Tim Tebow’s Departure Imminent with Jets’ Selection of Geno Smith

By Justin Onslow

Love him or hate him, Tim Tebow’s time in New York may have come to an abrupt end Friday evening.

With the 39th pick in the 2013 NFL draft, the Jets selected West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith. This not only signaled a potential end for Tebow, but also put Mark Sanchez on notice.

Whether Sanchez loses his starting job remains to be seen, but New York simply has no excuse for keeping Tebow going forward.

While Sanchez was floundering under center in Rex Ryan’s offense, Tebow stood on the sidelines waiting for his time to shine. He saw some snaps under center and sporadic use in a gimmick role in New York’s backfield, but the starting nod never came. Instead, Greg McElroy assumed the starting position and Sanchez and Tebow were left to confer on the sidelines.

Tim Tebow’s Career NFL Stats

2010 (Denver) 2011 (Denver) 2012 (New York)
Games 9 14 12
Total Yards 881 2,389 141
Total Touchdowns 11 18 0
Interceptions 3 6 0
Passer Rating 82.1 72.9 84.9

The merits of Tebow’s credentials certainly warrant further consideration, but they mean nothing in relation this particular discussion. What Tebow’s fans think of his abilities will again fall on deaf ears because Ryan isn’t listening.

John Idzik’s decision to draft Smith exemplifies his lack of confidence in his current quarterbacks. The Jets’ new general manager has been expected to move Tebow since he took the reins, though no teams have apparently shown enough interest to make a move for him.

It was former general manager Mike Tannenbaum who pulled the trigger on dealing for Tebow last year, but it’s Idzik who neither wants nor needs the polarizing quarterback entering the 2013 season. Even if Idzik can’t find a taker, it may be the right decision to simply cut Tebow and allow him to find his way on the free-agent market.

What should the Jets do with Tim Tebow?
Continue trying to trade him.9.6%
Release him. 48.0%
Give him the starting job to begin the season. 35.6%
Keep him as a backup option. 6.8%
Total votes: 1,311

Smith may not ultimately be the answer in New York, but the Jets are desperately searching for new direction. In doing so, ties need to be cut and unpopular decisions need to be made. In this case, releasing Tebow would at least allow the popular signal-caller to find a new home in 2013.

And it would give Smith a chance to succeed without the pressure of constant scrutiny playing in front of the Florida product.

The difference between a late-round pick (presumably the most the Jets could get for Tebow) and an outright release is very little. For New York to find some direction and end the chaos that Tannenbaum’s trade has resulted in, the latter option seems like the only option at this point.

That’s not to say Tebow still can’t be a productive quarterback for the Jets, but his potential is irrelevant as long as Ryan is unwilling to give him a chance. Smith’s arrival finally gives Ryan and Idzik reason enough to allow Tebow to end his divisive stint with the Jets.

And there isn’t really a better outcome for any party.

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17 Responses to “Tim Tebow’s Departure Imminent with Jets’ Selection of Geno Smith”

  1. Bob Segret says:

    Tim Tebow ,is the best qb the jets have ! who is Geno Smith not proven qb in the nfl.Tim is 7-4 as a first time starter. he started in three games in the 2010 season but, not considered the starter.

    • ck says:

      Bob Segret: And you know what? They deserve to lose again this year for doing what they do best…not putting Tebow where he belongs in the starting QB position but instead they put proven losers in when there is a PROVEN WINNER ON THE TEAM!!!! TALK ABOUT IDIOTIC!!!
      GBPT2/GO TEBOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sage says:

    McCoy was on the staff that ran tebow out of town kim

    • tisa says:

      It tells me he was excited to have Peyton Manning and they needed a Manning like backup. McCoy has had some very good things to say about T2.

    • The Mascot Army says:

      No. Fox and elway wanted Tim give. the moronic offense was imposed on McCoy by Fox. look at the last three games of the year before when McCoy team things as he wanted. you could see the legitimate relationship between McCoy and Tebow after wins.

  3. Bob Segret says:

    What does ck stand for CROCK .

    Buzzy Says O bob you are in trouble.

    • ck says:

      Buzzy: You know me well, and I will give Mr. Bob the benefit of the doubt b/c I thought I was supporting what he pointed out…but, now, having second thoughts and won’t be so generous!!!! How’s that for CROCK!!!

      • tisa says:

        CK, I took what you said as being supportive of what
        Bob had to say. You know, we have had people on this site for a few months now disparaging us for being Tebow fans and now this guy comes right out and calls CK a crock. Buzzy, you DO KNOW Ck from this site and that she is one of our long time devotees. Bob, you need to apologize. She WAS saying something supportive to you, read again and watch the punctuation. We try to maintain a little class around here.

        • tawk2 says:

          I agree tisa I too took what ck said as being supportive of what Bob said. She was only agreeing with him. I too believe Bob needs to apologize to ck as well. Yes we may to choose to agree or disagree but as you said we all try to maintain a little class around here.

          • ck says:

            tawk2: Thanks tawk2 and, yes, we are a tight-knit group b/c that is what makes TebowZone a much better site than all the rest imo…you and tisa are TOPS in my book and better at being civil in spite of the occasional barrage of antagonistic verbiage by non fans parading around as though they are!! At least we can all agree on one thing that T2 is more than capable of overcoming obstacles!!! Praying that through all the tribs/trials experienced he comes out with a huge V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!!!

        • ck says:

          Tisa: Thanks for your kind words and have for the most part tried to be positive, but I do have my moments…:D God bless you and everyone who is “TRULY A TEBOW FAN” on this site b/c we are really rooting for good to overcome you know what!!!

          • tawk2 says:

            Thanks ck yes we are a tight wound group and very passionate about supporting Tim Tebow! I try to stay positive as well even when things really look the bleak. And yes Tim Tebow will overcome again, he always seems to find a way!

            Thanks again ck and to all those who support Tim each and everyday!

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