The TebowManiacs Are Coming! The TebowManiacs Are Coming

Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies. Those dreaded TebowManiacs
may soon be coming to a Football Town near you. Or maybe not. Because they’re scared of you…TebowManiacs. There’s too many of you and you have the audacity to have been right.
You said in Denver “Just Play Tim; we’ll start Winning.” They did and did. And no matter how much those who were absolutely adamant it could never happen have tried to salvage some re-written history, even the Broncos themselves said the Jets were fools not to have taken a shot at seeing some of that Tebow Magic work for them.
But Dolphins Owner Steve Ross waited way too long to tell everyone what a complete waste Tony Sparano left of his Franchise. Thanks Steve. Where the hell were you a year ago?
Now there are those in New York saying “Phew! The Circus is leaving Town.” Hold it. Didn’t I see the NY Media calling the Jets a Circus and Rex the Ringmaster long before Tim Tebow took Manhattan and run it asunder? Clearly they were clairvoyant. They just knew those Tebowmaniacs would one day converge upon their sleepy little Town. New York was such a peaceful burg before. Will they ever recover?
Now NFL City after NFL City is saying “Oh but we love Tim. Can he come (and Play Tight End) without any of his Fans coming too?”
I’d love to be able to say this is some form of strange brew reserved for the “TeBots”. But unfortunately I can’t. For years NFL Teams have had it in for Fans. Oh those cursed Football Fans just don’t understand how tough it already is to be a Millionaire Player and Billionaire Owner without having to actually listen to them too. Don’t they know they’re just supposed to pay their money and politely applaud on cue and nothing else? Just ask the Players. Just ask the Ex-Players. They’ll tell you. Fans should feel privileged that they’re even allowed in the same Stadium as these god-like Adonises.
Just try telling those rabid TebowManiacs that. They just refuse to listen to the good sense that the Customer is only right when we say he is. No wonder the NFL is so frightened of them. An unruly bloc of Fans might convince all Football Fans that they should matter. The League damn sure can’t risk that.
Where would the NFL Braintrusts be then?
SportsBabe Brandi

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17 Responses to “The TebowManiacs Are Coming! The TebowManiacs Are Coming”

  1. jason says:

    Why does brandi always have such anger in what she writes? I can’t yet figure that out but it goes deeper than how things are going with tim.
    Not to mention that the NFL was booming before tim and will do fine with or without him and still grow. Yes it’d be great to see tim in it but with or without it won’t be harmed.
    Brandi also knew what the jets were gonna start tim this season. She like so many other reporters go with what sales for themselves. She has a side and that’s great and is fine. Tim needs and I think he’ll get another shot but the NFL isn’t afraid of bring more people into it at all as fans nor are they worried that when this or that player leaves it will just fail. Brandi you know this well but I do have to say some shame on me for knocking you doing what works for your job.

    • Sage says:

      Brandi delivers well articulated themes that stand apart from the group-think of major media sources. I can’t think of anything wrong with that.

      She also has a command of sports history that is not evident from most commentators. That’s refreshing in a world where the likes of Stephen A. bloviate over nothing more than their sentiments of the instant.

    • Brandi says:

      Hi Jason 🙂

      This was obviously a bit tongue in cheek. But this was an article about Fans. I know some have thought I spend “too much time” on Tim Tebow. But there’s a reason for that. I became intrigued with “The Tebow Phnomenon” when Tim was in High School and he got thrown into a political battle here in Florida. He was described as being a threat to the separation of Church and State and the very foundations of the republic. And I was thinking…Geez. He’s a kid who wants to play football. What the heck (dif word) is this!?

      I have said numerous times before…I don’t why Tim Tebow. I’ve been asked numerous times “How is it that HE got somehow picked as the ‘anointed one'”? And my answer is the same as it’s always been. How the heck should I know? But he has. I know he’s genuine. That alone is a rarity these days. I am fairly certain that no matter how often people say they don’t want their kids looking up at “Role Models”, particularly athletes, actors, etc…that’s not necessarily so. It’s moreso they’re so sick and tired of getting let down and having to go through a horrible time with their disillusioned kids. And I think JoePa sealed that deal for many.

      But the hope and the dream still lives on in many that maybe, just maybe…Tim Tebow is that one honest man that diogenes was seeking. Whatever the reasons, massive numbers of people are huge Fans of Tim Tebow. And NOBODY has a right to question that. Nobody. Least of all the National Football League.

      And if a guy who is the Most popular Player the NFL has ever seen, who has been wildly successful everywhere he’s Played, including the NFL when he’s had the chance and who is seen as a genuine Good Guy who every dad wants to marry his daughter…a guy who is a massive FanFave gets jerked around…then the Fans themselves are getting jerked around.

      And THAT cannot be allowed to take place without response…and it sure as hell is going to get response from me.

      That is all. 🙂

      • tisa says:

        You know, Brandi, one thing that really rankles me is the fact that the media is making fun of Tebow, not to mention late night talkers, for believing in his dream and working really hard to get it=the right way. It reinforces a trend with our young people that it is not cool to be hard working and obedient. Get what ever you want any way you can-lie, cheat steal, what ever! He is the real deal and he wears his heart on his sleeve and the NFL has torn it to shreds. (Jason, please do not comment on this comment. I know it’s all about “skill set” to you but he is, and always has been, so much more to me.) I am a teacher and I can’t tell you how little our high school students regard hard work and integrity.

        • Brandi says:

          Maybe noone here’s seen this. But a Jets Player on Offense has said what most…other than the Anti-Tebow Apologists…always assumed. The Jets Coaching Staff and Front Office were afraid that Tim Tebow would succeed and supplant Mark Sanchez. Which is why he was never given a chance to Play.

          For decades there have been those within the NFL who have placed control above everything else. When packers fans railed at the plan to move the Team and rallied together to buy them, the NFL immediately changed their By-Laws to make it almost impossible for that to ever happen again. The other Major Pro Sports Leagues followed suit.

          When the American Football League began to threaten the NFL’s standing, the brain-trusts of the league wanted to continue the fight…largely fearing losing their own standing. A handful of Owners realized the folly and over-ruled them and created the current merged NFL.

          NONE of this is new for the NFL or limited to Tim Tebow. It’s simply magnified because of all of the Media & Social Networking now and Tim being one of the Most Popular People on the Planet.

      • jason says:

        Not to you tisa at all but brandi why did he get “jerked around”? Its so cut and dry. Yes the jets are *********************************** at best but you know what it boils down to and you know good and well it has nothing to do with anything else.
        I get very tired of the don’t know how the NFL works vs those that have wild views when they turn out pretty much wrong. Thing is I like what you write but you do go completely to only grab sommething and not go with fact based on how the NFL is.
        But I’m also giving you play now and that gives you your win but I’ll take that. I’ll put 1k on it will not go down this season without tim if he doesn’t get picked up. Your favorite charity I’ll send the cash to.

      • jason says:

        If need be and buzzy willing I’ll send a certified check to him.
        Your part is to bring forth that you don’t know the NFL like you think you do.
        You have nothing at all to lose.

  2. andrea says:

    Brandi forgot to mention Joe Flacco who after his 100+ millon dollar contract went to a McDonald’s to eat – just like a regular Joe.What was not reported was that the Raven’s season ticket holders face a twelve dollar increase in ticket prices and parking fees next year per game.

    I can not judge if Brandi is angry or not- I just know that she is correct that the fans are getting hosed and most of them are to dumb to know it.

    • ck says:

      Andrea: Without the fans, there is NO REASON TO HAVE THE NFL PERIOD!
      Brandi’s point is well taken and so is Tisa’s and it seems it will only get worse w/kids not respecting authority b/c they are not disciplined at all due to absentee parents! And, yes, the “fans are getting hosed!”

      • ck says:

        Seems like it is “SOAP BOX” TIME for someone…put your money where your mouth is and I’ll bet on Brandi every time!!!

  3. The Mascot Army says:

    I dont understand the bet. Is it that the nfl will fold without tebow? I dont thunk anybody believes that. I’ll bet ratings are down and owners make less money. Im more of a bet a case of beer kind of guy though.

    • Brandi says:

      I’m not sure I understand it either. And I agree on the Ratings. They would go up with Tebow. They’ll likely slide without him. But Domestic TV Ratings aren’t what’s going to determine the NFL’s Future. They have to continue to build revenue Sources. The most logical is International. But they’ve thoroughly ticked off the Intnl Audience. With Tim, they’ll have a much better shot at re-entering there and beginning to gain some acceptance. But I’m not so certain that even with him they’ll make it work. They’ve burned too many bridges. Created too much negative sentiment. Perhaps.

      TV is changing. Advertisers can use Social Media to hit their targets directly. Some advertisers have already stopped going to the NFL and switched to College Football because they get more latitude to work their Ads…as it were…directly into the Game Broadcasts. That is one formula the League can jump on to build revenue…allow Sponsors to pump their stuff right into Game Broadcasts and other ways to get their name in front of audiences.

      But the real issue is going to be Fees. ESPN pays the NFL almost as much money just for the Broadcast Rights for Monday Night Football as all of the Tickets Sales across the league combined. In a couple years, with the escalators in the contract, they’ll actually be paying the NFL more than they get from all Ticket Sales.

      BUT, ESPN’s Formula is based on Cable/Satellite Fees which will be going up to as much as $12 a Subscriber. People are already moving toward getting their TV directly from the Internet. Some Countries had already made that transition and it’s beginning here. Only a third of the people in the US even bother to watch the Super Bowl…one loose translation of that is two-thirds or more of the people are NOT NFL Fans and many aren’t Sports Fans at all. At least not so much that when they begin to migrate off of Cable/Satellite, they are not going to be inclined to pay large monthly Access Fees. ESPN, FOX Sports 1, etc. are going to have to begin adding, in addition to Subscription Fees, some form of Pay-as-you-go.

      With the difficulty many of the NFL Franchises are having in selling Tickets, what happens when it’s no longer “Free” to even watch the Games on TV? Is it that NFL Fans are simply lazy and don’t want to be bothered going to the stadiums? 8 games a Season is not much of a demand on them. Or is it that the “Support” largely exists when it’s nothing more than changing the channel or hanging out at a Sports Bar with friends?

      What happens when NFL Fans have to begin choosing the League with their wallets?

      • tawk2 says:

        Brandi I believe you are right on many counts. I have heard rumors that Directv is going to charge customers an additional fee each month because a lot of customers are watching NFL games on channels like fox, abc etc and not having to pay for Sunday ticket etc. Yes you don’t get all the games but you can see a few each season. Just another way to hit you in the wallet. We live on a very tight budget and my hubby’s team is in CA and my team is wherever Tim plays. But we cannot afford tickets, parking and food at the games. We purchased NFL Sunday Ticket last season because it was $199 for the season but it was really hard paying just for that.

        I would love to go to a game in person, but prices are just to high. These owners wallets keep getting fatter and fatter and prices continue to rise, and fans continue not to be able to afford to go to a game.

        • tisa says:

          Speaking of DirectTV, a lot of people in Florida got DirectTV when TT was at Denver just so they could get NFL Sunday Ticket to see the games. My current contract with them is up in August. If Timmy is not on a team by then my family will go back to Cox Cable and I know a lot of other people who will as well. I endure video outages during thunder storms (frequent in Florida) due to the satelite just to watch T play (or not play). DirectTV could take a substantial hit due to no TT.

  4. Thrawn says:

    They’re coming?


  5. andrea says:

    I stopped going to football games because of the drunks.Football not a family friendly game at the stadium any longer.Spend a whole bunch of money(tickets,parking,food) and I am treated to four hours of listening to drunks cursing and picking fights.No thank you.The N.F.L. can go somewhere.

    • ck says:

      Andrea: That’s right and why subject yourself to all that after you paid for the priviledge of being entertained instead of being assaulted by the senses; i.e, regurgitation, hygiene issues, derogatory drunks and lack of respect/manners in being civil towards others as well as having kids witness adults at their worst for the most part!!! Besides, we can always count on spidey to try and spew his venom on this site!

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