Tim Tebow reportedly was ‘sought out’ by QB coach(thanks Thrawn )

By Kevin Patra

Poor Tim Tebow. Even when someone tries to campaign on his behalf, it turns bad for the would-be quarterback.

Last we heard, quarterback coach Steve Clarkson frantically was backpedaling from comments he made about how Tebow was “sabotaged” and deserved a chance to be a starting quarterback.

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Clarkson’s boisterous pro-Tebow comments came after he supposedly worked out with the quarterback for three days. It turns out the relationship between the freelance coach and Tebow isn’t exactly what it seemed.

ESPNNew York.com’s Rich Cimini reported Thursday, citing a source, that Clarkson “sought out” and “begged” Tebow to work out with him. The training also only lasted a day and a half, not three days.

Tebow is one of the most polarizing and popular figures in sports today. This was simply another case of someone using a ride on the Tebow train to gain publicity.

Tebow’s skills and on-field-play, or lack thereof, have made him a part-time NFL backup — for now. Clarkson and people like him are a completely separate reason that NFL teams will avoid bringing Tebow onto their roster when he inevitably is cut by the New York Jets.

For better or worse, Tebow’s persona is what makes him popular enough for honors like being named a “Great Floridian.” That popularity might also help keep him off an NFL roster this fall.

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5 Responses to “Tim Tebow reportedly was ‘sought out’ by QB coach(thanks Thrawn )”

  1. Sage says:

    Not just “persona,” Richy. It’s Tebow’s QB game that fascinates me and makes me believe he can do extraordinary things.

  2. jason says:

    Tebow has been used by people because he lacks real world knowledge. Great kid but very niave in many ways. Sadly its not a suprise because if you shelter your kid they don’t see how the world really is only how they want it or think it should be.
    Tim knows his diehards will back him all the way. That’s cool but its still an issue of did lots of others lie about what happened with his trade from denver, bout 20 plus or is it spin after the fact? A court of law would say tebow’s camp or tebow isn’t telling the truth.

    What’s a real issue as of right now is the crap from tebow’s wanna be coach, back to sanchez, back to tebow and so on do nothing but harm tebow.

    I’ll always maintian his best bet for a long term NFL career would be to tell his fanbase off in words he doesn’t use, his family and anything else that would make him less popular so as he wouldn’t have the media hound him.
    Faith, family and football is his thing but football 1st is how most NFL QBs make it. Parents and wives of many top QBs have said certain times of the year you don’t even bother them at all about anything.
    Plus making sure GMs and HCs know you are about the job above all matters greatly. That’s what you have to do and tim can’t say he has done that. I wish he would because he could really shine for them but he doesn’t put it 1st and above all. Its the same reason why you never hire dad of the year to run a business, little league coach and so on. They don’t put the business 1st and lack when others cast all else aside and do.

    • tisa says:

      Tim has his priorities right and maybe he will be the one that leads the way to the boardroom for the “Father of the Year”. Jason, why do you think those awards are given out at the ESPY’s and other places for the amazing community service done by professional athletes? Oh, by the way, Brian Dawkins stated that his Lord and Savior and His family came before football and I read in an interview that he coached his son’s community league football team-during the Bronco’s season. He went there after practice or conditioning and made the Saturday morning games when he was not on the road. He also made it a priority to eat the evening meal with his family. I think you’d like to see Tebow tell his fans off because you are riled by them. Even Mark Sanchez disagrees with you. The Jets are the circus, not Tebow. If anyone needs to be told off, it’s the Jets for the damage they have done to so many people. Also, being from Florida and knowing a little more about the Tebow’s than you do, Timmy is not naïve. He has seen unimaginable things in the places he’s been and the things he has done. What you are seeing as naïve is the fact that Timmy is not “worldly” intentionally. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what going on.

      • jason says:

        Its what QBs do that’s looked at closely by GMs and HCs. It not saying that you can’t have anyhing bu football bu you can’t make it look like you have almost a 2nd job like tim does and get a long term job startingg. That doesn’t tend to happen. Not saying I agree with it being like that in the present day NFL but its looked at by those guys in charge when it comes to QB.
        Ofcourse the jets are a circus, they’ve been that way for years. Tim’s popularity doesn’t help him though. The media like any business goes with what sales. If tim was much less popular positive or negative then it cuts down on media coverage because if people aren’t consuming the product the media is selling then there won’t be all the articles about him that get so many clicks and comments. I’m just a big personal responsiblity guy and where ever a person is in life, me included, is because of ourselves almost completely. If I had wanted to be a lawyer its on me to have the skills that whoever is gonna hire me wants me to have not me just expect that someone should work with what I’ve got if its not completely what they want.
        Remember its what those 32 guys that can hire want from a player and that’s it. if their preception is that a player should be doing less of something, be able to do something more like this or that then that’s what matters and nothing else since no one else can hire that player. Plenty of players that did well for a year or two were out of an NFL job after that time. Did great but for this or that reason isn’t what a team wants.

  3. jason says:

    Things away from the field of any kind are viewed as things away from the field. Hell even when brady was married it was questioned if his wife was the reason his numbers dropped.
    Do what must be done in the eyes of the people that can give you the job if you truly want the job because every single action will be looked at. If you aren’t in that top tier of QBs as they see it then why were you talking to people and flying to talk to people when you could’ve been training? (Not tebow) but why were you hanging in clubs? And on and on which does happen with QBs because anythng you do that’s away from training and the game as a QB gets questions from the GMs and HCs.
    Believe it or not it happens.
    If tim does what he must do not what he’s willing he may have a chance but it does come down to that. Call it however anyone wants but that’s what it is. We all hope for him but does anyone think he’ll do whatever he has to so he can make it? ……….none of us do.

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