10 teams that should take Tim Tebow (and 22 that probably wont)

Tebow can be an effective addition to any team. Look!

By Dan Shanoff

Today’s Big Winner: Tim Tebow.

Save your “Beef” jokes. Now that Tim Tebow is a free agent, he can find the right fit with a team that actually wants to use him. That won’t include an offer to be a starting quarterback, but a role as a backup QB and — presuming he’s willing and the team is clever enough — multi-purpose offensive option, he can be an effective addition to any team. Let’s rank his fit on all 32 NFL teams:

The Top 10:
(1) Patriots: Clearly the most sensible.
(2) 49ers: Jim Harbaugh can handle it.
(3) Seahawks: Always trying to one-up San Francisco.
(4) Eagles: Chip Kelly will figure out the arbitrage.
(5) Jaguars: GM and coach need to just get over it.
(6) Bucs: Greg Schiano is like Rex Ryan without the insecurities.
(7) Bears: New coach Marc Trestman used to like him.
(8) Chargers: Made new coach Mike McCoy’s career.
(9) Rams: Trying to keep up with 49ers and Seahawks.
(10) Cardinals: Trying to keep up with Rams.

Why not?
(11) Redskins: RG3 Mania > Tebowmania
(12) Browns: Looking for new QB in ’14 Draft anyway.
(13) Vikings: See Browns.
(14) Bills: It’s not as if his last name is Nassib.
(15) Dolphins: Wait, do they want him for reals?
(16) Saints: Like Bill Belichick, Sean Payton would unleash him.
(17) Panthers: Imagine a jumbo Cam Newton-Tebow combo.
(18) Chiefs: Nothing to lose.
(19) Raiders: Al Davis would’ve done it.
(20) Cowboys: You know Jerry Jones wants to.

OK, possibly not a good fit:
(21) Ravens: Champs have cred to do whatever they want.
(22) Steelers: Good legacy of multi-purpose QBs.
(23) Texans: Offensively innovative enough to try.
(24) Colts: No QB controversy, no problem.
(25) Packers: Aaron Rodgers can relate to a snubbed QB.
(26) Bengals: “Just lob it to AJ Green” offense would work.
(27) Titans: Meh.
(28) Lions: Just doesn’t feel right.
(29) Falcons: Ditto.
(30) Giants: Tom Coughlin would love him, but NY clearly not a fit.

No thanks:
(31) Broncos: Seen this movie.
(32) Jets: Worst. Fit. Ever.



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2 Responses to “10 teams that should take Tim Tebow (and 22 that probably wont)”

  1. tawk2 says:

    Wow so many stupid gm’s and coaches out there! I really don’t think I have ever seen a player snubbed so much by the NFL.

    I was wondering if RG3 and Kapernick, and I believe Russell Wilson and yes Cam Newton would have come out of the draft like they did if Tim had not run the spread option in Denver? I bet they would have been drafted but would not have been the golden players they are told they are destined to be. Tim open the way for all these players, and Tim I believe I have heard is the best spread option quarterback in college ever! So why can’t he get a starting job as well.

    Such hypocrites in the sports media and the NFL. If Tim and I pray he does get on another NFL team I will support him, but if he does not them I am done with the biased and full of BS NFL! And yes Tim has gotten poor treatment and not had a real chance to prove what he has and can do.

  2. BuzzyBuzzard says:

    Tebow is going to start another game at some point in his career. It might not be this year, or next year, but it’ll happen, whether it be through skill, luck, injuries or an act of GOODELL
    Buzzy Says Hurry Up Roger Put T2 to work some where that plays Jax Jags or the NYJets twice a year or the team that is going to play the Jags in Londen.

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