Will Jets Fans Continue To Be ButtFu…er Fumbled?

BY:SportsBabe Brandi

New York Jets Fans have been Royally Robbed of hundreds of millions of dollars and years out of their lives. Quite possibly with no end (no pun intended) in sight.

For a brief moment there was light in their lives. But now Workouts have begun with no indications that anything is going to change for the better. And PSL Re-Sale prices have begun to fall again; reflecting the feeling among Jets Fans that they’re being teased again. And will spend one more Season being treated like chumps.

Hey Chaz, why don’t you start calling the Fans names again? That makes you feel just so superior to those whose passion and money provide you with a job…doesn’t it?

John Idzik has built up some cred with JetsBeat…even as they’re trying to figure him out. But for Jets Fans, it’s simple. For all the talk, there’s nothing that tells them that anything has changed other than who will be taking the bullet for Rex & Woody. Talk of Trading Mark Sanchez more than made up for talk of Trading Darrelle Revis.

But Rexy cleared it all up in his Post-Caribe Presser when he told Jets Fans that talk isn’t the least bit cheap. Not for them. For jets Fans, talk is being lured into paying for a new Stadium they no longer want to visit. Let alone continue paying for. To Rex, it’s simply what he does to get from one week to the next. Just ask him. He’s already admitted he’s spent his time as Jets Head Coach saying whatever sounded good at the time. Whether he actually believed it or not. Right before Woody said if Jets Fans have a problem with that, they can take it up with his Attorneys.

For over 100 years in this Country, Pro Sports Fans have put up with alot. And they continue to for the love of the Games that drive their passions. But two things they never put up with or forgive. Being lied to or being made out to be chumps. The Jets have done both and have been very careful to make it clear to Jets Fans…they don’t care.

The New York Jets are a broken Franchise and they’re trying to convince Jets Fans all is well….just have faith; be patient.

They’re showing how patient they plan on being by how hard they’re working to dump their commitments to keep financing the very Organization that has gone out of its way to say “Screw You! Dodgeball Playing wannabes.”

And JetsBeat Media continues to fail the Fans as much as the Jets themselves have. The fans quite simply don’t believe any of them anymore. Why should they? Please…if there’s anybody out there who has good reason why Jets Fans should believe anything either the Jets or those covering them daily have to say, please explain it.

Despite the talk, absent some action, this coming Season shapes up to be the same as last. So long as both Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez have the same Employer, Jets Fans will never believe anyone associated with the Jets about anything. Nor should they.
..SportsBabe Brandi

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