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All of you pathetic fans taking shots at Tebow are morons. Is he a great QB “no” is he even a good QB at this point absolutely not but is he better than what’s currently on the roster without question he is. Would he sell lots of tickets “yep” it’s not just about general bowl seats either it’s more about the premium money…. club seats, skyboxes, signage etc…. The money that would be generated is ridiculous. All of your Bull Gator business leaders would buy tons of the premium stuff which is money that Kahn keeps 100% of. The money from general seats is shared revenue. The question you have to ask yourself is if he’s worth the circus and my answer is yes. Remeber any attention is good attention and the Jags would have the ESPN’s and NFL network’s of the world camping out in Jacksonville. The Jags would also have far more people following the team from around the country. Some rooting for him while others waiting for the train wreck. Either way the Jags would go from 32nd in the league to maybe middle of the pack in popularity. Maybe just maybe when Tebow is gone whether it’s 1 season or 10 seasons you can retain some of that following that he would help generate. I understand all the Gator and Tebow fans are tired of hearing about a below average starting Qb in the league but until he’s on another roster or out of football the chatter will never stop.

BTW the rumor of Kahn and Tebow having dinner while Tebow is in town for his golf tourney is correct. Not saying this it’s a courting type of dinner but they are meeting.

Oh yeah and if you don’t believe me 1 other thing I will tell you that you will find out in due time is the new helmet the Jags have is 2/3 high gloss gold and 1/3 flat black. You may never hear of the mtg but you will certainly see the helmet.

Buzzy Says: this meeting I heard from in 3 places in Jax. the GM and the HC are not going for this deal

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  1. Sage says:

    With no disrespect to Gabbert, if the Caldwell and coach whats-his-name think he is a camel who will get them across the desert, they are dreaming.

    So maybe in a year or two, Jax sends two high draft picks to Belichick for the rights to Tebow.

    • ck says:

      Sage: “And coach whats-his-name think he is a camel who will get them across the desert, they are dreaming.” Like that one too and very true!! Hope that scenario/opportunity (a miracle in the making) comes true for T2!!

      Note: Was watching The 700 Club and Kurt Warner was on b/c he will have a show called “The Moment” about NEVER GIVING UP ON YOUR DREAM…COUNT ON TEBOW NEVER GIVING UP EITHER!!!

  2. jean says:

    If you are an owner and already decided to hire TT why pay more than needed?Why not just wait the Jets out?I hope this is what Mr.Kahn is doing.TT practicing with Vinny T is interesting.Doesn’t the former QB have ties with the Tampa Bay team?What a good way to get a private evaluation for the team.Private property and no press.Neither team seems happy with their QBs.Both need new fans

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