Buzzy Says : It is My understanding that T2 got a workout Sked. in the next two weeks i could not find out who when or where

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19 Responses to “Buzzy Says : It is My understanding that T2 got a workout Sked. in the next two weeks i could not find out who when or where”

  1. tawk2 says:

    That sounds great I hope it’s at quarterback in the NFL. I bet any team interested is keeping it hush hush, because of the crazed media.

    Hopefully we will know something soon and Tim will have a home that truly believes and supports him.

    Thanks for posting Buzzy.

  2. SB says:

    BY FAR the best headline-only-no-link post you’ve done! Ya heard?

    Buzzy says : well get in here and take over for me SB
    You are correct its is just another rumor at this time
    and a workout does not mean they will sign him we may never know who when or where

    • SB says:

      Tis true, but if these teams are willing to work him out that means they’re not too concerned about the “circus”. And if the reports of his much improved mechanics are true, then I think this is a very good sign that he’ll be picked up soon. So this is very encouraging!

    • Shaztah says:

      At least with a workout he can show his improvements and it might be enough to convince a team. The thing I don’t understand is that after the 2011 season his fellow players voted him in the top 100. What changed last year? No one got to see him play or show he has improved so why is he all of a sudden not even worth a job. Some of the players that voted for him should speak up on his behalf especially the ones he played with at Florida. How about Steve Young making a statement abut what he saw? Geez at least people would respect his opinion more so than Chuck Norris’. Sorry guys I have kept all this anger inside and I have to let it out.

  3. tisa says:

    Thanks for giving us a glimmer of hope.

  4. Bob Segrett says:

    Kellogg’s tony says GRrreat. Go Timmy

  5. jason says:

    That’s a good thing!

  6. grad says:

    Tebow going to the A11 Football League, rumor but building a lot of steam!


    Buzzy Says this was suppose to be an NFL team

    • tisa says:

      I will be totally disappointed if Timmy goes to A11 without waiting out the preseason.

      • Larry says:

        Remember, the A11 isn’t supposed to start until 2015. Can you imagine Tim just training & waiting for TWO YEARS when he could be trying to play someplace else? I can’t.

        IMHO, the A11, like so many others, is getting a lot of publicity by using Tebow’s name. I’d never heard of them before all this Tebow talk & I bet many others hadn’t, either. Also, the A11 will supposedly be requiring players to play both offense & defense. Tim just wants to play QB, not defense-he hated playing defense in high school.

    • lalalala says:

      I don’t think Tim’s going to A-11. You’re right, they’re using Tim’s name for publicity. They’ve also successfully recruited a few of his “fans” to spread the message and generate buzz. Not buying it.

      • Lynn says:

        “I don’t think Tim’s going to A-11.” I SO AGREE WITH YOU!

        “They’re using Tim’s name for publicity.” FOR SURE!

        “They’ve also successfully recruited a few of his “fans” to spread the message and generate buzz.” UNBELIEVABLE, BUT SO TRUE, I KEEP HOLDING MY BREATH FOR FEAR THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA WILL PICK IT UP AND REPORT IT AS TIM BEING INTERESTED IN A-11 BECAUSE OF THE FAN BUZZ.”


  7. tisa says:

    Totally agree that the A11 and some other folks are using Tebow’s name to further their own agenda and their disdain for the NFL. Timmy needs to wait. He knows that and I don’t think he will settle for the A11. We don’t know what will happen as training camp and the season itself gets started. There are a lot of very shaky QBs in the NFL right now.

  8. graduate says:

    If Tebow goes to A11FL and it’s a game changing move.

    Rumor has A11FL offering whopper gig for Tebow to only play QB.

    And only a couple players per A11 team will play both ways.

    45 man rosters leave no need for guys to play both sides of ball.

    Go Tebow Go because A11FL fans love ya!


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