Buzzy Says: do what ever it takes Billboards , radio , TV , signs , Phone calls , Email and letters to the jags and Newspaper editors either win out or go down in a blaze of glory

I would bet that Mr Caldwell would quit his job if the owner were to say

sign Tim Tebow and that would be the best thing that could happon to the Jaguars.

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10 Responses to “Buzzy Says: do what ever it takes Billboards , radio , TV , signs , Phone calls , Email and letters to the jags and Newspaper editors either win out or go down in a blaze of glory”

  1. SB says:

    I really think this is the absolute wrong thing to do. Obviously, it’s likely not to work, but what if it did? You’d be putting Tim in a very awkward situation. The locker room would know he’s there artificially and it would not be good for him. Coaches would make it difficult for him as well.

    And do you really want to be responsible for getting him on a team that clearly doesn’t want him, along with the negative press that would create? He gets enough press coverage as it is. He doesn’t need anymore negative press or reasons for people to dislike him and root against him.

    Let’s just let it play out. I’m as anxious as everyone else, but it will work out. He’ll get signed. He has too much to offer and with the multiple reports of his improved mechanics, it will happen. Especially with Steve Young and Jim Zorn vouching for him after visiting him recently during his workouts.

    • Sage says:

      Although it’s debatable whether rocking the boat would be a good or bad thing, I’ve been so fed up with the NFL for so long that I can’t do anything more these days than simply ignore the league.

      • jason says:

        That’s your role and every fans role. You either consume the product or you don’t. Fans don’t get to make personnel decisions. They either buy the product or they don’t.
        Its a product just like any other product, if a person doesn’t like it then don’t buy it. Its no different than eating at a bad burger joint. The burgers are bad you don’t eat them there.
        I love the NFL, I think their great but I never think I’m suppose to say who plays and who doesn’t or that y opinion to them matters other than if I will or won’t buy what they have. I have no problem with the NFL at all.

        No knock but if you have issue with the NFL why do you watch. Products I have issue with I just don’t buy.

        • Sage says:

          Sure, but this is America and there is a strong tradition of activism. Nobody drinks New Coke, do they? The first order of business for fans to speak up. If they are disregarded, THEN is the time to boycott or ignore the product.

          The NFL principals will never go hungry, but nor will they ever realize the full bounty that was theirs to capture. They are much like the copyright hoarders in the RIAA. The RIAA could have embraced Napster and lived at the epicenter of all entertainment, software, and advertising, as the country’s first trillion $$ industry. Instead they chose to rule as niggardly princes over a small island that is slowly sinking.

          The NFL, too, will slowly sink. You will probably resist that conclusion for years to come, but as a share of the national attention, the NFL will shrink.

  2. The Mascot Army says:

    Yeah, I dont really like this idea either. It was bad enough when Tebow wasnt wanted by Fox and Ryan. This would be worse. Instead, all this energy should be used to simply root against and make fun of the jaguars on making a poor final decision, not trying to change the decision.
    my 2 cents anyway.

  3. BuzzyBuzzard says:

    The Jags are not going to give in no need to worry about that But the fans are not going to buy the Jags either so the only way to get even is get in their head Caldwell should never have open his mouth about T2.
    An Anwser I dont know at this time would have been Fine

  4. Brandi says:

    I’ve been saying for awhile Tebow fans should NOT shy away from his Popularity. What exactly have the TebowManiacs been doing? Anyone?

    Saying give Tim a chance. You’ll Win. When that happened…it happened.

    Did that infamous Billboard in Denver say “Kyle Orton Sucks!” Nope. It was a positive call for an NFL Player to Play. Oh No!!!

    What did NY Jets Fans do? They said they wanted to see Tim Tebow get a chance to Play. Those Fans calling “Save Us Tebow!” were sitting in PSL Seats that they had to get on a waiting list for before the stadium was even built and pay $40,000 each just for the “right” to pay over $3000 each for Season Tickets. Those were long-term Jets Fans.

    What has most of Football America said? That they want to see some Tebow Time. Why? The reasons vary. Some have been die-hard Tim Fans for years. Some have been people fed up with TebowMania who have said OK, give him a Season…let’s get this over with…expecting him to fail. But expecting people to see him get that chance to fail.

    What have MANY others wanted? A chance to see if it was magic. If Tebow is a one-hit Wonder or if he’s what his die-hard fans have said. If he busts he buts. If he flies he flies.

    But what very few wanted was just…NOTHING. Big wind up and the NFL says there’ll be no pitch. Why? Because he is “too popular”.

    That makes the various League/Team Execs look like cowards…it is not an indictment of Tim Tebow or his Fans.

    THIS is exactly what intelligent leagues want. Passionate Fans passionate calling for their Faves. And that is what it has been. These have been positive calls. It could just as easily been a completely different way. It could have been a negative campaign. But these calls by Fans of Tebow have been exactly what the NFL should want. And they would. If it weren’t for the fact Tim is more popular than the league and his popularity isn’t a switch that the NFL can turn on or off. A League dominated by fear of failure and control freaks is most terrified of that which they have absolutely no control of. And they can’t control The Tebow Phenomenon. The things is…they never should have tired.

    That some things they should be able to is an indication of how completely backwards we’ve allowed Professional Sports to get.

  5. Harry Apol says:

    I Believe “Buzzy is Right – Except the Problem is of an NFL Wide Orchestration: No One NOW has the GUTs to give Tim Tebow a FAIR SHOT !

    Logic, Truth, and a Candid Reality Check!!
    The only significant element of the advertised “Polarizing of Tim Tebow”->

    (NewSpeak Code Word “Polarizing” meaning “Too MUCH CHRISTIAN !”)

    that could cause such an almost conspiratorial blanket affect of Hate on TT,
    is his consistent unashamed BOLD expression of his Faith in his Lord and Saviour “Jesus Christ”.

    All the continual negative Hate tirades consistently emanating – from so many diverse sources having nothing close to being in common, except that and that alone!

    Although they try to couch it with other variables that were previously common to many players – who had minimal attacks on them and No Real Hate continually dumped upon them from the NFL to the News Media. Even to the extreme example of the Late Night TV comedian that said if he had the choice between shooting Ben Liden or Tim Tebow in the head, he would have difficulty deciding which one to kill.??

    In reality this is really an all out campaign of EVIL that is sourced right out of the PIT OF HELL and is directly related to Spiritual Warfare.

    Those of us that are Christians Should Take a Stand, and if this Garbage continues, and Tim Tebow is NOT given a fair chance this SEASON:
    Consider this Process -> How about SOME REAL..> Truth and JUSTICE?

    For: Ignorance is not always bliss..
    And: Choices do have Consequences..>
    Luke 18:7 And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them?
    Proverbs 14:12 There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.
    Romans 12:19 Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

    It is NOT in Tim Tebow’s hands, BUT know it – Justice will Prevail!

    (They do understand the loss of $$)

    – Many of US have had enough, of the disparity of treatment that the Perverts, Murderers, Drug addicts, and other Convicted Criminals of NFL PLAYERs get that, many times, seems much more favorable TREATMENT than that the HATE Campaign against Tim Tebow has given him!

    Absolutely and Only because of his BOLD,
    Un-ashamed STAND FOR JESUS CHRIST. Enough is Enough !!


  6. Larry says:

    To everyone who said they think this is a bad idea: Thank You.

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