix did to Blockbuster?

    • tawk2 says:

      I agree, where is more information on this league? I keep hearing from other people that the football field is shorter in this league is that true?

      I know wherever Tim plays I will be supporting him there and will buy merchandise as well.

  2. Lynn Burgess says:

    Has anyone thought of asking Tim Tebow if he is interested in playing for this league before you go playing it up as his future? For sure, in the short-run such “rumors” are only opportunity for the mainstream sports media to mock Tebow yet again and further undermine his credibility.

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