War of words in Tebow drama


11:58 p.m. EDT, April 17, 2013

The Tim Tebow saga with the New York Jets continues to get stranger.

On Wednesday, several media outlets, including ESPNNewYork.com and Newsday, reported that Tebow’s private coach, Steve Clarkson, criticized the Jets and quarterback Mark Sanchez, one week after Sanchez’s new coach, former NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia, blasted Tebow.

Clarkson went so far as to say the Denver Broncos may have intentionally traded Tebow to the Jets instead of the favored and hometown Jacksonville Jaguars just to see him fail in the Big Apple.

“I think he was purposefully sent to New York,” Clarkson said in a teleconference with several media outlets. “From the standpoint: you send him to a situation where you have instability with your coach — you don’t know if he’s coming or going. You have a fragile-minded Mark Sanchez at quarterback.

“You stick Tim Tebow in there and you kill two birds with one stone. So if you’re Denver, you’ve got to be thinking, ‘We send him to New York, we basically kill an opponent and, at the same time, Tim Tebow doesn’t come back to bite us in the proverbial butt, if you will, because he’s not going to make it out of there.’

“You send him to Jacksonville, all of a sudden he’s got that fan base behind him and all of a sudden he’s doing what he’s done all his life, that’s win games. That would put a lot of ill will towards your organization. There’s a lot of politics that go on with it. I think Timmy was just unfortunate to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Clarkson also said the Jets refused to allow Tebow to master the entire offense.

“I think in Tim’s case, they walked him into New York and said, ‘We’ve got four plays for you. You execute these four plays and that’s all you’re going to get,'” Clarkson said. “Well, when you walk on the field and that’s all you practice, and you don’t get any meaningful reps and you walk into a game and basically the defense is telling your offensive line basically where the ball is going to go, it’s pretty depressing and it doesn’t give you much room for hope.

“I would hope whoever, wherever he ends up that they give him an opportunity, and I think if they do they’ll be pleasantly surprised. I think the guy still can play.”

Tebow worked with Clarkson for several days last month in Arizona, including losing 12 pounds, down from his 250-pound playing weight that the Jets requested Tebow to play at. In Clarkson’s opinion, Tebow’s mechanics and fundamentals are back up to par.

As for Sanchez, he hired Garcia to teach him the West Coast offense. Garcia criticized Tebow and the Jets, saying the team should have traded him or released him before this week’s start of workouts.

“Having Tebow there doesn’t bring anything positive,” Garcia said. “It just brings distraction. For Mark, the main competition is going to be David Garrard and Greg McElroy.”

The Jets will likely release Tebow soon, perhaps either before or right after the draft. He still has one year left on his current contract. He apparently is not letting the controversy affect him: he was the first player to report for the Jets’ offseason conditioning program.

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45 Responses to “War of words in Tebow drama”

  1. jason says:

    It was really funny the things he said about sanchez. I won’t even bother to go into the flaws I’ve seen in sanchez’s skill set. Way too much to type.
    Thing is though tebow had imput into where he went. Back when this all took place reports were that tim’s brother had also pushed for new york. It wasn’t till much after the fact that the whole idea of tebow had zero to do with the decision was pushed. Plus if tim really didn’t want to go to new york he didn’t have to reportor play and could’ve forced his release or trade to the jags instead if he really really wanted that. The whole idea that he wasn’t given any say so at all has too much stacked against him saying that he did and objectively it looks like spin after the fact.
    Plus if the broncos really were afraid of that they could’ve kept him and pushed him to 3rd string and not give him any playing time for the remaining contract. Some fans may have been really upset but it wasn’t gonna damage the franchise they have. They could’ve eaten the salary of tebow and shipped him to belichick for a 7th round pick where he’d be behind brady for 5 years and of no real threat to the broncos. its all spin after the fact or atleast its what enough evidence points to and at the time what was pointed to that came out by all parties involved until it didn’t work out then it became “I had no choice at all”.

    The crap garcia said is of no benefit to sanchez just like some of the crap clarkson said is of no benefit to tebow. It won’t help tim get a job. Sounds more to me like self promotion at tim’s expense. That doesn’t look good to have your personal trainer slamming teams and people in the NFL cause you look at taking a chance with tebow but if it doesn’t work his trainer is gonna trash you. That doesn’t help.

    • Thrawn says:

      Yep. Nice theory of the Broncos deliberately trading Tebow to the Jets in order to screw both parties, but I’m not sure where the part about Tebow deflecting the question on choosing the Jets over the Jags, and the Broncos clarifying that Tebow indeed had the choice to go to New York fits in with that conspiracy theory.

      People on the Post tried to say Brandon Lloyd was traded when Tebow took over on purpose to sabotage him too. Couple things there. The switch at QB was coincidentally around the time of the trade deadline as well. Lloyd was a locker room distraction, he was disgruntled, and made it clear he didn’t want to be there. Broncos did what they had to do to get at least something for him, which they did. I’m not sure how helpful he would have been for Tebow anyway as Lloyd clearly didn’t like Tebow at all. Trading him probably did him a favor.

      The Broncos didn’t set out to screw Tebow over. That’s crazy talk. He probably would have been the starting QB for 2012 or duked it out with some second tier QB in the draft for the starting job had the Manning opportunity not presented itself.

      I DO think the Jets pretty much screwed him over though as it is obvious they didn’t really do anything with him. Not sure if it is deliberate though since they are disfunctional as hell and are in dire need of adult supervision.

      • The Mascot Army says:

        I dont know about that; trading Lloyd for almost nothing was giving up on the season and Elway probably had his eye on makin a move for Luck instead of the playoffs. Sabotage isnt really that huge a stretch. The reaction shown at 3:38 and 4:00 in this video speaks volumes, and I cant find the other one that showed a longer cut that was even more telling.

        • Thrawn says:

          You think it would have been better to keep a disgruntled cancer in the locker room that wanted nothing to do with Tebow?

          Eleay didn’t look that “disgruntled” to me. Dude stood up and applauded. Maybe you were looking for a cartwheel too, I dunno.

          Does Elway look disgruntled to you here too?


          I think you are really grasping at straws there. I agree that Fox and Elway weren’t “all-in” on Tebow, but disgruntled? Actually going out of their way sabotage him? That’s a reach and doesn’t do anything to advance Tebow’s cause. Just makes the Tebow camp look more desparate and crazy.

          • The Mascot Army says:

            He golf clapped a huge end of game drive to win (and the longer clip I can’t find was far worse). If you can’t read into that, than you are the target audience of press releases. Elway did not want Tebow and every Tebow success that year was at best bittersweet, but more an obstacle to Elway’s pocket passing plan. Trading Lloyd was undeniably giving up on the season and did sabotage Tebow’s chances for success that year.
            And did you even read the caption of the picture YOU posted? AWKWARD…which it was, watch the video and compare it to Tebow and McCoy’s embrace.
            Reading between the lines on Elway was not very difficult for people who watched every game and interview that year. Do I think the move to the Jets was sabotage? No, but do I think anybody thinking so doesn’t have a leg to stand on? No.

            And where did “disgruntled” come into this discussion?

          • Thrawn says:

            Yeah, it was awkward if you believed the nonsense that Elway was annoyed or mad about the TD vs. the Jets. Really think you guys made a mountain out of a molehill out of that one.

            Come on, a conspiracy? Sabotage. It’s like you guys honestly believe Elway stayed up at night trying to think of ways to hurt Tim Tebow because he hated him, or was jealous, or though Elway’s legacy was somehow threatened by Tebow.

            Really not helping your case. At all.

          • The Mascot Army says:

            Yeah, and the Colts just happened to suck donkey XXXX the year before the Luck draft. I’m sure every loss they had that year was very upsetting to them. Sarcasm explicit.

          • jason says:

            Don’t forget that if they really were against tebow they could’ve benched him after the 1st loss or 1st win then went with quinn. Elway’s legacy in denver broncos fans, not tebow fans that became broncos fans would take no hit at all. Elway is completely safe there with the broncos fans. People try to get it twisted completely about denver and elway’s legacy or anything like that. He’s one of the greatest to ever play the game. Worst is and lack of NFL knowledge is the compare tim’s 1st 16 to elway’s when the average comp% was far lower, rules on the game were different, tim isn’t competing against people from 83 for a starting job and many other factors that don’t apply at all. What matters is the people in the year you are in when it comes to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on stats when it comes to a players future. Past stats are what fans and media argue over all the time but skill set is what the GMs and coaches look at. I love all the stat stuff but know who it matters to and who doesn’t give a damn about it at all when it comes to a future for a player. That can’t be overlooked yet people wanna throw it completely aside when 32 guys matter not everyone else on a future on any team.

        • jason says:

          They traded lloyd to get some value since he wasn’t gonna resign next season regaurdless. Thomas and decker are good WRs. With a season looking hopeless might as well gain any value you can. They did better and the season turned around with tebow at QB and the defense finally getting something done.
          Even with lloyd it would’ve made little difference if you miss reads and openings. Tim will get that fixed I think but he could’ve had mega tron, andre and larry but if you don’t get the ball right then its not much difference. Tim will fix that issue I think but the lloyd move was just the business of the NFL not some devious issue at all.

          • The Mascot Army says:

            I don’t accept your claim that Tim excessively misses reads and openings more than typical QBs.

        • ck says:


          P.S. Words to the wise…watch commentary as kids are known to frequent this site.


  2. jason says:

    There’s no doudt the jets screwed tim over but the reports that came out when the trade happened in interviews going on tv and the radio said the tebow camp thought new york was better for his brand. These after things go wrong spin. This isn’t helpful to tim at all.
    Tim made his choice and elway went with it. Its the jets that were lying and screwed tim. There’s nothing on tim for getting screwed by the jets because he thought they’d be better for him. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Tim got fooled by some bad people but spin after the fact isn’t of benefit to him.

    • Thrawn says:

      No, Tim trying to sidestep the question about picking the Jets as something he really had no control over didn’t reflect well on him. I do agree that his brand probably had a lot to do with it. There is simply more exposure in New York than there is in Jacksonville. But he probably also thought Sanchez was on his last leg there too. Blaine Gabbert had just finished his first year and they had a 10th overall pick invested in him. Probably thought Gabbert would get the benefit of the doubt first. Though I am kinda torn on that one. If I were looking for a starting job, I think most would like their chances over Gabbert first. Sanchez has some playoff victories under his belt and might get more of a pass.

      • The Mascot Army says:

        You give Elway more credit than he deserves. I think Tebow probably did have at least some input into the decision, but it is no slam dunk how much, or what happened. Your insisting otherwise exposes your biases, and your willingness to cherry pick convenient half-truths and treat them as full ones. Absent the advantage of hindsight, I would have chosen the Jets too, and it would have nothing to do with market size. Sanchez sucked, and Ryan/Sparano painted themselves as more receptive and creative than Mularkey. Unfortunately, it was unknown at the time that Ryan and Sparano were blowing smoke up his ass.

        • tisa says:

          You take is probably the correct one. Tim was told he would be used in NY, but not in Jax. He thought he could win the QB position from Sanchez. Pure and simple.

        • Thrawn says:

          You’re denying it exposes your biases, so I wouldn’t be quick to pounce on someone for their perceived biases.

          Anyway, does it matter? Tebow wanted New York and he got New York. My bet is if he said Jacksonville, he’d be playing for Jacksonville right now.

          That whole drama was conveniently left out by Clarkson. Of course that might be gospel to you, but it looks like revisionist history from a Tebow supporter to me.

          This whole conspiracy scenario to screw Tebow is rediculous.

          • The Mascot Army says:

            I’m not insisting my biases are undeniable facts that everybody adhere to.

            I personally dont think Elway sabotaged Tebow with the Jets trade, and think he put him where he thought he would have a chance to start, but would it shock me to learn that NFL brass might do unseemly things to get an edge over opponents? Not at all. The Jets arent playing games right now with Tebow’s career and his potential landing spots to get an advantage for themselves? Are the Broncos so clearly above and beyond that kind of behavior?

          • Thrawn says:

            I don’t think the jets are deliberately screwing over Tebow just for the sake of screwing him over. I think they made a mistake bringing in a guy they had no intention of doing anything with. The Jets organization are like the North Korea of the NFL. They make a lot of noise, but don’t really have anything to back it up other than some big firecrackers. Jets are the Prima Donna organization of the NFL, looking to get attention over their big brother, the Giants. Not to mention capitalizing on his popularity for awhile like Brandi suggests the league should be doing. Hence, the Tebow trade. They got it alright.

            I think they are just trying to make the best out of a bad situation they got themselves in with the salary cap, and finding new and creative ways to trip over themselves again. This is why I think they should just cut bait.

          • The Mascot Army says:

            Yeah, they’re not screwing him over just to screw him over. They are completely indifferent to him, costing him, for the tiniest chance at some team advantage. You admit the Jets can do it, it isn’t a giant leap to theorize Elway could do it too. “It’s business” as he has said in the past.

          • Thrawn says:

            Jets are just flat out incompetent. I’d never leave them alone with a chemistry set.

            I think this stuff about Elway is just more lashing out from frustrated Tebow fans. I get it. Someone provided a spark, and I can’t believe how many people are actually buying it.

  3. Sage says:

    Mascot, very sharp posting. Thx.

  4. tawk2 says:

    Wow I guess I did not watch the same broncos games that some did. Elway clearly when Tebow did well or helped lead team to a win, Elway forced a smile. Even the sports analyst said they could tell Elway was not happy when Tebow succeeded. So yes Elway did not want Tebow to succeed, Elway wanted Andrew Luck and he knew if they won games he would not have a chance to get him.

    • Sage says:

      Agree. I wanted to believe Elway didn’t dislike Tebow, and Elway wanted me to believe it. In the end, however, that conclusion is inescapable.

      Didn’t they shop him at the combine before Manning was even available?

      • tawk2 says:

        Yes Sage they did shop Tebow at the Combine before Manning was available. It was all over the news.

        • jason says:

          Yes they did. No elway didn’t want him as a QB. I’ve fired many people I didn’t like their ability but loved the person they are.
          Tebow’s camp is putting this as spin because back when it all took place it came from them that this was his best chance and people on tv and the radio that contacted them said it was better for his brand. Its spin since it didn’t work to hope that jax still wants him. Its so easy and clear to see objectively. If its tebow that pushed that or people in his camp its still going back to everyone and I mean EVERYONE else is lying from every single angle or its tebow’s camp spinning the trade choice. In any court he’d lose completely and in any objective view its clear. its tebow or his handlers is who pushed the spin after things went bad. Its not the rest of the world is lying. That’s just extreme bias and close mindedness. Its like drinking the kool aid.
          Doesn’t take one thing from tebow for me at all but it happened no matter the spin. I’d just push to drop it if I’m him but a big part of his fanbase will go with him over everyone else and his camp or he knows that.

    • The Mascot Army says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels like he’s taking crazy pills.

  5. tawk2 says:

    I seen today that some are accusing Tim of telling Steve Clarkson that story he told about Elway and company. Tim is being attacked now because people are saying he should not have told Steve that story. First how does anyone know he said anything. Second how many other players have person’s come out and said things about and nothing ever said about it.

    It seems when someone does come and talk good about Tim in anyway the press seems to always turn it into a negative thing. So tired of all the double standards. Also yes Elway said he got Tim’s input, but my hubby said that Elway would go with the best deal on the table. I was not in the room when all this went down, but I did watch every game and press conference and Elway and Fox at times you could tell did not want Tim on their team. You had to be deaf and blind not to know this.

    I feel the stories will only get worse as time goes on, and more people will come out with more negativity towards Tim, they are all hoping Tim is not picked up by any team in the NFL. So tired of all the naysayers and haters.

    I seen that some of the quarterbacks in this years draft will need time to work on fundamentals, mechanics, etc and these same analyst say they all need time to adjust and learn. Wow what happened to Tim’s time to learn and adjust, Tim has never had a training camp when he gets the first reps, he was thrown in the fire in Denver with no reps with the first team and look what he did. Sorry I am so long winded, just so tired of all the BS and double standards out there.

    I pray that Tim finds a true home in the NFL one team that believes in him all the way. Go TEBOW!!!!!

    • Thrawn says:

      I don’t actually think Tebow told that story. I think Clarkson is rather fond of Tebow and drew his own conclusions based on what he saw, and voiced them when asked about them.

      Hard to say though. At least some of the Tebow family is bitter about the Broncos trading him. Peter Tebow’s tweet after the Baltimore game was proof of that. Not sure if Tebow is saying the same stuff behind closed doors, but it would fly in the face of the humble image we have been sold since he first appeared on the public scene. Tebow isn’t a robot, he very well could have felt that way, but doesn’t make it factual on what actually happened just because he feels that way.

      • jason says:

        Its very much like when he didn’t say he wouldn’t run the wildcat anymore. Just the time frame in when he talked to dumb*** rex and how the practise week works means something went on because of him not being part of the plays.
        Honestly who is gonna slam the guy if he went in rex’s office and told rex where to go and that he wouldn’t do the wildcat crap anymore? …………..I wouldn’t. Would any of you on here?

        I think he does do certain things to craft a certain image and people inside the league do talk about what he does and doesn’t do but then again they all lie so it doesn’t matter anyway. He loves the cameras and attention and pushing his agenda. That’s fine but don’t act like you don’t. Great kid but he doesn’t have to act like he doesn’t get affected by things that happen or that he doesn’t get really upset over some things. Anything that’s really important to anyone they get touchy about. Hell, how many people in his fan base wanted him to tell rex off about things? I just don’t like the spin that comes later from things about a certain image. No one would think less of the guy for standing up for his dream of playing QB. No one would and shame on them if they do. Sometimes to reach a dream you have to quit some people, tell them where to go and so on. That’s not a bad thing.

  6. jason says:

    Plus if its so easy to “fix” tim’s footwork where has this guy been for years? Its self promotion and using tebow to get some free ad time.

    • jason says:

      That’s not a suprise that people just wanna use tebow’s name to give themselves play. They use him to self promote. But hey if he has some of the minor issues fixed that’s great. Have to wait and see how he does.

  7. tisa says:

    Saw Tim in Mobile last night. He looks really good and did not seem stressed by his circumstances at all. Sweet, friendly, as usual. As I’ve said before, he will be fine, NFL or no NFL. This web site has gotten awful. It’s one thing to read these anti-Tebow characters, Thrawn, Spider and Jason impugn his mechanics, but now they want to misalign his character. I’m not going to stand for it. He is not responsible for what the media or anyone else writes. DO NOT CALL HIM A LIAR, EVER! To say that he would put that Clarkson guy up to saying anything is ridiculous. Timmy is man enough to speak for himself, but when he does you want accuse him of lying. Jason tries to sound like he’s intimately connected with the NFL, but wants to act like Timmy has complete control over where he goes. Even I know how little control players have. As far as what he said to Ryan about playing QB, I believe what Timmy had to say any day over an admitted liar. As far as I am concerned, he is mired in a place so alien to him that it is horrendous. The NFL is full of liars and cheats. The media will print anything to sell a paper, magazine or TV show. The fact that these three feel the need to come here and spread their vitriol just shows how much time some people are willing to spend tearing down a young man who has done nothing in his life but try to love and care for other people. There were 1700 people at that sold out event last night. FSU fans, LSU fans, Auburn fans, Alabama fans, and yes, lots of us Gators, united for one young man and his uniquely strong, Christian character. Say what you want about football, but shut up about his character. You totally don’t know what you are talking about!

    • ck says:

      tisa: Couldn’t have said it better and just read the event was SO VERY POPULAR IT BEAT OUT ATTENDANCE BY OTHER NOTABLES!!! Sounds like it was a great event AND NO DOUBT VERY POSITIVE TOO WHICH IS TO BE EXPECTED WHERE T2 IS CONCERNED!!!

  8. Thrawn says:


    “Poor Tim Tebow. Even when someone tries to campaign on his behalf, it turns bad for the would-be quarterback.

    Last we heard, quarterback coach Steve Clarkson frantically was backpedaling from comments he made about how Tebow was “sabotaged” and deserved a chance to be a starting quarterback.

    Clarkson’s boisterous pro-Tebow comments came after he supposedly worked out with the quarterback for three days. It turns out the relationship between the freelance coach and Tebow isn’t exactly what it seemed.

    ESPNNew York.com’s Rich Cimini reported Thursday, citing a source, that Clarkson “sought out” and “begged” Tebow to work out with him. The training also only lasted a day and a half, not three days.

    Tebow is one of the most polarizing and popular figures in sports today. This was simply another case of someone using a ride on the Tebow train to gain publicity.

    Tebow’s skills and on-field-play, or lack thereof, have made him a part-time NFL backup — for now. Clarkson and people like him are a completely separate reason that NFL teams will avoid bringing Tebow onto their roster when he inevitably is cut by the New York Jets.

    For better or worse, Tebow’s persona is what makes him popular enough for honors like being named a “Great Floridian.” That popularity might also help keep him off an NFL roster this fall.”

    • Thrawn says:

      Many of you were ready to call Elway a liar and say this guy has more credibility on your eyes. Pretty much took Clarkson’s comments as gospel.

      …Then ^^^ this comes out and it looks like the one with credibility issues is this Clarkson, who according to this sources is actually starting to backpedal from his “sabotage” comments now that others are taking issue with Clarkson trying to bogart all the credit for “repairing” Tebow.

      Also, if the relationship wasn’t what it seemed, then I find it less likely that any talk of sabotage came from Tebow himself.

      Apology accepted, but be careful who you automatically trust just because you are frustrated with Elway trading away Tebow.

      • The Mascot Army says:

        Who took it as gospel? People were just open minded that Elway’s press release wasnt gospel, and it still might not be. I wrote that I didnt think the trade to the Jets was sabotage, but was willing to leave open the possibility, unlike you.

        It does look like Clarkson is trying to take credit for helping tebow despite his minimal part. What is actually interesting, that you are missing, is that Clarkson saw something that he wanted to try to take credit for.

        You’ll be getting no undeserved apologies from anybody in here.

        • tisa says:

          They certainly won’t.

          • ck says:

            tisa: Ditto to all of that too!!! And as far as their so called comments, really don’t read them and try not to respond!:D

        • Thrawn says:

          Just about everyone coaching Tebow is gonna say they like what they saw. You really think one will come out after a long session and say, “man, that guy sucks…”

          Fact is, some of you said you’d take Clarkson’s word over Elway’s. Now Clarkson is being exposed as a bit of an opportunist and is backpedling from the sabotage angle. guess he wasn’t all that honest.

          but you jumped on the comments because it was what you wanted to hear and were ready to jump on anyone saying, “hold up a second, something ain’t right here…”

          Seems all that sabotage stuff is being dodged now in favor of those saying Tebow looks good in training. that wasn’t the tone yesterday. ALMOST every Tebow fan seemed to buy the sabotage angle. What happened to it? Those that agreed with it a day ago still sticking with that story?

          • tisa says:

            My question is: why do you think you need to spend so much time ripping this young man? If people are misguided in their belief in his abilities to play ball, they will find out if Timmy is ever given a chance to show if he has or has not “improved”. We believe in Tebow! You are wasting your time trying to change our minds. What a hideous way to spend your time!

          • The Mascot Army says:

            You’re crazy. People simply didnt dismiss the jets trade sabotage charges as instantaneously as you did. The sabotage people here agreed to was during the season, not the jets trade, and that is still probably true. And our opinions on elway were formed that year, completely independent from clarkson, so his potential opportunism means nothing.

  9. tawk2 says:

    Wow I find it interesting that the media is not concentrating on what Steve Young said when he said Tim working out recently, he evidently dropped is jaw and said Tim you fixed it! He was very impressed with Tim.

    I hope Steve Young behind the scenes is talking to other Gm’s and coaches and yes to the Jets organization to tell them about the strides Tim has made. Tim if given the chance can be one of the greatest quarterbacks ever to play. But he has to be given the opportunity to truly compete for a job. Not have a coach and gm who tell him he can compete but never truly give him the chance.

    I too am with others on this site who are tired of the bashing of Tim, I am here to support Tim not hear negativity so often. We get that enough from the stories the media displays. I believe that others are entitled to their own opinions, but why come on a site that you know completely supports Tim and bash and tear him to pieces? There are so many other sites out there doing that. Thanks Buzzy for all you do. Thanks to all who support Tim each day and never give up.

    Go TEBOW!!!!

    • ck says:

      tawk2: Well said and agree with you!!! Plenty of other sites to pick and chose from…what is the point of posting here when they could be w/their kind elsewhere who are more than delusional enough?!!

  10. Shasiti says:

    GOOD God This is all about religion. All the fundies are pissed and you know who you are! Tim is and never will be a Good Football player! End of sentence! Let him do commercials for Focus on the Family! He will make more money! Beggining of this season he will not have a job in football! Get over it. Elway was smart enough to get rid of him and stop the bullshit in the lockeroom! Bronco’s won 11 games in a row with Peyton. Get over that! Tebow will never come close to either Manning!

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