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12 Responses to “Tim-Tebow-s-waiving-by-Jets”

  1. Jean says:

    Yahoo just tweeted Jags have exciting news to announce tomorrow

  2. jean says:

    Well just darn I got my hopes up,but it appears the big news is the Polian guy.Polian already stated on ESPN he doesn’t think TT is a NFL QB.As I said just darn it

    • The Mascot Army says:

      I dont want tebow to the jags anyway. Im looking forward to rooting against them next year. Their fans are jag**fs. Tebow in a pats uniform is the new hope. Or even the cfl. The alluettes stud qb will be 41 next year.

      • tawk2 says:

        I agree I don’t want Tim going to the Jags either. Maybe Bill Pollian has been advising them all along not to take Tim, Bill acts like he really hates Tim and never has anything good to say about him.

        I seen a post this morning that the Cleveland Browns I believe Gm does like Tim and as we know they did not take a quarterback in the draft. Also Weeden to me is sub par so maybe fingers crossed this could be a landing spot.

      • Sage says:

        Mascot, the alluettes haven’t seemed to be any more polite than the jags.

        Their statement that Tim would be welcome to “compete” for a “backup” job was hardly a sign of enthusiasm. These and other words were discouraging.

        And it’s easy to see the dynamic. Much of the CFL has its hackles raised against the notion that a (supposedly) failed NFL player can simply float up to Canada and take over.

        So, just as the NFL and media are rife with people stoking their egos in opposition Tim, so too with the Canucks, apparently. ay yi yi So far it’s been a perfect storm.

        Anyway, it’ll work out I guess.

        • The Mascot Army says:

          I dont think they were that bad. From what I read, their team is kindof a dynasty, and their starting QB is like the Marino, Favre, Manning, Brady etc of their league, and so suggesting that Tim could come in a supplant him would be really disrespectful to Calvillo. It isnt like Tebow is a son of Montreal and their QB is Gabbert, and the team is a basement dweller year in and year out. And Calvillo is about as old as a pro qb can get.

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